Full Moon Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath

Cacao Fuelled, Mantrafied, Full-Moon, Full-Power Celebration with Drum Circle Tribal Dancing at The Gaya Tree in Mangawhai. 30, Sophie Schäfgen, Yoga with Essential Oils. All of you is  13 Jan 2017 - 48 min - Uploaded by Ladrhyn BexxFollow me on FACEBOOK for more news, events + meetups https://www. Discover, build and share your experiences today! BEGINNING: We smudge to clear our energies, we sit in sacred circle, honoring the cacao spirit with prayer and song, and humbly asking for our intentions to be heard. It is the Join us for a Full Moon, Cacao Ceremony with an open heart Vinyasa Flow, Meditation and live music, benefiting Standing Rock. As such, it is a  18 Jun 2016 Join ceremonialists, Tanner and Kristin, founders of One World Wellness and Cacao Connection, and Tara Johnson, Vibrational Sound Healer, for a unique Cacao Ceremony and Crystal Bowl Sound Bath. 23 Mar 2016 When we ingest this sacred bean we enable a deeper connection to our our intuition and our inner guidance system. Full Moon Heart Waves // A Sound Healing Journey with Ruby Devol. 83 - £48. 23 Nov 2017 Eventbrite - Anna Kitney presents ThetaHealing® Meditation Evening & Sound Bath - Soul Mates & Sacred Love - Nov 2017 - Thursday, 23 November 2017 at Columbia Hotel, London, London . £21. 8 Jul 2017 Join us a we heal with Mayan Cacao and the energy of the Full Moon for a deep self-immersive healing expereince! Cacao is an elixir for the heart and upper chakra centers. Sound journeys  21 Jul 2016 The emphasis may be on yoga – and beginners are welcome – but this is also an experience for the open-minded, including activities such as gong sessions, sound-healing cacao ceremonies for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, and a ritualistic full-moon ceremony with a backdrop of live  17 Feb 2017 Creating your own sacred bath salt during the Full Moon or any sacred time is an empowering way to nourish your body and offer self care. 7-10pm; Friday 18th August Seeds Alliance Project-Cacao Ceremony Fundraiser 7-10pm; Saturday 19th August Lila of Gnawa, PASSING CLOUDS LIVE AT THE HIVE £10 on door 7-11pm; Saturday 19th Wednesday, 5th July, 7-10:30pm, The Elevator – Sound Healing and Open Mic Jam, 1st Floor. And a recent east London Sleepover and Morning Rave concluded with 'shamanic games' and a cacao ceremony to reduce stress and anxiety. We will have a transcendent meditation, sound healing with a gong bath and cacao ritual. Join us as we gather in community to support, uplift and channel the energy. FULL MOON in Virgo - Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd March 2018 Come and experience an exclusive authentic Shamanic Cacao Ceremony held in the large Pyramid of the Moon in the mystical village of Ubud. of sound healing all over town. This a super moon in the sign of Gemini, as a Gemini let me guide you on an inner dance with this energy in a safe and sacred space . 6 Jan 2018 This Unique Sound Bath Healing will include our Dear Friends from Guatemala that are sharing their Sacred Cacao Ceremony with us, to open us up and deepen our emotional experience during the Shamanic Soundbath. 30 - 09. Elah & AuSierra's original music, channeled messages, & sound healing instruments are all used as powerful transformational tools that can catalyze deep states of . 117 Tycos Dr. Nowadays he performs Kirtan, Xtatic Kirtan, Indian Fusion, Sufi, Classical Hindustani, Bollywood music as well as Sound Healing around the world. Share. This workshop . Full Moon Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath with Susy Markoe Schieffelin and Dijon Bowden Join us for a special ceremony to harness the energy of the Virgo Full Moon, the first of two especially powerful Full Moons this month. 04. Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda offer a very special journey full of music, yoga and a cacao ceremony that heals hearts, creates intimate friends and leaves you floating in . Retreat, Summer Camps for kids, Rewilding Retreats, Wilderness +Wildcrafting classes, PLUS more Sound Healing events and Restorative Yoga workshops. ♥ GUIDED YONI EXERCISES AND WOMB BLESSINGS. Together, we will co-create a safe space of healing and transformation, in which we can release blockages, reclaim our  Every Full Moon the House of Energy Family holds the legacy of an ancestral tradition, we invite our Brothers and Sister to join in full open heart to receive t. 17 Nov 2017 Eventbrite - Darren Austin Hall presents NEW MOON VIBES: Cacao Ceremony & Soundbath/Scopio--The Wounded Healer - Friday, November 17, 2017 at The Rock Store, Toronto, ON. 30, Kimberly Poppe, Loving  PRICING / RATES. Meanwhile, Holiday Philips  Anticipate a magical Sound Healing, it could be your time. Thursday 6th July  15 Aug 2015 Thursday, we had another Full Moon sound bath at The Parachute Hotel offering a unique soundscape with special musical guest Dvine1. and evoke the Spirit of Cacao and the Guardian Spirits of this Tradition, we will journey deep inside ourselves with a Tibetan singing bowl bath meditation, and  22 Oct 2017 Each ceremony includes an invocation, release process and sound bath to help align with the energies of the New Moon. Nature's Chef, Tom Kral,  Cacao with sounds dancing and merging together to transport you in a soft, unusual, healing sensorial experience. Golden Drum strives to offer unique programming opportunities through a diverse curriculum of classes, workshops, and events that integrate indigenous Native American teachings with  Third Wednesday of Every Month at 7:15-8:30pm Cost ~ $15 preregistration or $20 at the door Join Kei Colby and the Soul Sound Healing Team for a sacred journey . Remove emotional blocks and experience shifts in consciousness through Sacred Sound Baths and Gong Meditations. Depending on what's being called for, I intuitively offer sound healing or meditation. We also host Monthly MOONLODGE Women's Circle on the Dark Moon. Earlier Event: June 9. Restorative  7 May 2017 Before doing our deep healing work, we will experience the powerful healing properties of raw, organic, blessed ceremonial Cacao. Join us for an intimate evening of sharing our hearts and voices through sacred sound and ceremonial cacao. The sound healing that followed took me into a deep meditative state which was a truly special experience,  We invite you to move consciously forward with time, harnessing the powerful energy of the Gemini full moon of thought, philosophy and communication – with the guidance of skilled Leo Full Moon Ceremony: Exploring the Secret Chambers of the Heart An interactive crystal healing and sacred pleasure workshop. Step into a deep . FOCUSING: We integrate the medicine and channel our intentions. ♡ Full Moon: that time of the We will navigate this journey with a cup of Cacao, Sacred Sound Healing and MEDITATION & Integration practices. Kundalini yoga brilliantly intertwined with the spirit of cacao and the sound transmissions. Join us for a special ceremony to harness the energy of the Virgo Full Moon, the first of two especially powerful Full Moons this month. Sound healing/Heart Gong Bath – A journey taking you deeper within to find answers, peace and space. Join Anne L. 09. Cacao Ceremony Shananic Healing. facebook. Schedule :: 6:00 - Doors open 6:30 - Cacao Ceremony 7:00 - Drum Circle Ceremony with Rahul 7:30 - Drum Circle 9:30 - Sound bath 10:00 - Free Chant / Community Hang Trevor and I will be offering healing sessions at this event! Share. com/events/‎ 14 Feb 2015 A while back, we had an intern working at The Numinous who celebrated turning 21 at a raw cacao ceremony. Enjoy exquisite pure  As he worked deeper and deeper with the sound current and his own self healing practices, he discovered the healing power of the gong and other tuned metal instruments (singing bowls, bells, sound plates) as well as the healing power of mantra and toning. com/pg 8 Jul 2017 Eventbrite - Megan Gallardo & Rodrigo Curiel presents Sacred Mayan Cacao Ceremony + Sound Bath + Ecstatic Moon Dance! - Saturday, July 8, 2017 at Moore Dancing, Los Angeles, CA. 00, Dolores Hoppener, Morning Rituals. Friday, June 23, 2017; 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 15:00 17:00. crystal bowls, harmony harp, tibetan bowls , native drum, chanting, space drum and  3 Dec 2017 You know how we do this : Sharing Circle, Cacao Ceremony, Frequency Shift - Shamanic Sound Bath Deep, intense amplified by the last full moon of the year. Micah and Elaine co create a magical synergy of shamanic sounds & healing energies to nourish  Join us in sacred Sisterhood as we celebrate the healing power of the Full Snow Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in an intimate setting. Come Kick off 2018 with a restful, grounded, intimate night of Crystal Bowl Visioning, Chakra Toning, Journaling and Free Chanting as we use gather to get clear on our dreams and manifest our year! Join Jesse Buck for this Cacao Ceremony Meditation on the first  You'll be gently guided into a crystal singing bowl sound bath before returning to the space with an empowering, feminine ritual with the beautiful Chloe Isidora. SHIFTING: We serve the cacao in liquid form, then drink together in a sound bath. Fri Date: Mar 02 2018 From: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM. FEATURED EVENTS: The Nature of Wild Food & Sacred Sound. Among the  25 Aug 2017 Eventbrite - Carly Grace presents Cacao Ceremony, 5 Elements Dance & Crystal Bowl Sound Bath - Friday, 25 August 2017 at Reva Yoga, London, England. Later Event: July 16. . We will learn about the basic principles of manifestation and close the workshop with a group Full Moon Meditation + Ceremony Ritual to set our intentions in motion. Full Moon Gong Bath & Meditation CACAO CEREMONY: An Indigenous Mayan prophecy tells that when the Earth and its people are out of balance, the cacao will come out from the rainforest to open people's hearts and return the  sacredrootsholistichealing. It was a big part of restoring me to feeling fully alive in myself, totally connected, and fully empowered. Enjoy an evening of tribal gathering, song circle, heartfelt connection, intention setting, honoring of the earth, praying for peace, meditation, sound healing, & dancing. The Full Moon is when we assess our  PLEASE NOTE : ALL Full Moon and New Moon Nights sell out quite fast, so you will need to book early. a gong bath is an immersion in vibration, through the sound of the gong you will be taken on a deeply relaxing and healing journey which will rejuventate the body through the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system while soothing the mind through the enchanting soundscapes it creates. Read down below for the full day program. 38. Workshop will include: Bring and share veggie dinner; A sound bath visualisation practice with the lovely Rachelle Rodriguez; Ceremonial grade cacao at ceremonial dose  Experience deep inner purification under the stars in a Full Moon Beach Circle, and open the heart with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony. Current and up coming festivals, events, sound baths, cacao ceremonies and more. Folllowing our last delicious New Moon Cacao ceremony we'd like to offer the chance to continue deepening together as a circle through a **4-PART MONTHLY SERIES** working specifically with the moon  Valentine's Special: The Frequency of Love; Visual Sound & Cacao Ceremony The Song of Spring, Solstice Sound Ceremony When the Full Moon has reached its zenith, forming a perfect silvery sphere in the sky. Since the beginning of time, our human evolution has developed from pure sound vibration and wild foods. Join us for a special celebration and ceremony. 30 - 06. . Sun. Find event and ticket information. Crystal Bowls, profound fusions of Quartz with other precious metals and gemstones, such as Copper, Gold & Moldavite which emit magnificently high and healing frequencies. 6 Aug 2017 Sound & Cacao Ceremony with Gabriel and Maggie | Aug 6 | 6-9PM | $25. FULL MOON - Tue 2 & Wed 3 January Welcoming tasty drink and introduction Shamanic Fire Ceremony around the fire pit Deep Sound Rejuvenation Experience in the Pyramid of the Sun After the session, snacks and refreshments offered in the beautiful Cafe. Facilitated . This gathering has powerful potential for healing and raising vibrations, being at both a full moon and  4 days ago This workshop takes place close to the full moon each month to support women in their physical, emotional and mental relationship to their cycle (at every life Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath with Sonia This workshop will include a Cacao Ceremony + Breath Work + Meditation + Sound Healing. 00 - 10. Dec. Limited to 11 beautiful souls by private invitation or through a friend. 9:40pm Healing Integration Sound Bath with Closing Kundalini Meditation with Community Full Moon Meditation, Fire Ceremony with Live Music @ Sat Nam Yoga with Karampal Kaur. 00 - 07. We will open the ceremony with Cacao and Tuning Fork to stimulate and open 1 Aug 2017 Sacred ceremony in my new and most sacred of spaces, the resonance temple , my home. A real blessing to work with Amar Prem who relates his devotional practice with permeating presence, conviction and humour. Spending Sacred Cacao Ceremony using one of the highest ceremonial grade Mayan Organic Raw Cacao, channelled by 'The Chocolate Shaman' Keith Wilson. Full Moon Cacao Ceremony with 5 Element Dance tickets. RSVP. The ritual and medicinal use of cacao dates back thousands of years. ♥ AWAKENING YOUR SENSUAL SELF THROUGH MOVEMENT. Join us for a special day long ceremony exploring the medicine of horses, channeled wisdom, energy healing, crystal bowl sound healing and drumming. Full Moon  10 Apr 2016 What a beautiful new moon night. 07. We begin with a Cacao Drinking Ceremony followed by a guided meditation and Sound Bath to facilitate the clearing of blockages in the energy field, to repair and rebalance the energy so that the  GOLDEN DRUM is a cultural center created for the healing, transformation, and the expansion of consciousness of humanity. Sound Healing is said to be the medicine of the future as science has proven that one can literally affect their DNA through the alchemy of sound, frequency and intention. Interested in attending? Event: Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Cacao Ceremony and Sacred Sound Bath in Denver. Because this is the last full moon before the winter solstice  Full Moon Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath with Susy Markoe Schieffelin and Dijon Bowden. Relaxed, cosy and warm is what we are after for the sound bath for full vibrational integration! Take a deep breath and join Natalie Fishwick on a journey back to your Heart & Soul through Kundalini Yoga, Women's Coaching and Cacao Ceremonies. /. He is an extremely  These weekend-long celebrations create a spectacular heart blossoming moment in time and space for participants to dive into the magic and beauty of life. realizeyourbliss. With the assitance of the sacred plant medicine and Tibetan breath work, we will release all that no longer serves us and realign to  Join us for a relaxing Sound Bath Meditation evening with Jessica Bonds Sound healing is the use of vibrations via different instruments/sounds to re-align and re-tune the body. Full Moon Women's Ecstatic Dance Ritual. Thank you to The Parachute Hotel for hosting a special sound ceremony for the Spring Equinox. New moon is the time to set intentions & release what no longer serves your highest destiny path. The experience was expansive, yet nurturing as we connected with mother natures gift of cacao. Our intention for sharing this Experience the blessed Full Moon and journey into deep layering of acoustic sounds with Yantara Jiro and the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Rachael of Welford Wellbeing and Arktara of Celestial Spirit Healing (all the way from Ibiza) for a special one off event to celebrate the full moon, manifest your  30 Jan 2018 This sacred ceremony we will open with the Mayan Way, followed by teaching therapeutic and alchemical techniques to empower and achieve inner peace and inner growth in the path of self mastery. She will guide you lovingly on a heart opening journey where you will be encouraged to set your  www. Sacred Sound Healing. 00 - 04. has led workshops such as The Sacred Art of Play, Improvisation for Presence, Goddess Full Moon Gatherings, Storytelling Circles and Shamanic Breathwork Ceremonies. , 30 Mar. Through guided meditation, sacred circle, movement & a live sound bath you will have a chance to experience the majesty of plant medicine & sound medicine combined. jpg. Such beautiful synergy from all in the  2 Dec 2017 Join us as we cultivate and create bliss, joy and connection blending the indigenous sounds of sacred instruments of the gong, tibeten bowls, rattles and frame drums and a an intutitive drum circle with the added healing benefits of the *cacao plant. Featuring outstanding Afro-Brazilian percussionists, Raw Cacao, Sound Journey and More! Come Celebrate the November Full Moon with us! Included in the price are complimentary Cacao treats on entry, plus an amazing Sound Healing Ceremony with Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs and more, where you can just lay  2 Dec 2017 Gemini Full Moon Celebration with sweet drinking chocolate (raw cacao) to warm our bodies and our hearts. Starting at Sunset then guided by the light of the Full moon energies combined with Soulfull music & the invocations of the Sacred Fire these ceremonies are  14 May 2017 Ladies. Manchester, CT 6:30-8:30pm  Today, we continue this sacred traditional by drinking cacao to reconnect with the deep wisdom of our own precious beings. Sound and Gong Bath sessions in London for Corporate and public and private groups for relaxation, meditation and dealing with panic attacks, stress and anxiety. Childers and Dianna Lucas for an enchanting evening of connection, relaxation, and Sacred Cacao We will use herbs and incense to create a sacred container for our full moon intentions. Google Calendar ICS. 7:15 pm. its a time to harness it's beautiful, healing energies, spending time in spiritual practice - through intentio. 30, Daniel Maciejewski, Sound Bath. Check out Lani Rocillo's events, learn more, or contact this organizer. An alchemic triad. RELEASE deep rooted toxins with Sacred SOUND and vibration. View Event →. 16 Jan 2018 The morning of Jan 31st brings us a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the Fiery sign of Leo, so let's gather under its' waxing light, to celebrate its' creative, transformative, heart-centric themes with the heart-medicine of Cacao! I will be hosting another Cacao Ceremony Soundbath with Kundalini Yoga Teacher  31 Jan 2018 The morning of Jan 31st brings us a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the Fiery sign of Leo, so let's gather under its' waxing light, to celebrate its' creative, transformative, heart-centric themes with the heart-medicine of Cacao! Jesse buck will be hosting another Cacao Ceremony Soundbath with Kundalini Yoga  Working with Cacao in ceremonial doses invites a powerful plant teacher and ally to your sideby taking part in a cacao, dance and sound ceremony, moving energy New moon is a particularly potent time for intention setting. Included in your retreat package: ・two daily movement practices (vinyasa, movement meditations, etc) ・morning meditations + evening sound bath ・cacao ceremony ・full exclusive use of Casa La Calma ・all breakfasts + dinners, plus two lunches at La Calma ・shared (2 person) accommodation ・two day  Cocooned in a warm sanctuary at Pure Yoga Cheshire, Yasmin and Gavin lead the most beautiful cacao ceremony. 00 - 02. big bear retreat#2. 24. It is open to all levels at  Highlights. About us-. He carries these traditions with respect, authenticity, In this restorative yoga/sound bath prepare your body and spirit with quiet and stillness balancing the outward energy of the full moon. 16 Jun 2017 Cacao Ceremony: With Shamanic Yoga + Sound Healing. This ceremony  Our Full Moon Ritual will generally entail welcoming in our guides & the elements, followed by a prayer, a guided meditation, a writing exercise to re-iterate our intentions for the This unique polytonal sound is multidimensional, resonating with energies of the earth and cosmos and a balance of masculine and feminine. Gary – Gary has been working in the medicine space for over 20 years. The journey will involve dance, meditation, drum and rattle journey, sacred icaros and sound healing. 00, Annelied Mock, Meditation for Peace. 11 Nov 2016 Lani Rocillo is using Eventbrite to organize upcoming events. Fri. ♥ KARMIC CORD CUTTING CEREMONY. Cacao releases energetic blocks in the body and coupled with the healing frequencies from the Gong Bath we experience a full energetic clear out. In this Sacred Cacao Ceremony, we will pay our respects to the ancient while creating a ritual form entirely our own, featuring beautiful live and DJ'd music, voice activation . 02. Luna & Lotus 50 Depot Street, Collinsville, CT 7-9:30pm Cacao & Gongsacape Full Moon Meditation. Join us for a magical experience of dinner and sacred sounds within a tipi on sacred land as we journey through the senses. 12/17/2017 Natal Astrology: Understanding Your Moon Sign Catland, Bushwick; 01/2017 (Date TBD) 2018 Predictions Catland, Bushwick; 02/18/2017 Venus: Full Moon Cacao Ceremony Web Sister Studios, New York; 08/02/2017 Moon School Web Sister Studios, New York; 07/09/2017 Full Moon Sound Bath Web Sister  New Moon Vibes Cacao Ceremony & Sacred Sounds with Darren Austin Hall + Zach Sukuweh by Darren Austin Hall, released 01 July 2017 1. Come Prepared: - Ceremony  This lunar eclipse will be a total one that involves the second full moon of the month, popularly referred to as a Blue Moon. Ed Cleveland Reiki & Sound Therapy Center 264 Main St. Sound and Cacao work hand in hand to  31 Jan 2018 We will gather in ceremony for the Lunar eclipse and Full moon with a night of intentional heart opening cacao, breathwork, and sacred sound immersion. His Sitar sounds will send one into a . 00, Alixe van Ogrtop & Lotte Ritzer, Moon & Cacao ceremony. We're going in… A chance to delve into **healing// connection// manifestation // and love**. The morning of Jan 31st brings us a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the Fiery sign of Leo, so let's gather under its' waxing light, to celebrate its' creative, transformative, heart-centric themes with the heart-medicine of Cacao! Jesse buck will be hosting another Cacao Ceremony Soundbath with Kundalini Yoga Teacher Chris Dub  6 Aug 2016 Each month, near or on full moon we create a safe space at cacao club to work with Cacao as a teacher plant, the music is crafted to provide a journey for people to shift and move our full body and the sound bath integrates and provides opportunity for people to be receptive and end vibrating at a higher  "Fallen into bliss after heavenly, mind blowing cacao ceremony, loving connections, ahhhh dancing feeling the fire, air, water, stillness within and connection with Mother Earth and the ground. We will begin our night together with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony facilitated by Jules Bright. 20H45 : SUPERSONIC SOUND HEALING & GONG BATH with Sofia, Roy & Simon Also included is a blissful Earth Sounds(c) Gong Bath & Sound Journey Meditation for clearing blockages on all levels of your mind, body & spirit, promoting deep 5:00 pm; Full Moon The Journey "Gratitude" Workshop with Earth Sounds(c) - 02/03/2018 - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm; The Journey Workshop "Happiness" with Cacao  6 May 2016 Relax and unfold into the alchemy of shamanic sound, crystal vibrations & sensual heart centered Cacao. By mixing together no. Enjoy a variety of yoga workshops, sound healing and gong bath events, wellbeing events, meditation and mindfulness talks, relationship workshops and conscious living new moon in aquarius kundalini yoga and sacred sound ceremony full moon meditation - guided journey & sound bath to increase your equilibrium. ♥ DELICIOUS VEGAN  3 Nov 2017 +Shamanic Sound Bath & Cacao Ceremony. 5 days ago FULL MOON RELEASE MEDITATION WITH STACY IRIE SOUL. Cacao: A superfood, known for its  Sound bath meditations recalibrate one's core system and chakra energy by means of crystal and metal bowl vibrations and tones. We begin with meditation and yoga practice, live music, a cacao ceremony, and finish with a community potluck. $11 Members, $25 non-members advance, $30 day  Join Us in this Full moon ceremony to HONOR OUR HEARTS, Shift our perspective and harvest the ripe fruits THAT ARE HIDDEN WITHIN. The Full Moon is when we assess our progress, release what no longer serves us, and set  Full Moon is a powerful time to release all that does not serve us anymore. 30 Jan 2018 Eventbrite - Jesse Buck presents Full Moon Cacao Bliss :: Kundalini Yoga, Soundbath & Celebration - Tuesday, 30 January 2018 | Wednesday, 31 January 2018 at The Mermaid Den, Toronto, Ontario. 03. Full Moon Cacao Bliss :: Cancer :: Manifestation Ceremony. Sound baths are an . Meet the sound tribe!!! 52 inch wind gong, 38 inch chao gong. A restorative yoga sequence is for everyone  12 Jun 2017 Fifty years on from the 'Summer of Love', meditation, sound baths and mindful drinking are the hottest nightlife trends in London. Sacred Drum & Cacao Ceremony. The pure penetrating sound waves of the healing gongs will enable you to re-generate and re-balance on physical, mental and emotional levels. ♥ SOUND BATH AND GODDESS SONG CIRCLE. Full Moon Gathering: Raw Chocolate & Kava Kava Tea Ceremony evening under the Full Moon Light as we tune into the energetics of the stars and familiarize ourselves with the sacred plant spirits of Cacao and Kava Kava  Join Shamanic practitioner and Kundalini Yoga teacher Maren for this heart opening ceremony using the transformative plant medicine cacao. In 2008 he met Gallina Tamburo, who was on her own journey  9/6(Weds) - Full Moon Yin Yoga - Water Element Soundbath · 9/13(Weds) - Sound in the Salt (Denver, CO) · 9/15(Fri)-9/17(Sun) - DjemBlaze Retreat (Berthoud, CO) · 9/21(Thurs) - Autumn Equinox Sound Bath @ Studio12 (Denver, CO) · 9/22(Fri) - Pranasphere Equinox performance @ Ceremony Studio (Westminster, CO)  Full Moons and eclipses are very strong energy portals. Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda offer a very special journey full of music, yoga and a cacao ceremony that heals hearts, creates intimate friends and leaves you  23 Jan 2018 Monthly new moon gatherings. Join Nitya Vink & Joanna Fanizza for the November Full Moon Experience in Taurus with Neptune & Venus! We will conclude the evening with a Sacred Sound Bath using an array of instruments such as the drum, rattle, singing bowl, chimes, fans, shakers, voice, allowing ourselves to surrender to the frequencies of the  This ceremony is crafted to commune with the spirit of the cacao plant and receive its potent medicine which is known to open the heart. 06. It is here that we will open our consciousness t. Home of the Joyful Living Course, a blend of Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic Cacao Ceremony, and Sound Journey. com//shamanic-solar-lunar-rites-of-healing-magic-spirituality-our-moon-2/‎ Ceremonial grade cacao will be used at the beginning of the ceremony to facilitate a deep transformational journey. Morning insightful yoga sessions; Afternoon Restorative yoga sessions; Daily refreshing pranayama and meditation sessions; Sound healing sessions and sound play workshops; Full moon ceremony and fire blessing practices; Daily delicious buffet breakfast; 6 nights' accommodation  Inviting you to the Sunday Sanctuary: a beautiful day of vibrational healing through sound, breath and movement, welcoming in the New Moon with embodied intention Kundalini Dance UK is ecstatic to be holding space for international facilitator, Lila Spencer to share her facilitation and healing magic with the kindred  7 Jan 2018 Early bird price before 24th Dec only £54 (then £60). Once a month around the full moon somewhere in Berlin in a space created for women who wants to reconnect to their inner-self and whiling to open themselves to new connection to best support each  The retreat will begin with a Cacao Ceremony, the Cacao has been sourced from a Shaman in Guatemala on our recent travels. Shamanic Sound Journey and Cacao Ceremony w/Brooke and Matt of Dream Seed  He is a Rasamaya Yoga instructor, a valued Reiki Master and cacao ceremony facilitator. Followed by a Drum Journey + Tibetan Breathwork + Shamanic Reiki and Crystal Healing + Soundbath  ~This New Moon, join us at Trilogy Sanctuary for a Self Love New Moon Cacao Ceremony~ With more than 10 years of experience, Carla combines yoga asana, kriya, dance, pranayama, breathwork, chanting, meditation, sound and energy healing to awaken students to their natural healing abilities and highest potential. More Info