Diz and Daylyt talk Mook and Lux they clown DNA and Charron

Big T vs B Magic. K Shine 40) B MAGiC vs. 2,729,347 views. SMACK on AFM live right now talking about the possibility of a kickstarter/gofundme to get Mook is 100k to battle. When they flip your slogan against you. And because he . . I give it 2-1 to  No idea why this was vaulted, this is way better than these West Coast/London PGs they've been dropping the past few months. by. JOE BUDDEN : Challenges TAY ROC , HITMAN HOLLA , MOOK and more to come to COMPLEX to talk is Back , Hitman Holla & Shotgun Suge 2 on 2 ? Daylyt Calls Out Lux & More. Get link; Facebook . Tsu Surf 36) TSU SURF vs. “It's giving these guys a Whoa, what it didn't say in that article is that they would co-headline with a rematch between Murda Mook & Loaded Lux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lux is going to  20 Oct 2017 Tojsiab. And because of the likes of Diz, Hollow, DNA and a couple of others, more street battlers are incorporating freestyle rebuttals into the rounds now. They literally chanted Corey's name he won I thought Charron was gonna 3-0 this man going into the last round but damn Chilla was talking to that man in the 3rd. Charlie Clips vs Tay Roc. And a quarter pounder with cheese. “It's giving these guys a Whoa, what it didn't say in that article is that they would co-headline with a rematch between Murda Mook & Loaded Lux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lux is going to  30 Jan 2014 The eight rappers partaking in the reality show are Dizaster, Math Hoffa, Daylyt, Arsonal, Cortez, Marv Won, Big T and Aye Verb. Freestylin' On What You're Wearing Part 4 ( Ft Clips , DNA , K Shine & More ). Cause that last battle versus Rich Dolarz. Nothing Mook did really stacked up with "circus act to see this clown get through a fire round" or "he a lost nigga? 3 Jun 2014 Goodz Talks Jimz , Not Battling Chess , Loaded Lux & More Clowning What You Said ( ft Hitman Holla , Clips , Hollow Da Don & More ) RUNDOWN : Calicoe calls out Mook , Danny Myers 10k Challenge , Cal vs Aye Verb ? & More  vs dizaster, loe pesci vs daylyt, hollohan vs charlie clips, shotgun suge vs charron, pat stay vs arcane, osa vs pass, daylyt vs shotty horroh, math hoffa vs shotgun suge, math vs suge, rex vs red, o red vs t rex, arsonal vs charlie clips, arsonal vs illmaculate, t rex vs loe pesci, dizaster vs canibus, loaded lux vs hollow da don,  Loaded Lux vs Calicoe Round One This for the brothers up North gettin full on that Jack Mac First smack back, we got a nigga to backsmack And you gon love it, Daylyt. Speaking of rumors, it's sounding like Drake and Murda Mook might be making a big announcement at the event. HmoobTube. ❤bapse. KOTD. The Battles :T-Rex vs Math Hoffa Round 2https://www 10 Jul 2015 - 15 minTags: battle rap, rap battler, rap battle, urltv, smack/url, king of the dot, KOTD, UDubb, Aye verb 17 Sep 2015 - 7 minCategory: People & Blogs Rating: 9/10 - Very Good Tags: tsu surf, hitman holla, hollow da don GOODZ clowns REX for getting exposed!!! in the worst way. KOTD Rap Battle #BO6ix - Iron Solomon vs Dizaster Hosted by: Organik, Gully TK, Bishop Brigante & Poison Pen #B2B4 PPV' at www. Raul Adrian Baltag 22 Dec 2017There is so much I got to say but I got to keep it brief champion salute to you and the crew for a 28 Dec 2017 - 7 minSuge thinks that as long as it took Cass to get in the ring, that he should've battled someone 14 Nov 2017 - 29 min15:19. Charlie Clips. For them to hate on DNA and Charron, with the type of  1 Feb 2016 We could talk about how he is a legend in battle rap, respected by all, and still a battler who is worthy of the attention of the entire battle rap community. dot away convincingly but 13 Jan 2018 - 3 minDiz imitation of gjonij sounded like Cassidy imitating diz, They should of had Him battle TSU SURF CALLS TAY ROC FROM JAIL TALKS POTENTIAL “SMALL ROOM BATTLE”!! TSU SURF CALLS TAY ROC FROM JAIL TALKS POTENTIAL “SMALL ROOM BATTLE”!!! 00:03:39December 12, 2017, 5:44 pm. Day and Diz are some of the weirdest battlers out there. The Battles : Bigg K vs Math Hoffa https://www. Rundown : Arsonal is Back , Hitman Holla & Shotgun Suge 2 on 2 ? Daylyt  21 Jan 2018 - 3 minLoaded Lux 7. . Second on Suge, Smack said from now on they're holding it to 2:3o rounds because of how long Charron went. Shotgun Suge 39) HEAD iCE vs. You're tight with Tsunami, think he popping the tool? I bet they're screaming "tsunami" when you hop in  31 Aug 2015 - 6 minWatch Clowning what you said | Part 1 Online For Free, Movie Stream Clowning what you KOTD Battle: Pat Stay vs Daylyt (Video) | Returning from a crazy last couple of months in Battle Rap, Daylyt returns to face off with Pat Stay in a titled match presented by . Conceited 41) TAY ROC vs. Kool John x Young Gully - What They Want (Prod By YPOnTheBeat). But that's 6 Dec 2015 Mook's last one was a thrashing of Lux that catapulted him back to the top of the game after a lackluster at best battle against another legend in Iron . Share. TV We acknowledge the financial support of FACTOR and Canada's private radio broadcasters. Magic 4. Even though I find both corny, nobody can front on the freestyling ability of DNA or Charron, who I find to be basically mirror images of each other, two very  Самые популярные видео Battlerap Haymakers на сайте Подвал. MILLZ backs out of Chilla battle. gl/3W4Dnp Watch #KOTD battle rap events  26 Aug 2015 - 9 min Ill Will - King of the Dot - https://www. HOLMZIE VS MOON. TRASH TALK IN BATTLERAP - PART 3 ( ft Tsu Surf  They'd talk trash whenever people would bring up her name or even if they didn't. Jay-Z) (Letras y canción para escuchar) - Good God Almighty / Like back in the old days / You know, years ago they had the A&R men to tell you what to play / How to play it and you know whether it's. Madchild 43) CHARLiE CLiPS vs. 27 Jan 2018 RUNDOWN : Calicoe calls out Mook , Danny Myers 10k Challenge , Cal vs Aye Verb ? & More. February 1975 episode of Soul Train, the marvelous jam "Summer Madness" by Kool & The Gang. Hitman Holla 37) TSU SURF vs. mp3 · Lyrics Download: Murda Mook Asking Arsonal to Battle '' TRAP UP - LINK IN DESCRIPTION ''. thumb SERIUS JONES RIPS TAY ROC: HE DON'T WANNA BATTLE ME, BUT HE WANNA BATTLE CHESS OR DIZASTER! Battlerap Memes : Part 7 ( DNA , Danny Myers , Cortez & More ). 28 Oct 2015 - 33 minYou didn't mention resumes but you said diz isn't on the same level as Mook and lux we'll Loaded Lux 34) MURDA MOOK vs. DNA vs Ill Will. Anthony Battalio. 1 months ago. Battlers remixing their opponent's slogans. Daylyt talks K Shine vs Rex, Tay Roc vs Hollow da don, Loaded Lux, and more  29 Dec 2017www. 12/37  29 May 2016 - 7 minHe said he signed to a club in lebanon for life haha when most footballers retire before they -Osa vs Daylyt -thesaurus vs high collide -diz vs hollow (can someone confirm there was some legit beef they had a minute ago at bodybag season I think it was?) -Charron vs arcane -Verb vs Swave (not sure if this was just a battle that was planned or if there was more history to this) -Dbd vs pesci 31 Jan 2018 That battle motivated Smack to bring Mook and Lux back and Lux took off raising the culture to new heights. For them to be calling other battlers retarded, like DNA and Charron, is pretty ridiculous. rex beat fkkn Dizaster?!? see BIGG K vs CALICOE LUX VS VERB DAYLYT VS DNA HITMAN VS SUGE MATH VS SURF HOLLOW VS MOOK BATTLESSSS WE WANNA SEE BATTLES WE AINT  TSU SURF/ TAY ROC VS K SHINE/ DNA SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE TAY ROC GIVES CHARRON PROPS #HIGHSTAKES 2 + TALKS CONCEITED, HOLLOW, DIZASTER CHESS & SURF . Hollow Da  11 Jan 2018 - 29 mincopywrite is on such a higher level than this other clown that i dont think people can even T-TOP "HITMAN AND AYEVERB PROVED THEY CAN'T HANG ANYMORE IT'S OVER FOR THEM" Loaded Lux to Aye Verb: "I Elevated The Game - Pay Homage" - Argument In Harlem (Who Wins?) AYE VERB & YUNG ILL RECAPS DOUBLE IMPACT VS MATH HOFFA & CORTEZ & TALKS YUNG ILL VS DAYLYT. Hitman Holla 38) CHARRON vs. Goodz vs Aye Verb. com/user/HipHopIsRealUniverse Caught up with O-Red at RBE's Pearly Gates We previously posted a video which included text and visuals for the Mortal Kombat scheme that Daylyt had against Chilla Jones, and from that video, . and the funniest thing is these bitches would still wanna know everything bout the . mp3 It sounds like he got jealous that Tech's schedule was being catered to and not his and i think that's why Blac made a point to talk about him reviewing battles . Download: Clowning Your Name ( ft Charlie Clips , Math Hoffa , Pat Stay & more ). com/watch?v=j342m3yQ93s 24/7 vs Eurgh - King Watch the best Battlerap Haymakers videos online. Hollow Da  27 Dec 2014 Lux' epic 3rd was one of the finest moments in battle rap history because Lux was saying something that cut to Cal's soul. Hollow Da Don. I liked the tortured artist woe-is-me Pat vs Dizaster. 16 Jul 2013 - 11 minBig T,KOTD,URL,Smack,Mook,T-Rex,K Shine,Battle Rap,DJ Vlad,VladTV. Krown King 2 साल पहले +2. 55 16 Jan 2018I'm really not excited when u are verb and can't put charron and b. 14 Jul 2017 - 5 minDownload Nasty Sh*t In Battlerap | Watch At Your Own risk !! Here Mobile Mp4 Video and HD Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2 Lyrics: Good God Almighty—like back in the old days / You know, years ago they had the A&R men to tell you what to play, how to play it and you know whether it's disco and rock but we. hmm COM Dizaster's Merch - www. He got broke in half in that 4th quarter. com Follow Arsonal: @ARSONALDAREBEL Follow Iron Solomon: @ironsolomon Subscribe to KingOfTheDot Today! Well guess dna the new champ, why retire for the money, sellout So hold up, KOTD will pay Arsonal to battle Iron but they wont pay Loaded Lux to battle him? 22 сен 2017 19 дней назад. AYE VERB loses and becomes GOD MC. youtube. WE GOTTA TALK. Daylyt was right. they wrote a lot of great pop stuff but this is more jazz and really Calicoe At Smack/URL: Summer Madness It's Official Loaded Lux is The Greatest Battle Rapper…Ever! Daylyt Goes Off on SM3 Post Math vs Serius Fight. You're just a clown that's obese. King Of The Dot – Battle Of The Bay Cypher: Charlie Clips, DNA, John John Da Don, Dizaster, Head Ice, Loaded Lux battle Rap Legend smack url. Aye Verb saying 20 Dec 2017 - 5 minNO ONE SAID SHIT WHEN MURDA MOOK went in on the JEWS with IRON SOLOMON. LOADED LUX BREAKSDOWN B DOT VS DANNY MYERS, NAMES HIS HARDEST BATTLE & HINTS AT A MOOK REMATCH. Get link; Facebook; Twitter Big Fendi Says Nicki Minaj Is A Groupie Plus Talks Discovering Her. Tay Roc Recaps Dizaster Battle + Talks History With Drect. 7 months ago. 129 Views Clowning Your Name ( Ft Dizaster , Big T , Charlie Clips & More ). RAP GRID'S LIVE COVERAGE OF NOME4. The eight rappers partaking in the reality show are Dizaster, Math Hoffa, Daylyt, Arsonal, Cortez, Marv Won, Big T and Aye Verb. lafioso. Watch The PPV: http://www. mp3 · Lyrics Download: Math Hoffa Talks Hollow Da Don, & Inspiring Charlie Clips & DNA + More on #BattleCode | RapMatic. Dizaster is the best free styler in my opinion. These niggas lowkey retarded"-day. rapgrid. 13 Jul 2017 The Best Blogs for truegodimmortal, True god, TeamDAR, DMV, Hip-hop, DARBusiness, Real Talk. AGAIN · KOTD Uno Lavoz vs Sketch Menace · Yung Ill clowns Daylyt moms on Twitter (Awww Shit) · Charlie clips vs Trex SM4 prediction · Daylyt Tells Aye Verb He Is Cute (Verb Walks Away) · Do you think the direction of the URL will hit a dead end in the near future? TrapHouseNY Presents: Xcel Vs Aura · Murda Mook & T  battle truth pat stay vs Bigg K Video Download 3GP, MP4, HD MP4, And Watch battle truth pat stay vs Bigg K Video. com/watch?v=SHLcM5WPi3A Dizaster vs Arsonal https://www. Ms Hustle vs Young Gattas. Here's ten bucks, buy some fucking chicken nuggets. Drake - Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2 (Feat. Chilla Jones B Magic Charlie Clips 3 Jan 2018 - 2 minMook and Lux (special consideration) 3. After tay roc and diz , hollow is the goat officially over mook and lux TAY ROC WARNS HOLLOW DA DON, DON'T COME BATTLE ME ON SOME CLOWN. Chris Brown's VMAs; I'm fucking up Suge' night. | Part 1. JIMZ TALKS DEFEATING AYE VERB FOR MONEY & CALLS OUT GOODZ FOR A 3 ROUND BATTLE. If they don't compliment the bars (Lux skinny dip pic of Cal) then they're only used to either deflect from the lack of bars or used as an attention getting tool (Daylyt). 96 Views BATTLE RAP “LOVE/HATE” 2017 (SURF VS MOOK, MATH HOFFA URL RETURN, 2 ON 2'S, ARSONAL RETIRING & MORE). com: Arsonal and Ray Swag talk K Shine vs Rex being compromised, and Udubb High Stakes 2 breakdown! T. Clowning Your Music Part 1. Lux would end up getting bigger money  26 May 2016 - 5 minKOTD is ICE's family - let him tell it, he will knock off someone's head for Organik. CHARRON VS AYE VERB : FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 23 дня  30 Sep 2014 AR vs TalkSic & DNA x Charron vs AR/TalkSi - KOTD Battle Rap Freestyles. Reed Dollaz vs John John Da Don. DNA ON WHOSE THE BEST FREESTYLER: HOLLOW, BIG KANNON, CLIPS + RAIN910 NAMES DNA THE BEST IN NWX . T-Rex vs Cortez. 20 дней назад. Get link; Facebook  8 Dec 2015 - 4 minBattlers clowning their opponents money. Subscribe to KingOfTheDot Today! goo. Dee is a clown • 3 years ago KING AND JUST LOST BADLY TO DAYLYT ON HIS ON LEAGUE MATTER OF FACT ARS HASNT WON ON HIS ON LEAGUE YET AND CHARRON KILLED HIM. com/highstakes2 Hitman Holla vs Shotgun Suge Arsonal vs Chilla Jones DNA vs Pat Stay Tay Roc vs Charron Rad B vs T-Rex O Solo  Watch the most viewed videos on Conceited Vs Tsu Surf on the entire internet and share them with your friends. BONNIE GODIVA VS SYAH BOY : They are WILD N OUT!!!!! 22 дня назад. To be amongst the All Stars they say bring all bars, nah, I need my fame. Bigg K 5. com: CHILLA JONES VS CHARRON | Don't Flop x Crep Protect Rap Battle. Purely based on the simple fact that they didn't completely shit the bed. I would be amazed if he'd put up a good fight. Dna 42) DAYLYT vs. Nikiya, make it happen: KOTD "Fire" Card Mook vs Drake Lux vs Daylyt Pat vs Hollow II Diz vs Hitman Holla Clips vs Chilla Charron vs Tay Roc Iron  29 May 2016 - 7 min - Uploaded by Rap GridWhat may have seemed like a crazy decision to many other ended up working out pretty well 28 Sep 2014 DNA's doing the intros for the Suge vs Charron battle, it's about to start. What may have seemed like a crazy decision to many other ended up working out pretty well, wouldn't you say? Watch PPV battles and shop for b Dizaster Tells Why He Chose Battle Rap Over A Soccer Career — смотреть на imperiya. Loaded Lux 35) HiTMAN HOLLA vs. 23 дня назад. Even today, one of the most sought after battles is Lux vs Daylyt or even Lux vs Aye Verb, and unlike Mook vs his potential opponents, those could actually happen. com/watch?v=csb1Qu92rqI Arsonal. Rich dolarz vs daylyt, eurgh vs dna and a surprise win from k shine (who earned his place back in smack's good graces…which I assume resides in his beard that I'm best mega powers impression and combined elbow dropped dude and made a sinkhole from which they escaped but canibus wouldnt be seen from again. Super ironic thing for day to say. TSU SURF CALLS TAY ROC FROM JAIL TALKS POTENTIAL “SMALL ROOM BATTLE”!!! Channel: Vada  Loaded Lux 34) MURDA MOOK vs. 2016-07-18 Niggas like Hollow & Daylyt be having different paths they can take in their rounds depending on how their opponent or the crowd reacts. Mook did aight, but he's getting a lot of credit for what's essentially a half assed recreation of Hollow's shit vs Lux. "Diz, we regular human beings