Got a BFP today at 14dpo but having lots of cramping Is this

I just got my BFP!!! What I did different this month: * HSG procedure (I think *had spotting after BD *Lower left abdominal ache *Cramp in left leg *Tan/Pinkish CM *DH has been having more PG symptoms then me in the last 5 days he  I got a very faint bfp on tues afternoon and another (same faintness) following morning (wed). . I'm still having severe cramping. Today is 16dpo for me. Now, I'm 4 weeks and 2 days along and having bleeding again! I had several positives at home but then I got my period 2 days ago only it isn't bleeding as much as usual, I also got no cramping. Wedding: July 2013. just test. 4dpt: constipation, when walking got shooting feeling from right side, but not too sharp, but noticeable- had to stop for a second, hungry and eating a lot; white stretchy cm, light  FINALLY after 2 weeks of insanity (i convinced myself that either I had fibroids, tumors or an unknown illness but i deffo wasnt preggo) I got my BFP on FRER. Had a very sweet Well I'm 14dpo and just got bfp this morning. (And a lot of it!) Today tired, hard to focus on anything or get motivated. have pcos, so am on glucophage and had one cycle of closed, day 21 progesterone was 0. It just kept getting darker and darker. I am so wanting to be pregnant but like alot of you afraid I have symptom spotted! through the whole 2ww. Today I . This is the first month we have tried for a baby. Me 25 DH I am 8dp2dt today but yesterday had a mixture of sharp pains and then sort of AF cramps - of course i am now paranoid that its a signof AF coming! I have had a few aches  So, I am 15 DPO today and AF was due yesterday, but she was a no show!!&nbsp; Is it normal to get I got my BFP this month and did not have EWCM per se, but I was having more discharge than usual, also noticed as soon as i got my BFP (10 DPO) I was getting back cramps. Period was due  20 Mar 2008 11dpo: really sore bb's, a little nauseated, AF-type cramps, got a ++++ Early First Response using first morning urine!! Got a Still sore boobs (burning sensation) and lots of wet CM (need to wear a pantiliner, but it's not stretchy like pre-AF CM just watery) . 3dpo- Slight headache today, got bad at night @yougotme: I got cramping starting at 8dpo, and got my bfp at 10dpo. Also, my  6 Aug 2012 Got my BFP this morning with SMU and it's clear as day! Like OMG!! On 14 DPO (or 13 by my calculations) I woke up in the middle of the night with some slight spotting. I was having same exact type and intensity AF cramping last night  I was just wondering how many of you experienced period-like cramping right before a BFP? I am 14dpo today and my period is/was due today or tomorrow sometime. #14dpo #bfp ! Should get the call about my numbers today?! And schedule an ultrasound 🀞❀ LOTS of round ligament pain already which I'm pretty sure is a . Here goes from 0 DPO (days past ovulation) until today (10 DPO). Unfortunately, even with no BFP, I also get mild cramps during the luteal phase. The sperm and the egg have met, but while conception  I am still having cramps and getting quite nauseous, but went to the docs today and it's all confirmed and the cramps are apparently normal. I had a suspected miscarriage years ago and (sorry TMI) it was horrendous it was like I had my entire period in an hour I couldn't get off the loo was They mentioned to me that cramping and severe back ache can be a sign of not such nice outcomes but again, lots of ladies have had those and been fine. I've read about ectopic pregnancies having heavy bleeding, but most of what I see is  15 May 2006 I'm 14 dpo, and I got a bfn this morning. (So if you're pregnant and your boobs hurt yesterday but don't hurt today, don't panic, and don't mash them into lumpy potatoes while trying to get reassurance I was pregnant, because my period hadn't come and I had all the symptoms of pregnancy, but it turns out my period was just a little late and extra heavy/crampy. Okay, so I'm totally confused. And seeing Now I can't see my youngest stepdaughter because of it so my whole weekend was nothing but alot of crying. I've been  I know it's hard to tell and I'm trying to read something into every twinge ache and pain I get but it's so hard!!! :( Rachel xx. Nausea comes and goes a few times a day since 9 dpo. 24 Jan 2006 It was very faint and I got two darker tests that evening and the next day (14dpo). I remember having some mild premenstrual cramps before I got my BFP last time but mine were really bad yesterday. 190 posts. I don't think I usually cramp for this long before AF  I am now 14 dpo and af was due either yesterday or today. I feel like  3 Jun 2016 It was just an average morning, dragging myself out of bed to get ready for work. But they can be wrong. I have seen ladies post that they've had cramping and spotting on the day af was supposed to show up but, this cramping I'm having is constant now. Still having AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) like cramps but no AF. BAD AF cramps through the night. Helpful (0). Posted 06/17/2012. PLEASE HELP!!! Today I am 11DPO, AF is due tomorrow. Anyway. I tested a lot and got a BFP approx 12DPO. I have been cramping since 12 DPO. Anyone have any . The cramps are just in my back, but feel like AF cramps. then all of a sudden I started getting strong af cramps today. Today I have been having an abundance of clear watery CM. However, this time with a BFP, I got a couple of days of very strong cramps at about 13-14DPO, same as I'd get for when AF arrives. I'm going through IVF #1 and got the BFP today. I have had very few sensations (cramping, twinges) since and not feeling anything at all makes me wonder what's going on. But she didn't. Okay Im 14 DPO (days past ovulation) now and should be expecting AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) today or tomorrow. and I am never late. I was 16 dpo before I got a BFP this time. I experienced major cramps 2 days  30 Jun 2017 Hiya! I have been going crazy obsessive with these symptoms i've been having. CD 23 - BFP! Some of these are probably not technically Preggo symptoms for me, but I just copied/pasted everything over for ya'll. I bet if I had  Yes, I got mild cramps on & off after ovulation. β€œYes, I have 14 DPO: Line really dark! 29 Mar 2013 Hi, I think I am 14dpo today, im not sure on the day of ovulation but I am on 28th day in may cycle, I have never gone longer then 28 day cycle have its not like cramping or dull aching is just a feeling but Im not sure if that is my period going to come or pregnancy, I also have white sticky cm, not a lot of it,  Just got my BFP today, 12DPO. I am one of I have, however, found a lot of forum posts from women who didn't get a BFP until they were several weeks late for AF, or even 12-15 weeks into a pregnancy. psa22; 4 years ago. Reply. Got some new pens in the mail ☺ started off bummed out today expecting #af but now had 3 days of cramps but no sign. The only reason I My doctor told me that normally women don't get symptoms when their hcg is as low as mine is, but my hcg level is normal. I got a faint BFP on 8dpo. To see a board-certified fertility specialist who uses state of the art technology to help patients get pregnant, make an appointment at one of InVia's four  LOTS of Cramps, different from normal AF cramps. Strange dreams. But other than most  The only thing out of the ordinary was that I was burping a lot and I was really tired. Was convinced I wasn't pregnant that month until my period was three days late, I tested again at 14 dpo and got a clear positive. I don't . I am still cramping today at 14dpo. But this cycle (I got my BFP today!), the breast tenderness started around Christmas and has lasted since then. For the last 12 days, all I have had is gas and bloating and I've been eating like a monster but that is not so unusual for me :-[ . I woke up this morning with the same painful cramping I experience the day of AF, but I've had no spotting or any other sign of AF. Yesterday I started getting mild cramps with brown discharge, today the cramps have gotten worse and there is still brown discharge but with some red blood mixed in  13 Mar 2016 There's a lot of overlap between the two categories, so you could very well find yourself in both, but at least in my case, understanding these numbers helped prepare me for finding out I had twins when I finally got my ultrasound at eight weeks pregnant. Checked my temperature, charted it on my little app, pulled out a pregnancy stick and did my morning business. So when I  29 Oct 2009 Then did it again at 14dpo and there was a very faint but more definite line (and a big "Pregnant" on a digital test). Blushing bee. Bookmark. I got a BFN on 12dpo, 13 dpo, 14 dpoand then 15 dpo was BFP! . I am currently pg with number 2. still have AF like pains and sore lower back and today a light pink spotting!! At the stage now  This is my first month on Femara and had the shot and I'm having some wierd symptoms. I still have cm if that matters. Still having twinges & crampy – not as crampy as last night – was for sure that I'd start AF today! Hungry as  28 Apr 2012 Hey girls, just got my first ever bfp this am. I'm not sure about the pink CM - mine was white/yellow, but you could be having some  3 Jun 2015 @KAJ17 *if you got a BFP! I would love to put you on the list. But I know there's a chance that I'm just not pregnant, so I'd be curious to hear if there are many women out there who got late BFP's and if so, how many DPO? . Top. To understand why this can happen, let us understand what blood pregnancy tests are, how they work and what do  I've been craving water and ice around the clock from before I even got my BFP! so I believe that thirst is a very big symptom of pregnancy but just to be on the safe This month no sore bbs and no AF for about a week now i have been having some cramps in my sidei cant sleep because i stay really uncomfortable but i  1 Mar 2017 The high oxygen concentrations near the basal layer could be detrimental compared with the usual low oxygen tension of the surface endometrium. It was the mild Instead of wondering if I twinge here or there was a cramp, I was confident something was going on down there. I have been having very unusual symptoms lately that I NEVER have during my luteal phase. I had AWFUL cramps - felt just like AF was coming. I have had a lot more "symptoms" when I got BFNs!! So - don't lose hope if you're having no  So on tesday afternoon (14dpo) i decided to do a test and got a faint bfp within 3 minutes ( the test line is very light pink in colour but i can see it) but today (15dpo) af arrived no heavier or no lighter than usual just normal af. Peeing on those sticks towards the end of each cycle became a part of my daily routine. That means, they can show false negative or false positive results in some women. :D . Fingers crossed for your BFP  I have so many different symptoms this month. Hello all, Im 6 weeks pregnant after ivf and only now have i started having brown discharge for the last 3 days. It feels like AF may be on her way but I can't be sure because I don't usually get back cramps this bad so I was wondering if these  27 Feb 2012 BUT – my symptoms were the strongest I've felt yet and they were the most consistent with the symptoms pregnant women had reported. I'll get my results tomorrow, and will go back in on Thursday to see how they are progressing. I waited for today, & had no period. but temps are still Yes, I got a BFP at 11 dpo, and I had been having cramps and discomfort for days. I had that happen to me and I noticed that I had a lot of egg white cm and still kind of do I got a bfp 15dpo I'm 6 weeks already! I am 14 dpo as of this morning not getting that gushing feeling currently, but have been peeing a bit more frequently. Had cramps as if  23 Nov 2012 Earliest you've felt morning sickness - posted in Miscellaneous: I know it sounds silly but, it's only 7-10 days post ovulation and I have been feeling I'm buying a few tests today to use over the coming week so we will know hopefully by the end of next week. A chemical pregnancy is a very early miscarriage. Absolutely no cramps, no IB, no dizziness, etc. Post # 14. I have a very good feeling  As a general rule, blood tests for pregnancy are more reliable than urine or home pregnancy tests. and thought it was my month. Yes I was convinced that AF was coming (still kind of am) - no spotting but cramping like just before AF, sore boobs, sore back and very bloated! Its weird because I have been so certain I will come on anyday and then to get the pains I was so sure but still nothing. 6 Jan 2011 I get some cramps during the day,and feel heavy in mylower abdomin,can you please help me out,i also had mild PCo due to that i m also taking metformin Frnds, this is my 2nd IVF and today is 12th day, Doctor asked me to check blood test on 15th day, But I am not having that much patience to wait for  22 Mar 2012 I received a HCG of 55 yesterday which was quite low and so am going back tomorrow for further blood tests and hope this has doubled. I am 14 dpo today and on cd 31 (ovulated late this cycle on cd 17) but usually have a 26-27 day cycle. . bachache, bloated, burping, some light cramps, THIRSTY, a lot of cm, and since yesterday, my legs have been cramping so bad sometimes I don't want to get up. "</blockquote>. Normally I think I am pg because my temp keeps going up, but there's always the chance that it will crash. Thanks for the tip, the aches have actualy gone pretty much now which is great, but will remember to drinks lots. (Initially presented as "normal" but issues were only discovered after IVF attempt #2 and #3 after testing at new clinic) Cramping in uterus/ovaries last night while trying to sleep. Not that anything can really prepare you for that shock . I thought I was having cramps earlier today. I have had cramps since 14dpo. I'm just going crazy. Got my BFP on Monday and since the Wednesday before that I had been cramping on and off. When that . I have been cramping all day(AF style) but now, after my shower (which a hot shower always helps!) they are gone. I think its normal if you are pregnant, but doesn't necessarily mean you are. I did the whole time even before af showed up and I totally thought she was going to. I'm at 21dpo now, or 5 weeks pregnant. 0 DPO: BD (baby dance (sex)) on this day and on everyday the week prior. 22 May 2010 Many women will overreact to the hormones initially, feeling very pregnant at the onset - bloated, nauseous, crampy, etc. It's been so bad that I've been running back and forth to the bathroom because I thought it  11 Dec 2009 Did anyone have any cramping just before getting their BFP? If so, what type of cramping was it? I am currently 12 dpo and am having pretty bad cramps, mostly in my back. I had bad cramps AF due in 2 days suspecting Im going to get it . I called the doctor and went in for my first quant. So I don't know. Had been ttc 18mths. I did and still do have some back pain. 4DPO: happy, +sex drive, cramps, gassy, backaches, extremely tired (eyes feel heavy), LOTS OF CREAMY WHITE CM. I was going to test again first thing tomorrow  27 Jun 2017 Imagine this: You get a positive pregnancy test only to start your period a few days later. I'm terrified, confused, etc. 11 Jun 2017 I just got my BFP today at 12 DPO. I am 14dpo today and I got a BFN this morning. Another question I have is did you have a lot of cm? Im still very wet  I've had a lot of cramping for the past week and I noticed today that I'm getting a pinching in my right ovary but I'm also feeling some pressure in my bottom almost like I need to have a bowel movement, sorry . Chemical pregnancies are both common and extremely heartbreaking, yet very little is understood about them. 9,so I ovulated late in my cycle. Anyway was fatigued but not exhausted, not really sleeping at night and am having really vivid dreams. If I waited  Tiny update. Was expecting AF yesterday or today but no show. Member. Really strong AF pains started this afternoon and my af would of been due today (got my bfp at 12dpo) so now i'm really worried AF is just going to come. This post obviously is getting quite long. Every month came and  I know that according to TCOYF, 18 days of high temps mean you're pregnant, but I had a negative test yesterday (18 DPO). Which is great that we are all supporting each other BFP or not! 6dpo sore throat and coughing (getting sick) loose stools, head/ body ache, more cramping, wet feeling but can't see any cm 1dpo-5dpo  10 Jan 2008 Hey Everyone! Im hoping to be 3rd time lucky this mth and today have been experiencing a 'pulling feeling' in my lower right side! more so w. 11 May 2010 I had a lot of thirstiness/hunger and a feeling of fullness. Today i 14dpo for me on a 28 day cycle. I woke up feeling wet & thought I had started my period in the middle of the night, but it was watery/lotiony white CM. Add message | Report · Pinkjenny Thu 29-Oct-09 12:01:39. Less crampy but still with a little. my cramps have faded down to a  I've been crampy on and off - but mostly every second day since ovulation. Husband and I are on our third month of TTC and today I decided to take a test (FRER) and within a minite it was clearly positive!! I have been 11 Jan 2008 BFP but slight cramps and backache like AF is coming - posted in Pregnancy: Tips, Questions and Information: Hi ladies,My period was due today (14 dpo), but two days ago (12 dpo) I got my BFP as I suspected something was up this month (mostly achey and inflated boobs since new year) and I tested  Hi i had the same period pains still having them now and got my BFP today CD31. I tested negative on 11dpo. No symptoms more than the norm. I'm 16 days late now for AF keep taking tests and all showing negative but had cramps the week I was due and then had couple days with mild ones but nothing I was due AF today (day 28 in cycle, 14 dpo) but no show. Thats interesting  Then today this afternoon, it started again, same thing just a bit more and now it's gone away again