Direct to consumer marketing is just getting ridiculous

Reckon that's bad? Try Aussie Farmers direct who I mention in that same post: Aussie Farmers Direct  27 Dec 2012 Read through some funny jokes about inbound marketing. Using Twitter for marketing is great that way – telling people who want your products how to get them from your company is just an @ away. Tesla, like all of Elon Musk's endeavors, should not be misidentified as a free market company. If we love it, we will invest. Maybe they'll get it right this next go-around, but I  2 Dec 2010 Nobody likes to wait but this is really just about expectations. Thomas Reynolds has grown tired of being called a peddler of high-tech snake oil. &. GIF from Levitra commercial via greenalpha12/YouTube. "Until retail can guarantee that customers can get our product in their market, it's ridiculous not to make them available online," says Lars Murray  In reality, the affluent wine geek is a tiny, minuscule portion of the entire market. 5 Mar 2015 What we really want to know is: Are any among this new wave of direct to consumer golf balls worth putting in your bag? Using one of I just received a dozen Snell balls last week, 6 of the “my tour ball” and 6 of their two piece balls as well to test. Direct-to-consumer marketing (DTCM), what you probably know as "drug commercials," was first given the seal of approval in the  6 Feb 2017 Pharmaceutical makers spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on marketing activities that include catchy direct-to-consumer (DTC) in life expectancy is only about three months, as shown in Bristol-Myers' own clinical trials. 4. market, direct-to-consumer bikes are poised to change the way you buy bicycles, including how The real difference here is Canyon's intellectual property—the company is designing and building its bikes, not just getting them open mold from a  27 Mar 2017 With the DVD market fading fast, they need to find a way to prop up home-entertainment revenue. DSTLD is able to tell that,  27 Mar 2017 It just seems ridiculous that I'm going to have to go dark, create this content, and then print it, print the books in China, and wait for that entire thing. THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS MAKE BIG STRIDES WITHOUT A LABEL (Continued from page 73) 9 spot in People. . rather than keeping this ridiculous listing of investments and when this was going to  5 Feb 2018 JobGiraffe is now hiring a Seniro Buyer | Planner - Direct to Consumer Multi-Channel Merchandising in IL. how much you have to spend to get 1 consumer to take 1 action). But Beats isn't great design—it's just great marketing. In 2014 alone, pharmaceutical companies spent a whopping $4. They must go through an MD to get a prescription and no MD is going to do something stupid just because a patient saw a commercial. an opaque and complex market, although in the short term only a few direct consumers who are looking to compare . “Getting  7 Dec 2015 If customer experience, bigger margins, and improving products is important to your business, you should consider going direct to consumer. They're  15 May 2013 Here's a fact: If you work in financial marketing today, you are writing headlines. Can we just agree that erectile dysfunction ads are the worst? Jokes aside, pharma ads are a huge business. We just have to wait and sit tight. e. We believe that's simply We don't just help get response, we help manage it. How anyone who claims to support a free-market economy can support this setup is beyond me. ” The fate of the Marvel and  18 Jul 2017 Seth Godin's marketing secrets: How would he launch a brand new business (from scratch), anonymously, with $1000, and only 90 days to spare? Just so we can get out of the consumer mindset, I was looking at learning management software the other day. Boomer Marketing Insight — more  8 May 2016 The whole organisation needs to be consumer inspired and brand led, it cant just be the role of the marketing team. Rolling  4 Apr 2015 Back to the present. The release is clearly not written for journalists. 16 billion). https://doi. We don't produce enough volume or have enough demand to have wines on the shelves of dozens of stores in each state outside of California. That's a much different way to think about PR–again, a big risk. Why should we care? In few years, they will be all wiped out. More. Both QR codes take you directly to  With Marketing Architects, you'll gain access to the most robust direct response radio advertising network, and an agency that invests in your DR marketing. I've railed about this in  4 Nov 2015 In a time of growing awareness about the ills of factory farming and increasing demand for local, pasture-raised meat, many small producers who might sell direct to consumers just don't have time to drive for hours to get it processed. If you set up streams to follow keywords in Twitter (Hootsuite makes this simple), you can find people who are looking for the products you sell and direct them to your site. People taking Belsomra fell asleep, on average, only six minutes sooner than people taking a placebo and stayed asleep for a mere 16 minutes longer. 30 Nov 2016 The idea of “moving to the suburbs” spawned the invention of more consumer products, one of those being the “new” mattress. They don't want  23 Jan 2015 And with good reason: eighty percent of consumers have changed their minds about purchasing a product or service after reading a negative online review. So, let's start with the basics. The ethics and regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Of course. Thirty-second images of idyllic scenes do not serve an educational purpose. So, in many cases, consumers don't have any Tablas  11 Jun 2013 There can be a direct response component to a larger campaign, but too often we hear clients (and less savvy marketers) say, “let's just focus on direct Now, imagine that I ask you to create a direct response campaign to get engaged. In 2009, Janssen  26 Sep 2016 It's ridiculous, right? Sure, just go ahead and tuck that heartfelt message in there between the Amazon order confirmation and a Groupon offer. where both mobile traffic and organic search traffic are characterized as direct, attempting to use these metrics to measure or validate SEO efforts is just silly. The game of mass marketing, branding and “getting your name out there” type of marketing can only be won with atomic bomb scale firepower. 1% adjective-to-total-word ratio. 16 Oct 2015 It actually managed to make me sad, and not happy like the “funnies” (just to date myself a little by using that name) are supposed to do. 10 Dec 2015 Just like that, the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates voted to ban direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising of prescription products and Aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns followed those rule changes, and pharma companies, Wall Street, investors, ad agencies, radio,  18 Sep 2017 After selling through wholesalers for most of its history, it's only just beginning to roll out its direct-to-consumer strategy. by the potential growth trajectory of Canada Goose, which has seen its shares gain 42 percent since its trading debut in March, boosting its market value to C$2. The US is one of only two countries (the other being New Zealand) that allows direct-to-consumer advertisement of prescription drugs, while elsewhere promotion is limited to medical professionals. Do direct-to-consumer blood tests pose a threat to consumers, patients and physicians? Or are they a boon akin to the diagnostics and self-tests that help  8 Jan 2018 That's squeezed startups that either have to afford the higher prices or come up with a different strategy. “1500 for a single They were instantly snatched up and were being resold on the secondary market at a staggering $350,000 a ticket. 19 Feb 2013 There is funny ridiculous, and entertaining ridiculous, and then there is just annoying ridiculous, and this falls in the latter. 27 Oct 2017 ELSE corp is an “unusual startup”. “It's just such an  28 Jan 2018 Apple's HomePod marketing copy is just ridiculous - I'm still getting one though the iPad (“it's just a big iPod Touch" – fastest selling electronic product of all time), iPhone ("no chance of significant market share" – biggest selling consumer electronics product Upmixing of both direct and ambient audio. 4 Feb 2017 DTC companies are small and none are making money. Analyzing sales trends for item performance; Determining items to pick up; Writing a market plan for each catalog based on research; Developing and sourcing final products that will be approved by  23 Apr 2017 Any suggestion that they're doing this on purpose and just playing some kind of nebulous long game is ridiculous. The average  Marketing. If you know your customers intimately, don't hide behind a cookie-cutter advertising plan. . Beats Solo Die by John Brownlee What Champions Of Urban Density Get Wrong by Inga Saffron. Whether you buy from an Intense dealer, or factory direct, you'll pay a price that reflects the average between the old-school inflated MSRP that high-end brands ask for (but rarely get), and the end-of-season close-out prices that the vultures offer  4 Feb 2013 Direct-sales and multilevel-marketing companies hire people to peddle everything from toys to nutritional supplements to utilities, through parties and solo As Robert FitzPatrick, president of consumer-watchdog Pyramid Scheme Alert, puts it, multilevel marketers “sell not only the lipstick — they sell the  The pharmaceutical industry defends DTC advertising as educational but skeptics say this is ridiculous. This is in spite of analyst research that estimates a direct to consumer model would save consumers 8%. 28 Apr 2017 Yes, that's just a Base64 encoded version of your password in a cookie and yes, it's being sent insecurely on every request and also yes, it's not flagged as "secure" therefore it's being sent in the clear. 24 Jun 2015 That's one of the more interesting angles here. org/wiki/Inbound_marketing – which has Hubspot's name on it) and I still don't see the difference between Yes, you want the price of each action to be as low as possible (i. 7 Nov 2016 - 32 min - Uploaded by LastWeekTonightMultilevel marketing companies claim to be legitimate businesses, but some seem awfully 2 Mar 2016 OnePlus keeps costs low by selling its stock direct to the consumer online, rather than using intermediary retail partners. Because his north star isn't healthy consumer outcomes, it's healthy corporate outcomes. 16 Jun 2016 Steve Dickman , Contributor I cover biotech, diagnostics, health IT and how they get financed. Be. I mean, there's no harm in just pre-ordering them  1 Aug 2013 Why Telling Artists To Stop Selling Music & Just Make Money Through Live Shows Is Ridiculous And any musician that tours will tell you that just because you're a competent performer and have fans doesn't mean that you can get the number of 5 Email Marketing Rules From Six-Figure Musician. In the field of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, however, critics abound — especially when those tests are for assessing something as complex as athletic potential. " In promoting the release, DIRECT- TO-CONSUMER FULFILLMENT FOR  23 Mar 2016 Fast-forward to the 1980s: while Ronald Reagan was telling Americans to "Just Say No," the feds cozied up to the pharmaceutical industry, and relaxed their legal restrictions. At present, it ships to 34 . 25 Mar 2015 It's an irony of the highest order: The industry that serves up millions of prescriptions has an issue with the governmental body that regulates it for not being sufficiently prescriptive. If an operator wants to get a bigger slice of the 'Apple' pie, they need to advertise that they have it. When the  Interactivity has already made major inroads into marketing budgets in the past decade in the form of direct mail, catalog retailing, telemarketing, and the . Pagination. Misha Nonoo has discussed . It's bad enough that Travelbag is just sharing an optical illusion which isn't relevant to their target market at all, but to make a simple mistake such  17 Oct 2017 Get your wallets ready for this jumbo list of top direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands that successfully connect with their customers without intermediaries. S. There is a belief, accepted as dogma in some studio boardrooms, that streaming services like Netflix have conditioned consumers to access content whenever and wherever they would like it. Last year, the  29 Dec 2017 New Value Capital is a consumer product private equity firm that focuses on passion industries. In truth, most private PT practices don't know how to effectively market to consumers. They need an I'd rather get into the trenches (just like I did then) and build relationships one engaged person at a time. Genome Medicine20091:71. 11 Oct 2013 Today, we're sharing our top 10 reasons – in no particular order – for why farmers, consumers, and organizations need to get informed and take action direct-to-consumer businesses are not facilities subject to regulations for food facilities, despite clear instructions from Congress in FSMA to do just that. D. 7 Sep 2017 Films from Marvel and Star Wars that now go to Netflix will move to Disney's planned ad-free direct-to-consumer streaming service. Some We see lots of funny stuff go viral on YouTube, but we also see angry political rants get shared," Berger says. 15 Oct 2014 Direct access changes the marketing game big time; here are the three basic rules of direct access marketing. K. To find out more about their technology we  16 Apr 2017 On the other hand, Blue Apron hasn't revealed how much it spent on marketing and advertising to get customers to make a reported $750 million in Such operational problems can cost a company dearly, not just in terms of legal fees and settlements, but also in terms of public image and recruiting efforts. These are just a few startups taking over the mattress industry by offering a more simple, accessible and convenient solution than taking a trip to your local mattress store. Marketers budgets have been picked to death by ridiculous agency fees. Their only game-plan is to steal market share and to sell to a large FMCG company. 1186/gm71. We normally suggest publicly responding to every review you receive, but some reviews are so ridiculous you just have to laugh (and then post a  10 Mar 2015 Beats by Dre single-handedly brought mainstream appeal to high-end headphones, giving young consumers street-ready cans with plenty of street cred. Five Ways to Build a Good Overseas Relalionship Five Ways. I'm sure Chevy is still working with journalists to get the launch story placed–they're just not  27 Oct 2013 You might think that mobile operators are stupid for what is effectively paying for Apple's advertising but what choice do the networks have? Apple is the bestselling smartphone year after year. 14. , national director of the Integrative Health  18 Jun 2015 The opportunity to get in front of such an audience—they would see your organic content over and over and over again—was just too tempting. org/10. © BioMed Central Ltd 2009. 7 Feb 2015 It's also funny how every time the subject of the legitimacy of taxes comes up, someone is saying that the public gets nothing out of it. My desk neighbor, editor Peter Brown, tells me that GameStop pre-orders for the new amiibo start at noon. 4 The research is also . Sounds ridiculous  24 Apr 2014 The monopoly protection of auto dealerships is about as anti-free market as it gets. 2. 19 Nov 2015 OK, WE GET IT, Levitra. But then we also have direct-to-consumer marketing of drugs to seduce us into asking for volunteer chemical lobotomies to avoid feeling that misery - or much of anything  Despite the endeavor to write this article, there is recognition that content marketing in Singapore has become an image-based form of communication. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. LCD Soundsystem front  24 Oct 2016 The arguments that Tesla uses to defend its retail strategy are wrong, writes analyst Maryann Keller in a guest opinion piece. Agree? Illustration from the  23 Apr 2014 But smart, savvy companies of all sizes are still exploding into the mainstream consciousness by creating campaigns that compel consumers to share content with their social graphs. The one and a half minute video features Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin speaking directly to consumers. Or at least it traditionally did in the realm of direct-to-consumer marketing. Where we would shoot content and then hand the marketing and the advertising opportunities over to Food Network, and we would get paid for our particular  Are you investing time, money and effort in stupid marketing strategies? Find out the However I've found it's just as important to learn from mistakes as it is to follow good advice. With a marketing Web site, the marketer aggressively tries to get the consumer onto the site to begin a marketing dialogue that will result in a sale of some kind or that  28 Nov 2016 Dealership association declares being 'under attack' by Tesla in a ridiculous wartime-like video First of all, let's remember that the direct sales laws were first enacted to protect franchise dealerships from their own automakers trying to set up competing stores in their markets after the franchise dealerships  1 Feb 2014 Believe in what you sell and bring that belief to the marketing plan, because sincerity is only going to get more important to the connected customer. Users respond better This is a ridiculous statement. I get it. We lead the  9 Dec 2010 One of these things is advertising and direct-to-consumer marketing, at which Big Pharma seems to be really quite good! a relative?) and the camera focuses on her face, and she just looks so sad that the explanation just has to be terrible acting (or depression, according to the good folks at Eli Lilly). platform assets under management (AuM) being in the region of approximately £30,000. Actually just an hour ago I signed a petition to help get these ads off the air. the appeal of direct mail specifically, the Direct Marketing Association found that 51 percent of consumers would prefer to be receiving direct mail from local  Even though QR codes in marketing are just starting to gain traction, there are still companies and individuals making their message loud and clear to early adopters. Selling to South Korea isn't as difficult as tales of woe from veterans might make it seem. 58 billion ($2. I have always found pharmaceutical commercials to be absurd, but I recently saw a commercial advertising Impella for PCI that takes it to a new 12 Sep 2016 Is it just me, or should marketers feel really freaking grateful that consumers are still willing to make that distinction? In particular, people don't like being forced to close ads that pop up; 89% agree that "Certain ads, like pop ups or ads where I have to click "X" to remove . Increasingly, critics are expressing concern that expenditures on advertising drive up the price of drugs. And they can't  30 Apr 2016 This father and son pair have been in the furniture business for as long as, well, let's just say a really long time. They are then able to work directly It's not just employees that are responsible for fraudulent or inaccurate expense claims, however. It's awful for consumers at the beginning of the Buyer Journey. The Future of Content Marketing. This rising confidence  25 Sep 2015 Plus, the costs of bringing a drug into the US market are higher, partially because of marketing expenses. “The streaming services space is becoming more and more crowded,” notes Jehoshua Eliashberg, Wharton marketing professor who studies entertainment industry strategies. Some test subjects experienced For a variety of reasons, drug companies are now increasingly relying on direct marketing to American consumers. Merchants. Of course it is incumbent on every  The motives of physicians and pharma are probably the same around the world: Physicians would prefer not to see direct to consumer (DTC) advertisi Pharmaceutical Marketing . This means a This is so spot on it's ridiculous. It was the advent of direct-to-consumer marketing, led by a few product categories like compression therapy that already had mainstream retail sales. 3 Nov 2010 Time Warner Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes said the company didn't have any plans for a direct-to-consumer HBO offering, but he didn't outright take its time getting there in the face of some of those vested incumbant interests, but eventually, the speed will improve for the public internet, just as fast as a  2 May 2016 Which means in the end, the direct-to-consumer robo-advisor movement may be dying, with VC funding suggesting Betterment may soon be the last man Using these funds to begin scaling the marketing, it took Wealthfront only another 6 months to cross from $500M+ to the $1B of AUM threshold, and  5 Feb 2015 There are only so many dollars out there being spent on local food. It's written for consumers. Last year it was estimated at over $6 . Ever since the US became the second country to  4 May 2017 Growing research shows that a combination of hands-on therapies and other nondrug measures can be just as effective as more traditional forms of back care, “Even though back pain can be severe at first, it almost always gets better,” says Benjamin Kligler, M. Human. “The intellectuals really want to control this information. When I click on a link I expect to be taken straight to that page, rather than being dumped on a page with a big ad on it. Here are two eye-catching ads, for Instragram and Angry Birds, both created by U. 11 Aug 2016 Tamara Mellon isn't the only designer brand moving to the direct-to-consumer model. And that's just what we have for you today, folks. He already has the GameStop webpage open to the amiibo section. Published: 20 July 2009  12 Sep 2016 "Baby boomers are almost 80 million strong, but are getting to the point where the population can only live so long—the run for the healthcare industry is In the years following the Food and Drug Administration's late-'90s relaxation of direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising on TV, medical ads  13 Feb 2012 "The insurance industry, as is typical to a bureaucratic industry, is probably two to three years behind the curve [on DTC marketing], but there's a lot of quick past, we only had claims data," said Karl Ulfers, VP-consumer solutions at OptumHealth, which was set up as an outbound consumer-marketing unit. Another advantage is the ability to hold on to customer information for marketing purposes or get sales data directly in real time, which can inform design decisions. This is like black org but the next generation  11 Sep 2017 Disney's ESPN, the most expensive cable network, will be launched as a beefed up direct-to-consumer streaming service, too. Paula BoddingtonEmail author. that must have both factory and retail prices displayed on store shelves — a ridiculous rule that doesn't exactly inspire consumers to buy imported products. Do you really need me to load 10 pages to see 10 medium-sized pictures with small captions? Or to read a Top  For business marketers who are using direct marketing to sell directly, and to retain current customers, the metrics are very similar to those used by consumer direct Just make sure you are being consistent over time, so you can compare campaigns, keep and eye on trends, and avoid the problem of apples and oranges. The data also found their  1 Apr 2015 Digital marketers have done a great job of discrediting "traditional" direct marketing in an effort to make what they're selling (pure digital) more palatable. It's a direct-to-consumer play. “The invite-only [system] is decreasing, so our risk appetite is getting higher and higher and production is ramping up,” confirms Pei. Furthermore, the companies When new drugs are tested before being put on the market they are not compared to old drugs to see if they are  27 Apr 2015 Being “you” is the only true source of originality you have. At a certain point regions can be saturated with too many markets, fragmenting the consumer base for local food. 2) They actually somehow increase the number of people who are sick, and therefore need the drug. ”. 9 Mar 2016 The US and New Zealand are the only countries where drug makers are allowed to market prescription drugs directly to consumers. Ad Agency “Made by Stupid”. No word yet on pricing or the amount of Disney's investment, although Iger says “we intend to get more specific about that in the months ahead. That's reprehensible. Direct to consumer sales will cut down on costs to purchase autos as middleman markup is no longer part of the equation. 3 He blasted the ad for being “utterly misleading and exploitative. 24 Aug 2016 With Financeit Direct, consumers get instant credit decisions, fair rates and full transparency during the financing process via their own devices. Still, other, smaller label representatives hold that online marketing is more a function of necessity than greed. Don't make basic grammar mistakes. “When I take my animals to be processed, I drive past a custom facility  17 Aug 2017 Direct shipping opens up the power and opportunities of long-tail marketing to wine lovers and producers. “There is a lot more competition that is coming not only from these smaller direct-to-consumer brands popping up, but from bigger brands moving budgets away from traditional media,” he says. That logic is patently ridiculous and necessarily false. Source: USDA Economic Research Service, datat from Census of Agriculture, 2012; USDA Agricultural Marketing. 3 Jul 2017 According to Kaiser Health News, the pharmaceutical industry has substantially boosted its spending on direct to consumer advertising in the last five years. Read More: Consumer Marketing Psychology: The Good Reason vs. They began designing belts that were more than just a means to an end, and created a digitally driven experience that makes it easy to find the belt  He understood the nature of the role of marketing and advertising to the point of being able to conclude with that quote: . 16 Dec 2013 These Are The Ridiculous Ads Big Pharma Used To Convince Everyone They Have ADHD Recent studies have show that the assumption that medication can raise the grades of inattentive schoolchildren should not be considered a fact, despite being a longstanding marketing ploy. Worst case, if DTC gains momentum on our categories, we will have  14 Sep 2017 Instead, franchise laws dictate that cars can only be purchased through independent dealerships. I joined the HME world when Rick Glass, famed M&A authority and business broker, had just kept me from throwing up at my first industry event! He too took me under his  I just went and read the wiki article on inbound marketing (http://en. The morning after the Nintendo Direct I walk into work at nine. Consider scrapping the personas and meeting customers on their terms, with an open mind and an open heart. Here are Get out there and tell consumers what you just told me!” You're an  4 Feb 2013 Direct-sales and multilevel-marketing companies hire people to peddle everything from toys to nutritional supplements to utilities, through parties and solo As Robert FitzPatrick, president of consumer-watchdog Pyramid Scheme Alert, puts it, multilevel marketers “sell not only the lipstick — they sell the  2 May 2017 Presale tickets were available in person at Mercury Lounge and through Ticketmaster and Bowery Presents — but only a select few fans got them. Marketing. While LSTN finds design and presentation to be uber important for the brand, they found this particular point ridiculous since most people just throw packaging  According to McDermott, the company will pursue direct online sales. Lots and By direct comparison, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address contains only 35 adjectives out of 268 words — only a 13. wikipedia. This tenet is directed at the wine industry itself, but I include it here because I also think it's educational for the average consumer to know just how the wine industry markets to its audience—and how not to get caught in their traps. The company is not only bringing some new and great tech to the market, but even creating a wholly new space on it: so-called “Virtual Retail” sector and its related business model, operational model, marketing know-how etc. When older people are depicted as bumbling, forgetful, and technologically incompetent, I get mad, and so do lots of other Boomers. 27 Nov 2016 People told Samer Hamadeh his on-demand massage model, Zeel, was 'ridiculous. 5 billion on marketing directly to consumer. It was after spending several years in the wholesale business selling to big box retailers and watching customers pay ridiculous amounts of money for their furniture that they decided enough was  12 Jul 2017 That's with just four major competitors in the wireless market, and Pai refuses to say whether he thinks that number should remain at four or get smaller by some combination of T-Mobile and Sprint. In 2010 we launched as a health-and-wellness booking platform targeting the alternative wellness market, which included consumers of massage, yoga, acupuncture and more Initially, there were no direct competitors. Every day, consumers are bombarded with advertisements, which in many cases, border on the edge of ridiculous: it seems that advertisers only want to show how creative, witty, or clever they are,  4 Dec 2017 For customers, it's a form of free-market price protection. Share. Yes  14 Jul 2017 Montgomery is one of a growing number of scientists pushing back against wild claims in the consumer genetics market, which is flush with tests argued for better regulatory control of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, pointing out that many of these tests run the risk of being little better than horoscopes. 9 Aug 2016 There are only three ways that DTC marketing can increase funds for R&D: 1) They induce people who are not actually sick to somehow purchase the drug anyway. This is just their first launch of a product that is meant as a mass-market consumer phone rather than a niche device, and they screwed it up. I definitely feel that I don't get how it's even still a question that marketing has to have an ROI proven on activities and investment. They're frustrated, too, when patients insist on getting the brand-name  3 Jun 2017 As online brand Canyon prepares for its entry to the U. To be 9) Why did the marketing couple decide not to get married? Because they weren't on the same landing page. com's 1998 Most Beautiful People list as a write-in — gets a nod with the release of "Long Tall Weekend. If you're The more visceral reason is that they are just slimy - they refuse to answer questions in a straightforward manner, and they think it's funny. Ten marketing jokes, sourced from my hilariously corny marketing colleagues