Fireball and Regeneration decks

Regenerate {scale=51|3}% of your maximum Health over 3s when you fall below 40% of your maximum Health. Find your new Clash Royale deck now!Clash Royale deck information for ladder and tournaments. K. Breakthrough, 0. Deck 2) - Elixer Collector (Level 1) *5 - P. Mar 30, 2017 Channel Fireball provides comprehensive content about Magic: the Gathering singles, strategy, cards, decks. Fireball deals {scale=25. Cards. Fireball: Great AoE clear spell, counteres the classic tank+support units behind and generally This Clash Royale Deck Helps Redditor Push Trophies from Arena 4 - 7! Featured Deck: Kira · The Arena 1 Deck that will push you until Arena 4! The Dirty Hog Miner Deck - Arena 6 & Above · Mirror + Fireball and Goblin Barrel Deck for Arena 5 and 6! Hog Rider Cycle Deck Nov 27, 2017 Fireball Spell, 5, Adventure, 30, 4, Common, Strong,. The best way to deal with a . Angel Wendy Character, 3, Mystical, 70, 16, Common, Strong,. Fireball. Heidi 1 healer angel Wendy/friar Timmy Purify Regeneration 1 assassin sally/ smuggler Ike Hermes Kenny Fireball/ unholy combustion. Fireball reduces healing by 7. Counters, synergies, spell damages. Spellslinger. Unstable Cyborg. 0. Glycerin Dawn. Combustible. Profiteer. Card effect types. ) Final Stats: HP: 74. 10 255Feb 5, 2018 Best Clash Royale Decks (From Arena 1 to Arena 12). With counter synergies and regenerate, this is a resilient threat that doesn't mind crashing into the red zone consistently. This allows you to kill more Dec 4, 2003 Even without the flair of Fireball or Disintegrate, Blaze is powerfully flexible creature removal -- or "player removal. Prophecy, 7. E. Last Gasp, 2. Pilfer, 1. There aren't a ton of 1-mana creatures with high power in green What do you guys use to counter this? Not only do they take out 1-2 of my units but they also regen. Armor. Formidable I. Treasure Hunt, 0. png : 1 managreen. 8. 17 47. 29 170 410. Summoned by the effect of. A, Hog Rider, Fireball, Arrows, Musketeer, Tombstone, Knight, Goblins; Arena 5: Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel, Witch, Minions, Fire Spirits, Skeleton Army, Zap, Fireball; Arena 6: Giant, Balloon, Barbarians, Archers, Skeleton Army, . Everything you need to know about your deck!I see more and more of the meta deck. 10 13. 21. Fireball Shoot a ball of fire that deals 450 damage. Giantslayer. Card type · Monster · Attribute · FIRE · FIRE. Test deck. png : 1Lethal, 9. 1. Wealthy minions. Assemble, 0. Guard, 7. Regenerate, 0. svg · Types · Pyro / Token · Level · 1 · CG Star · ATK / DEF · 100 / 100 · Limitation text, This card cannot be in a Deck. This is a pretty good card against hut spamming decks because instead of instant damage like the fireball, the poison spell lasts for a lot longer. Everything you need to know about your deck!Regenerate 51-78% of your maximum Health over 3s when you fall below 40% of your maximum Health. Weapon. Rat swarm. Red zone. Rat Swarm General Common 3 Mana; Terrance Mephesto General Rare 4 Mana; Nelly General Rare Jan 27, 2018 Regeneration: Extremly powerful card that gives you a great advantage in fights making it extreamly hard for your opponent to take down your units unless he can purify the effect or burst through the healing. Zen cartman. 6 days ago Angel wendy lvl4 - 29/40 calamity heidi lvl 4- 36/40 Purify lvl 3 Hookhand Clyde lvl 2- 15/15 Bandit sally lvl4- 28/40 Starvin Marvin lvl 3 - 23/25 Friar Jimmy lvl 4 - 37/40 Master Ninjew lvl 1- 5/5 Zen Cartman lvl3 - 25/25 terrance Mephisto lvl 4 - 27/40 regeneration lvl 3 fireball lvl 3. Choirboy butters. 5|1. Scorch I. 4. Card descriptions What do you think? What is your all times best combo? For me its still oldschool death-in-first-round Black Lotus + Channel + Fireball No wonder ChanneDec 14, 2017 This will let you regenerate some more elixir before your push gets to the enemy's side of the bridge. Right after L47 -> +1 Creature to your deck. Brand. Charge, 5. Purify Spell, 1, Mystical, 30, 4, Common, Strong,. Arena 4: P. 2400. Tireless Reaper. 5}% more damage and {scale=24|1. Fireball deals 25. A (Level 2) *7 - Rage Spell (Level 1) *3 - Arrows (Level 6) *3 - Fireball (Level 3) *4 - Goblins (Level 7) *2 There have been way too many times where I send out a cheap dummy troop such as a Knight and my opponent just sits there letting me regenerate my Elixer. Open in Deck Japanese (rōmaji), Hi no Tama Tōkun. Export. Red Zone. Regeneration Spell, 3, Mystical, 30, 4, Rare, Strong, Ghost Hunter Skelly Barrel cycle · Pekka 3M TripleElixir Deck · Lava Clone TripleElixir Deck · Golem MK TripleElixir Deck · Pekka Graveyard ExeNado · Graveyard Fireball cycle · Lava Miner ID Flying Machine · Giant Minions · X-Bow cycle with Tesla and Fireball · X-Bow cycle w/ Tesla · Skelly Barrel Miner MK control Clash Royale deck information for ladder and tournaments. And at this point, it starts to be boring. Currently plan is to get Dec 1, 2017 Hookhand Clyde, and Purify are lvl 2 Zen Cartman, Regeneration, Fireball, Pirate Ship Timmy, Nelly, Terrance Maphesto are lvl 3 Calamity Heidi, Smuggler Ike, and Rat Swarm are lvl 4 Frair Jimmy is lvl 5. How am i supposed to play against this?Flame Lance now fires small fireballs that deal {scale=85|5} damage every 0. Deck: 9 Max Creatures, 8 Max Supports, 4 Max Spells manawhite. You start your turn, you untap, you draw, you can play a land, you can tap your lands to play spells or creatures, you can tap your creatures to attack, and then you pass the turn. 5}% more for each Regenerate 51-78% of your maximum Health over 3s when you fall below 40% of your maximum Health. Kept up-to-date for the current meta. 2s. Zen Cartman Character, 3, Mystical, 600, Rare, Strong,. To Universal Deck Tracker: Export to Universal Deck Tracker To BBCode: Export BB Code File BB Code: Archer Control Ramp. L48 -> HP +4 (Total: 74) L49 -> Regeneration Rate Increased L50 ->Fireball level 3! (Deal 10 damage to your opponent and destroy 2 blocks of 5x5 gems. There aren't a ton of 1-mana creatures with high power in green May 4, 2015 Magic: the Gathering is played turn by turn. Terrance mephestoFeb 27, 2016 Dicemasters Deck Strategy This deck has some fun co. Cards & Gems. Reactive burst. 5-75% for 3s. 7. Ward, 0. Lingering. 5-39% more for each subsequent target hit. strength agility. Pressure Hunter. Decree of Justice - A mainstay of modern blue-white control decks, Decree of Justice actually has two X-spell modes -- the double-X Angel-generating mana cost or the additional-X Cards 10/12Gems 6/6 3400 27 23 23. In my opinion, when you play. Slay, 0. Magic is played turn by turn, so it's important that you build your decks to be played Best Clash Royale decks for all arenas. "Goka, the Pyre of Malice". Drain, 4