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21 Mar 2016 It's the Economy, Stupid - Guild Wars 2 Columns. I haven't seen  28 Sep 2017 This, of course, caused the virtual economy to become 5 Jan 2014 [GW2] Getting Ahead in Guild Wars 2 (Without Really Trying). 13 Jun 2017 This is the one that really lit up Reddit and required the moderators to create a single threadnought as new threads were spawning repeatedly. . I strongly suggest you read this post and, while taking the tone with a grain of salt, pay attention to the overall message and points that it makes. also i have karma buffs Reddit user 16 Oct 2015 The best methods for converting Karma to Gold in Guild Wars 2. You're banned. Photobombed in Guild Wars 2 [Reddit]. Guild Wars 2 Economy - Reddit; Rating:10/10https://www. Diminishing returns (DR) is a type of anti-farm code implemented to reduce the impact on the economy of [[bot]ting. reddit. 30 Aug 2012 Players of Guild Wars 2, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that ArenaNet launched on Tuesday, are already howling in dismay over some accounts being shut down. With all that in mind, let's first talk . 24 Mar 2017 As we all know GW2 Gold is very important, you can use it buy guild wars 2 Items, Legendary Weapons and Materials. Summary Economy We tracked the various items used in the new recipes and found one that seemed to be involved in insider trading. Starcraft 2 North America Official channel - Squadron Tower Defence One player focuses more on economy (Workers and Worker speed upgrades) while the other player defends the waves for both players. “I don't think they  7 Sep 2012 (http://www. Compared to the other two vertical mice I already have (from Perixx and Havit), there are two big differences: 1) it's more massive with a  28 Sep 2012 Working for the Icelandic company CCP Games, he oversees the virtual economy of the massively multiplayer video game Eve Online. Want all the latest official Guild Wars 2 news? You'll find it right here! Mac Beta Client Tech Support. Official Website and Forum at - http://squadtd. a bit during the AMA yesterday http://www. So, the users For the non-Guild Wars 2 players among you, karma is a secondary currency to gold in the game, which can only be earned via certain quests from NPC characters. There is only this one model for lefthanders, but thankfully, it works very well with my hand. actually selling all mats and buying the weapon at the trading post is sometimes cheaper than crafting it by yourself. This all affects the games health in  10 Jan 2017 During my travels i visited more than 80 countries and therefore got a good amount of experience in a wide variety of issues related to globalisation, which i think helped me understand the scope of the global gw2 economy a little bit better. 1 - Economy (reddit) GIF on Gfycat. In so doing, Numerix discovered Guild Wars 2's  For a study of the video game Guild Wars 2, Nicole Crenshaw posted a survey on avatar personality on a forum called reddit (spelled lowercase). 30 Nov 2016 GW2 A Crack in the Ice Developers Reddit AMA and summary. We take our community and  8 Feb 2014 Screenshot: lord_maldoror via Reddit. I will always advise you to check the current recovery chances and salvage rates (do your own research or check wiki/reddit). Ancient Bone was a good bet - http://www. Podcast[GUIDE] Using GW2Profits. Remember warfare isn't just about killing but also economic. 27 Nov 2012 The no-gear-grind philosophy of Guild Wars 2 has been called into question, so developer ArenaNet has responded on Reddit. Reddit — [Discussion] My opinion on the current state of Guild Wars 2, and where I think Anet should take it. 4 Jan 2018 Last Updated Jan 4, 2018 5:02 PM EST. There the threats to rage quit were rife while the only CCP response came from CCP Quant, who does the monthly economic reports, who seemed keen to follow  31 Aug 2012 around 3000 Guild Wars 2 players have been banhammered for exploiting a sales bug in the game. × New tooltips and updated item database!! Thanks to Foldor we can now import item data from the official GW2 API (so we no longer rely on gw2db) and we're now generating tooltips ourselves <3  4 Jan 2017 How much money can you hold at any given time in Guild Wars 2? You might be the type of player who struggles to hang on to 10 gold without blowing it on the trading post, but one gamer, Numerix, made it a goal to save up as much cash as possible. A good example  Kotaku. com. And it's long overdue. He soon realized, though, that Battlefront had a big problem. Основная статья: Diminishing returns. 26 Oct 2012 Because I love Guild Wars 2, this is a column I don't want to write. In arecent AMA Bots ruin immersion and can completely destroy the in-game economy. The good  3 Sep 2012 Over the weekend, Chris Whiteside, Lead Producer at Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet, took to Reddit to announce that over 3000 players had been. One of the most interesting things throughout the course of an MMO's life is to see how the economy develops. “I was originally going to post this as a  31 Aug 2012 ArenaNet has permanently banned 3000 players for exploiting a weapon-reselling bug. 'I know that I am not the  Browse the best of our 'Kung Fury' video gallery and vote for your favorite! 15 Nov 2016 Looking for Guild wars 2 reddit mystic forge recipe? Find it out here! This and other recipes at Best Cook Ideas website. Guild Wars 2 - Guild Wars 2 is using Mithril to power its in-game marketplace. To a lesser extent, it also provides some protection against exploits, whether known or not. World of Warcraft; The Elder Scrolls Online; TERA; Guild Wars 2; AION; Neverwinter; Star Wars: The Old Republic; Runescape; EVE Online; FINAL FANTASY  20 Sep 2012 Other players are a welcome sight, thanks in part to smart endruns around the fundamental economic principles of competition for limited resources; I expect the economy of Guild Wars 2 will eventually be an unmitigated disaster or the stuff of legend. Our daily Reddit Digest highlights the most interesting or important discussions from around the social news site—every morning. Playing well or poorly are almost never a factor, because  This was worked out about 2 months ago on reddit (with then prices). 31 Oct 2012 This is the Ascendants of Ascalon podcast a group of four friends gathered to talk about Guild Wars 2, ourselves, and how both of those things have grown in the last 25 episodes. The Joy of Jumping: Why ArenaNet Lets You Hop In Guild Wars 2. Guildwars2). However, he only appeared on-screen. 23. They have significant control over the Crafting economy on the west and pay top dollar for their land. Within this world To date, only three companies* — CCP, Valve, and ArenaNet, the company behind Guild Wars 2 — have gone so far as to hire in-house economists. Guild Wars 2 Bear Loves to Photobomb There the player was, getting the camera right, the lighting right, the character's pose just right for that perfect screenshot andoh, hi bear. In case you missed it, Guild Wars 2 is not a subscription-based game, so ArenaNet takes it personally when you mess with their economy. io - A messenger application for the web and mobile tied into reddit. 27 Jan 2016 Since early 2013, I enjoyed talking about trading, crafting and the game economy in the retired official gw2 BLTC and Crafting subforums as well as the general discussion and HoT forums. 5 Jan 2015 For my first actual post on this site, I'd like to explain why the loot in Guild Wars 2 is complained about so much as being bad. It is possible to make 15 gold an hour by  Guild Wars 2 Devs Looking Into WvW Issues, Botting and Much More, According to Recent Reddit AMA. Speaking on reddit, lead producer Chris Whiteside said: “We take our community and the integrity of the game very  Double deck blackjack tunica discuss pci slots guild wars 2 spell slots gambling den cheat chatroulette no account needed se rattrape a la roulette site roulette en ligne blackjack new casino slots free spins 29 v3 flex shaft scatter slots free coins android slotsgade 3a fredensborg hot chilli free slots blackjack counting system  25 Mar 2017 - 26 min - Uploaded by GRM AdrianIs Guild Wars 2 worth playing in 2018? Here is my Guild Wars 2 review, and my top 10 reasons 28 Aug 2012 I am sure Arena net is trying really hard to control the economy since their whole business model revolves around buying gems, but you can also trade Kripp (the person's video he linked) is streaming Guild Wars 2 now, and I doubt he bought a new account (as he said in the video you linked he wasn't  2 Jan 2018 use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit: find submissions in "subreddit"; author:username: find submissions by "username"; site:example. http://www. This post is being lauded by the GW2 community and others. We're still in the concept/planning stages for this,  3 Dec 2015 It was argued that Meso Sacks “completely defeats the purpose of the Reboot world and many players are upset about it. About late September 2015 when I first returned to Guildwars 1 there was about 2,000-3,000 Reddit Subscribers. Crenshaw received a gift of game ''gold'' (virtual currency to buy game items in the game economy) in response to the survey, delivered through the Guild Wars 2 email system. 6 Jan 2018 Guildwars2 – Reddit. While the forgiving progression system, robust in-game economy, and varied game play mechanics have been  24 Jul 2017 We're also considering a new type of decentralized DKP system that can support the following games: World of Warcraft, Aion, Age of Conan, Everquest 1+2, EVE Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, LOTRO, Rift, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Tera. My guild was around bracket 2 before the change to scoring and the extra 200 gems was nice, yea it was challenging, but the rewards were worth it. Now, we have had quite a few members leave the game, at least 6  Your helpful companion for everything Guild Wars 2 related. 4 Jan 2013 Some of the less brilliant ones even bragged about it on reddit. com/r/paragon/comments/6vkz8l/mastery_cost_reduction_card_economy_changes/. Bleeding naturally heals at a rate of about 2% per a second, but this should not be considered a solution unless in very small cases. com"; url:text: search for "text" in url; selftext:text: search for "text" in self post contents  2 Dec 2017 Rust had made spreadsheets for previous games — in Guild Wars 2, for instance, he'd recorded crafting recipes and requirements to level up his avatar efficiently — but he'd never been motivated to share them with anyone else. But because I love Guild Wars 2, this is also a column I have to write. ResearchFor Science: Loot, Palawadan, and Everything - A Unified Profit Model for Istan in Google Sheets (RIP Palawadan) - Great research project and call for additional data submissions for Unidentified Gear and other containers (self. 12. Game features include a player-driven economy that includes item and building crafting, village building, and  17 Nov 2012 The potential economic shenanigans from the Lost Shore patch are not as spectacular as the recent Halloween event (there's a lot of 'account bound' . There are Be ready for other players joining the race as Dears are very valuable in the Rust economy. We take our community and the integrity of the game very seriously, and want to be clear that intentionally exploiting the game is unacceptable. Using Mithril as its core framework for the entire frontend on all platforms to keep it nice and light. FacebookTwitterGoogle+RedditMore. . Forms, websockets, event bus, all tied together with Mithril. We attempt to blend entertainment and insightful commentary into a show that you'll enjoy. We're investigating 27 Jul 2016 Trump's Reddit AMA debut falls flat: Republican nominee only answers friendly questions and ignores negative comments in highly moderated Q&A. 31 Oct 2015 ArenaNet traditionally market Guild Wars 2 as buy-to-play and this hasn't changed, so their entry into free-to-play is a little different to normal. I got additional degrees in vocational and postgraduate training  27 Mar 2016 First and foremost, I want this to be a serious discourse rather than bashing or promoting how GW2 implemented its 23 Sep 2017 I can understand that some of players will sell their materials instead of just dumping them into their banks and forgetting about them I'm not sure how Gw2 economy works compared to other games but will PoF's launch affect prices of legendaries, materials, etc? It'd be interesting This was posted by user DragonWhimsy on reddit/guildwars2 and he raised some excellent points that I wanted to share. Seems a bit harsh for just messing with virtual economics? ArenaNet say it's a statement of intent. Brief recap: a brand new Asc… 15 Nov 2017 Rage Over a Star Wars Video Game Leads to the Most Downvoted Comment in Reddit History . This is what Read the ban post at Reddit, via Kotaku. Yeps. ” Select Input . cost reduction and card economy changes: https://www. Gem Card Retailers  Slotsgade 30 slagelse dovetail anchor slots concrete gambling casinos in palm springs guild wars 2 buy character slots slots og kulturstyrelsen ledige free breakaway slots internet gambling in michigan casino blackjack how many decks why should we quit gambling essay compulsive gambling reddit caesar slots review . The highest spike came right  8 Oct 2012 Plus: a worm orgy, manipulating a virtual economy, and how to have good posture. This comes three days after it suspended accounts of 750 players running bots last August 31 as  5 Oct 2012 Guild Wars 2 Spidy (Live trading post listings, statistics, and economic tracker) Playing the global market in an MMO has always been a fun, albiet risky at times, way to make money. by /u/il_direttore - 3h ago . com/youtube?q=how+to+get+karma+gw2&v=Zce1sBUkmYc  Maria Merchants Trade Company - These guys are probably the most likable guild on the West, they aren't the best at PvP but that's not what they're known for. Even the WoW subreddit refuses to embrace any sort of educational multiboxing material regardless of the fact that Blizzard has allowed and defended the playstyle for an entire  Guild castles were said to exist within an expansion continent named Auroria, which was only recently revealed to be shipping out to NA and EU on the 4th of November. These guys are proof that money talks and  13 Oct 2015 And while some games (like FFXIV and Guild Wars 2) have done a great job at stopping it, the simple fact is that it's only been getting worse, rather than better. I'll buy something when it's high, only to see it drop precipitously shortly after a patch or update, or I'll sell low, only to see the price skyrocket shortly  31 Aug 2012 Lead producer Chris Whiteside posted on Reddit with further explanation. Today there are 7,700+  A long running podcast that dives into the deep questions about Guild Wars 2. 19 Nov 2017 Star Wars Battlefront II: The Reddit Strikes Back Star Wars Battlefront 2 aims to put you in the frontier of every era of the Star Wars saga, from the previous Trilogy all through to The Force Awakens. Understanding why it A game's economy essentially comes with three parts to it: buyers, sellers, and what we can call “farmers. "Today we banned a number of players for exploiting Guild Wars 2. Silverwaste will become useless, Map rewards train will stop and Istan will be become even less valuable. I thought GW2 had the amazing . com/ maintained by Dunhill Proudly Hosted by Animosity Guild. 24. Apparently the bug put weapons on sale at unrealistically low prices, which players then bought up and resold for huge profits, upsetting the game's entire economy. Making gold in As we all know GW2 Gold is very important, you can use it buy guild wars 2 Items, Legendary Weapons and Materials. In World of Warcraft, there's a limit of 32,767 players who can participate in your faction's Auction House, the in-game market. com: find submissions from "example. Designed as a free-to-play cross-platform experience, the game focuses on a fully open world experience in which players are key. There is no  4 Mar 2017 Greetings, I propose to take a look at other games who got major difficulties with bots, like Aion, Guild Wars 2, Archage, Lineage 2, Riders of Icarus and With lack of proper response, meaning fast thinking, fast actionsentire economy will collapse and will make people want to leave to other stable, and  Diminishing returns[править]. com/r/Guildwars2/comments/13cly0/tome_of_the_rubicon_pics_mats_stats_ascended_back/ again a bit  21 Aug 2017 Countess with the 1 - 2 combo, Wukong + Sacred Alchemy will wipe you out with Wukong taking no damage, Kwang and his health will almost always outlast . Reddit users on the page r/StarWarsBattlefront flooded the site over the weekend with comments disparaging the difficulty of unlocking certain  25 Oct 2015 When here there are 2 tabs, “graphics” and “input. Don't delay! Head over to Reddit Location: Portland, Oregon, United States. Are Gw2 economy is a gambling simulator. 26 Jan 2015 What Does This Mean For The Economy? Precursors and Legendary Weapons are the most sought after items in Guild Wars 2. While the in-game economy is still trying to sort itself out a bit, people have been quick to learn a few tactics to get rich fast or  /r/GuildWars2 strives to be a place where you can share your Guild Wars 2 experiences and partake in discussions with players from around 7 Nov 2017 Non-boss foes Precursor Drop Rates: Drop rates is from research posted on reddit from the production of 289 precursors. Click! We have an important function hanging around economy like a gold sink. However, what we are going to be doing is make use of the tools that are available to us. FLASH MESSAGES! The messages you get to see here will keep showing up until you click the little × on the right side ;). President Trump made his first appearance in the White House briefing room during Thursday's conference. com/r/Guildwars2/c9pqd?context=3 thx for this link he got 2 exotic out of 1000 weapons) one can think and the economy wasn´t affected in any way. Because when Guild Wars 2 dies for me, it won't be because of dwindling activity, or a sometimes shaky ingame economy, or the resurgence of  3 Sep 2012 The glitch allowed players to purchase extremely low valued items at a vendor, and sell them on for a substantial profit. Discover more GIFS online on Gfycat. In a word In most cases, it's faster and more reliable to just buy it, and ArenaNet sucks 15% of the net value of the item right out of the economy permanently. ArenaNet discusses discusses Guild Wars 2 technical issues on Reddit. Lead Producer Chris Whiteside later posted on Reddit: "We take our community and  Why not make the repair cost a proportional amount of the crafting materials (minimum 1) instead to help drive the economy and crafting? Given the full loot nature of the game, I think when we start getting into guild wars and risky black territory it'll be a bother enough for characters focused on pure  28 Aug 2017 The beta tests were also the first chance ArenaNet had to really let loose with the Guild Wars 2 engine and create something just for the heck of it. com/r/gaming/comments/11mz4k/i_am_a_programmer_for_guild_wars_2_amaa/. GW2: MMOJumper. Many players have been looking for some ways The prices of basic materials has been increased since the Heart of Thorns “economy” updated. Discuss the Guild Wars 2 economy here–the Gem Store, Trading Post, and more. The Mystic Forge has wide selection of recipes and it is most widely known for being able to upgrade the  31 Aug 2012 The flaw meant top-drawer weapons could be bought for next to nothing and sold onto other players at a massive profit in gold, throwing the in-game economy into chaos, as an official post on Reddit explains: Today we banned a number of players for exploiting Guild Wars 2. Kotaku. Besides Ascended weapons and armor, they're the most expensive and time consuming to obtain. If you missed the drama it still exists over on Reddit. 14 Nov 2017 EA's new “Star Wars” title is still days away from the official launch, but “Battlefront II” and its lofty in-game prices have already provoked outrage among gamers. Consequences will never be the same. Watch Guild Wars 2 Tutorial 2. The Republican 'I think you may be the best possible candidate for our economy, but I do fear some of your international policies,. 2 May 2014 Here's a compilation of the questions asked by the ESO reddit community and the Zenimax Online replies. Its design isn't left out as well as it has been poorly designed. It helps usually. Its interface isn't perfect as it can be sometimes unresponsive. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders introduced Mr. I'm aware of what the rewards look like and have identified the current trend of the economy. There are lots of aspects that need to be improved on. ton of stuff from the seller, then went elsewhere in the game to sell it for massive profits, which had the temporary effect of upsetting the game's economy. 12 Nov 2013 EDIT: In light of the massive traffic this post has suddenly received thanks to GW Reddit I just want to highlight that this post isn't meant to be an in-depth analysis of the So gems have become rarer, or perhaps more accurately the value of gold in the Guild Wars 2 in game economy has plummeted. Buy, sell or trade wow accounts as well as Steam, League or Legends or CSGO accounts along with hundredes of other online games including mobile and Facebook. and then they made  22 May 2017 Gold Ore has been very stable in price since the launch of Guild Wars 2 in August 2012. 13. Many players A lot has changed in the Guild Wars 2 economy since Dungeons were nerfed and crafting materials were rebalanced. At the end of last year, I decided to take these discussion to reddit and revived the /r/gw2economy subreddit in order to  Fair warning- I go on quite the lengthy rant here. This means that they are isolated from the economy, which is mainly to keep botters and other abusers out of the hair of real players. orangechat. 8504 Then again, one of the professed goals was to boost the place of blues and greens in the economy, so they may have expected people to buy them. Share: Aug 31, 2012. Guildwars Best MMORPG . com/r/gw2economy/; 2. News and Announcements. Playing the market doesn't hurt the economy. 26 Jan 2018 Follow Reddit » Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO) on Feedspot Reddit » Massively Multiplayer Online Ga. ” Summary Economy We tracked the various items used in the new recipes and found one that seemed to be involved in insider trading. We're investigating the trades that led to the price spike, and in the meantime, we removed the recipes that  Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world. Seek help with issues with the Guild Wars 2 Mac Beta Client. So what if it was an obvious exploit? Well… Hoped you liked playing the game. Battlefront II may be taking a beating right now, but it is not the only big-budget game in 2017 to have a tough time with its microtransactions plan, as players of Middle-earth: Shadows of War and Guild Wars 2  2 Sep 2012 Over the weekend, Chris Whiteside, Lead Producer at Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet, took to Reddit to announce that over 3000 players had been ton of stuff from the seller, then went elsewhere in the game to sell it for massive profits, which had the temporary effect of upsetting the game's economy. With a low of 13 copper in early 2013 when the value of currency was much higher, and a high of about 1 silver 10 copper(ignoring spikes), Gold Ore currently sits at about 67 copper. Anti-inflation, built into  24 Aug 2012 Guild Wars 2 beta weekends have inspired ArenaNet economist John Smith to create an infographic detailing the game's virtual economy, the amount… 5 Sep 2014 On the official Guild Wars 2 forums, John Smith posted on the topic I have a question about the economy! “A lot of people put a lot of work into the new TP . Bots are currently  30 May 2013 But after a patch released a couple days ago, players on the Official Guild Wars 2 forums and Reddit began to notice that the drop rate for Ecto was much The price increase in the short-term was not economy-breaking, but when you need 250 Ectos to create a Legendary weapon in the long-term, it can  Posts about Guild Wars 2 written by Sam Ajesté. com for your daily crafting PodcastTrying to explain some financial theory through Guild Wars 2 Trading Post  14 Oct 2015 The goal of this list is to show you the most valuable harvesting ingredients in Guild Wars 2 so you'll know what to look for when you're out gathering. Others become The only way to survive is to band together in corporations—what most MMO players would recognize as a guild. On some Warcraft realms,  4 Sep 2012 This, of course, caused the virtual economy to become unbalanced. There are two In this Reddit reply, the company's support team said that they suspect gold sellers of hacking accounts:. Image Credit: Fattierob via Reddit. 31 Aug 2012 ArenaNet has revealed that it banned 3000 Guild Wars 2 players last night for knowingly exploiting a vendor error that saw them buying cheap gear and selling it on for economy-wrecking profit. October 19, 2012 Jorik De Waen 4. The controversy concerns Battlefield's elaborate in-game economy, which involves galactic credits. In case you aren't aware, the economy of the. ” In this case, it's  5 Sep 2012 "In the past 24 hours we permanently banned 292 accounts for RMT-related botting and spamming," reported ArenaNet in its latest Guild Wars 2 status update on September 2, which was reposted on Reddit. I'm usually terrible at playing the futures market in Guild Wars 2. Go as high as you wish for luck for a while. Bookahnerk got me the Evoluent vertical mouse for lefthanders*. 11. New players don't have much  13 Sep 2017 My wife and I enjoy playing Guild Wars 2, a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a unique fictional universe that combines elements of high fantasy, steampunk, and sf. submitted 27 days ago by ProbablyWanzerude_asura[M] -  11 Jan 2018 The crash in gw2's economy will have an affect on how people play the game and lower the population in many areas where materials are flipped over for gold. Trump as a "special guest" before starting a  Online blackjack for money michigan gaminator slots hack slots tips reddit cheats for blackjack gambling addict islam utilisation roulette abdo lesser essence slots blackjack rules sports gambling for dummies slotsgade 17 hillerød gambling casinos online offshore gambling in florida horse gambling websites guild wars 2  26 Nov 2014 You can't expect anyone who dislikes and/or refuses to understand how multiboxing works to act in an intelligent way -- Ever. Did this redditor manipulate the virtual economy of popular MMORPG Guild Wars 2? 12 Jun 2013 After having played Guild Wars 2 for 2 weeks, I've found a rather interesting comparison between its in-game economy and the World of Warcraft economy. Show Hide Category Black Lion Trading Co. The Battle of Some players choose the life of an asteroid miner, infusing the economy with vital shipbuilding materials. com/r/gaming/comments/11mz4k/i_am_a_programmer_for_guild_wars_2_amaa/c6nv7o2 6 Oct 2017 This gem demand causes a greater demand for another potential windfall, guild wars. While it didn't seem like it had a crippling impact on the economy, it was significant for other reasons. They take a considerable amount of resources and as a result, are a long term  January 15, 2018 2 Comments. I recall Rift to be impressively fast with feature/content patches, and GW2 has a very impressive New Content every 2 weeks cycle. The players we  18 Oct 2012 I've played WoW off and on since release, taking time off to play LOTRO, Rift, SWTOR, GW2 , SC2 , D2 and D3, you get the idea. There was World of Warcraft, Guildwars 1 & 2, Lord of The Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online, EVE, Rift and Elder Scrolls Online just to name a few. 22. This in turn damaged the Guild Wars 2 economy, culminating in ArenaNet's heavy-handed approach