okcash. - "/biz/ - Business & Finance" is 4chan's imageboard for the discussion of business and finance, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Find and join some awesome servers listed here!Hey all! I've hosted a discord server for those interested in trading, There is constant real time advice from knowledgeable admins and opportunities to eHello Reddit, I have yet to find a proper discord server to chat about predictions. Similar Servers. Twitter Account for DV7 (Completed). A place to discuss Verge but welcome to other currencies as well! Join Server. I look for undervalued coins, have one in mind? message me and I will evaluate it. Oct 2, 2017 Hi Folks! Coincraft Bots are here! Custom Discord Bots to help make your Crypto Discord Server into a thriving community! We have created custom bots for Discord servers that focus on assisting a cryptocurrency community with quality of life issues. Ark Ecosystem Community Chat: Ark provides users, developers, and startups with innovative blockchain technologies. All copyrights belong to News Go PRO Login Sign Up. Tiger Trading Group List of Discord servers tagged with crypto. From providing a current price indicator to assisting mods README. ANN page on Bitcointalk (Completed). org/index. In less than 10 hours a Discord group (try this link or this one if the previous one does not work) consisting of more than 15,000 members at time of writing will nominate a coin on Binance and Official Discord Server for Verge Currency ($XVG) https://VergeCurrency. Join Server. Show all Hot! Trending Bullish Bearish Important LOL Saved. com. Possible maintenance. ArkEcosystem. Website. gg/cryptocurrency)** --- * Trading: Live discussion / tradingDon't be left behind with no lambo and come join us to the moon! ! 1k active users with a great community! AND by drhashshashin. Seeing that community builds trust in the team for me because from the looks of it they can handle things good. There will be a moment when $BTC and alts are going to disconnect and move on a different direction. Logo Design (Completed). List of Discord servers tagged with crypto. gg/ddgFQC8 Dec 27, 2017 Note: Discord server is full. Keywords: coin, crypto, bitcoin, ethereum, smartbridge, altcoin, dpos, community, blockchain, web3, ark, ecosystem, arkcoin, trading, development, delegate, Quote from: bitpam on August 30, 2017, 03:40:20 PM. INFO coin of course is one of them and its a great place to hang out and play some blackjack even. Discuss about bitcoin, ethereum, all the other altcoinThe most complete and complex cryptocurrency chat server! Talk about coins, exchanges, bitcoin, scams, news, ICO and other crypto related domains. . But what I can say is that Telegram is actually quite a terrible platform for CryptoCurrency. gg/T5pBQFk. CoinMarketDiscordBot. Some people say to avoid them at all costs, and some Read more…The best group for CryptoCurrency is the Bitpam Discord Server. ⬇ $ICX $BTC $VEN $WTC $BCH $ETH $EOS $IOTA $NEO $EOS $OMG $WAN $XRP $XVG. 104 online / 629 total. I'd love to entertain discussions on the promising future of Crypto. 0. Link below. Airdrops, Bounties for Marketing. Discord Bots (Completed). Nov 6, 2017 Hello We have created a group for our community on telegram & discord. Discord Bots. $ICX $BTC $VEN $WTC $BCH $ETH $EOS $IOTA $NEO $EOS $OMG $WAN $XRP $XVG. Windows, Linux & Mac Wallets (Completed). A discord bot that allows you to search for the value of all cryptocurrency available on CoinMarketCap. Click here to add the bot to your server. games; Join the Forum and get latest updates: https://okcashtalk. Category. Telegram : EN: https://t. The CryptoBud Community Discord - A Discord server about cryptocurrency and blockchain. (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻ Can't retrieve data. We made the successful They have full permissions, including reordering channels for all users and seeing every channel across the server. me/joinchat/G0hbMBJadtMWbk3eYS0U3wThe latest Tweets from CryptoCrew (@BreakoutTickers). gg/zX42eq Coin spectator is an automated news aggregation service. Enjoy! what do they do in the sever?We are a stock market trading/investing community. CryptoHub Premium offers you the chance to relax, and let your money work for you. I can set up the bot for you in any server you Crypto · Are SATA Power Adapters Safe? “Are SATA power adapters safe for my mining rig?”, a question I see commonly being asked on Reddit, YouTube, and Cryptocurrency themed Discord servers. You can talk about crypto, methods on making $$$ and sharing scripts and so Feb 2, 2018 Secret Society - This is a singular and profitable crypto discord server. Follow me on Twitter for any updates. CryptoBud Universe. The below invites will not work for the time being. me/joinchat/G0hbMBJadtMWbk3eYS0U3wSo far I have found 3 discord servers that distribute their coins to users. Top News. Created with Python 3. We have a team of Traders who are experienced and ready to send you in the right direction to minimize loses and maximize gains within the cryptocurrency marketplace. Grin https://discord. Universal Cryptocurrency server, one of the first of it's kind, with over 1000 members. https://discord. Why? The answer is quite simple when it boilOct 30, 2017 Discord, on the other hand, is designed for gaming communities that suffer from many of the same challenges that face crypto communities. gg/cryptocurrency!](http://www. Show All. To see all the commands available on the bot, just write $help in a text channel. $BTC looks like it's ready to burst. 6 and the CoinMarketCap API wrapper. VergeCurrency. The Bitpam CryptoCurrency server is great, it has over 1000 people in it and is very active. Jan 2018. I took the liberty in creating one and you're all invited. Bot is coded in C#. We are officially launching [discord. Dark Light. Only two of us have the Check it out: Twitch Integration is here! You can now have a dedicated Discord server for all of your closest sub buddies to chill in andWe are officially launching [discord. html; Join the Live Chat and Voice channels over the OK-BTC discord server and start making new friends and learning more Being a primarily PoS focused coin, PoW will run till block 5000. Please try again in a moment. Yes, this isn't a Telegram group. Installation: Install necessary Jun 1, 2017 CRYPTO CURRENCY DISCORD BOT Concept This is my Crypto-bot for Discord, nothing really impressive but i think it can be useful for lazy people that don't want to be using calculator and browsing to check their profits/current crypto prices. A Discord bot that sends constant cryptocurrency updates to text-channel subscribers and can create alert notifications. Discord server: https://discord. Your new trading community for stocks, options and crypto. If you want to add it on your server, it's simple, you just need to click here: CryptoBot Website. discord. Top News All NewsNews SitesFollowing. Find and join some awesome servers listed here!Coin Market Research Inviting you to join our public server where you could discuss the latest cryptocurrency events and price action with like-minded crypto enthusiasts. We are a server with a mixture of players from all corners of the bitcoin gambling scene. TIGER TRADING GROUP. Unity Trades. Price AnalysisRegulationICO NewsEvents. I'm sorry. The Premium service runs entirely through the Discord server, there Hello members from cryptopedia; I maintain "Bitcoin Gamble Talk" which is a Discord chat server of 1200+ members and was created some year ago to connect players from the bitcoin gambling communities and games worldwide on one chat sever with multiple chat rooms, 1 for each gamble site or Nov 6, 2017 Hello We have created a group for our community on telegram & discord. Discord Server (Completed). So all you need to do to Bitcoin Gamble Talk Discord Server Bitcoin Gamble Talk in short BGT is a gambling discord server with a focus on crypto gambling games. Aug 17, 2017 Join and win over the 1st OK Minecraft Server IP (connect and play): minecraft. php/board,96. md. We are accepting to noobs that want to learn to trade, and we love to hear from veterans of the market