Critical Process Died BSOD Every Time I Turn On Computer

0  3 Feb 2015 I'm getting this bluescreen of death on exit with the error code "Critical Process Died", at first I thought it might be an issue with my PC or GPU but it is only caused by this game. Alrighty, so after playing with a bunch of bootsect and bootrec commands, critical process died is gone, and now windows boots to a brief INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE blue screen, followed by this: BSOD Critical Process Died Mainboard & CPU. 1. Step 1 – Start the process by right-clicking the Start button that you can spot on the extreme left end of the taskbar and from the emerged menu, click or  30 Jun 2012 Blue screen. If it's not resolved sooner or later, it may significantly affect the system's performance and ultimately have an  16 Sep 2016 But everytime after that that I tried to run Hwinfo64 on sensory only or summary only my computer would freeze as Hwinfo64 was loading up and give me the "Critical_Process_Died" Figuring that was the fix to my issue with Hwinfo64 , I saved and exited it then re opened it and turned off the debug mode. html. was about to go out and buy new ram and ssd LOL. Came home, turned on PC, started copying picture from iphone to PC and it started to happen, and once it starts it doesnt stop. 11 Aug 2016 BSoDs and BIOS Flashing. You'll repeat this process for each recently installed app here. For now it seems to be ok but im sure it will blue screen again. 10 May 2017 The following troubleshooting guide provides you with information on the Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death (BSod) error Critical_Process_Died. A Blue Screen of Death or windows 10 blue screen critical process died is usually hardware or driver related. disable automatic restart  After updating to SP1 computer rebooted, but while booting up it got blue screen of death. If a critical system process System files are corrupted or modified: if you need to restart your computer again and again, it may be because of the corrupted or modified files. When you turn your computer on, enter Safe Mode. 2- what failed: cl. It booted to recovery and I chose to just restart. 1 I am missing a critical file when I run scannow in safe mode command prompts and it says to reboot to fix but how do I reboot to turn back in my computer the next morning that's when I was getting the error and I have tried all I know when I go to safe mode command prompts I  I recently purchased the Catzilla Advanced program from Steam. Go to the Start screen and type in Regedit. sys. Once it restarts, I  24 Jul 2015 Windows, as a result, was unable to continue the processes it was running, and crashed with what is commonly known as the Blue Screen of Death is too much data to all be held in RAM, data that is not actively in use is stored temporarily in the page file, a location on the hard drive that the computer  4 Sep 2015 Most times no dump file is created as the system abruptly restarts before even the message can be read. The common part between these two is a UWP project in Visual Studio, i suspect a XAML problem, but ain't certain. When I try to Run any game like GW2 Or Inquisition my pc turns into  I have a hp with Windows 8. On the left-hand side, click Advanced System Settings. It just does not load the system at all. . But after a while my system crashed and said Kernal Inpage Data Error, i restarted my system afterwards and everything worked fine , then the next day my computer crashed again and this time said Critcal Process Died and now when i try to reboot my system , i cant even get into my UEFI bios and the  20 Nov 2017 The “critical process died” error in Windows 10 could be provoked by several factors, including bad device drivers, corrupted system files, virus attacks, etc. dll. And after that, I'll get this: http://imgur. If the error appears before you can try anything, restart your computer a few times. I have t. I have zero idea of why it happens or how to get rid of it or prevent it, but it happens almost every time I use my PC- meaning that if I turn on the computer for  25 Jul 2015 Get the fix to the 0x000000EF: CRITICAL PROCESS DIED boot error message affecting Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. I have no idea what I should do to - 6247935. I went to the store and got a new  31 Mar 2015 I figured if I was going to do a full reload, why not upgrade to a solid state drive at the same time. After restarting, my computer won't boot up. I have also had a problem with Power Surges on BOOT which I had to change the setting in the BIOS to ignore to let the pc boot up. Windows 8 Critical Process Died on his blog on how to switch to AHCI mode after the fact. Hi,I have an HP Model 23-n010la I5-4570T CPU 2. I get these every 15-20 minutes on average, sometimes occurring immediately after boot, sometimes after around an hour, but the system is pretty much unusable in its current state. It took less then a second for the repair process to finish. I am not  11. Même problème au lancement : Code erreur CRITICAL PROCESS DIED et après une réinstallation complète je me retrouve avec un autre Code erreur . 12 Oct 2017 If you are a user, you might experience the "Critical Process Died" error. I followed on-screen instructions  4 Oct 2015 BSOD :: Critical Process Died For Disk At 100% On Start Up. txt. And in this  At this moment I have a BSOD with stop code: critical process died, and it's stuck at 0%. But im sure this  It has all began when I update Windows 10 anniversary on my VN7-592G laptop , I get blue screen most of the time. 0x000000F1, This BSOD This is the STOP code code for all Driver Verifier SCSI Verification violations. Q: Critical Process Died error message. Those are genuine Windows 10 crashes. thought it was my damn pc so i reformatted everything and redid all my drivers. Thus far the  1 Nov 2016 In most cases, After facing this issue couple of times, Users may encounter another blue screen of death called Critical Process Died. After around a week of using Windows 10, each time I turned on my computer, I get a blue screen saying that the computer will restart. From windows 8, Microsoft has brought a new cool feature that helps your PC for fast boot. The most frequent errors are the black screen "All boot options are tried" and the blue screen "critical process died" or both. Once your backup has completed, select Fix All Selected Issues. Removes apps and drivers you installed. I have had heating issues with this computer ever since I bought it (every spring-summer, BSODs until a cleaned). . BUT! This week i've been teaching a class and suddently the Computer BSOD'ed. 9. Your computer periodically “freezes” for a few seconds at a time. His registry fix was the solution that worked for me. It takes roughly One thing about Windows from Win 95 right thru to Win 10 is that Windows is a great time waster. I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 from 8. Thanks for the screen images. All I've been doing for the last 3 or so hours is trying to solve this Blade&Soul bluescreen-issue, Googling "Blade and soul critical process died" didn't yield any  It just does not load the system at all. 11 Jan 2016 So, if a newly installed driver or program is the problem, all should run smoothly in Safe Mode. During that time, i've seen som BSOD's. Resolve itself after a period of time in witch I would return to my computer with my D: drive would be disconnected. After gathering problem info your Pc may restart by itself, but the blue screen looks using the same mistake which in this instance Is Critical Process Died Windows 10. dll is missing from your computer error " After Windows 10 Upgrade It did. 2015 The Execution Prevention might have been to blame for the message “critical process died”. August 2nd, 2016: I had my stomach drop out the other day when I did an update/shut down for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and woke up the next morning to a Blue Screen of Death: Critical Process Died Error. 9 Dec 2017 How to fix Critical Process Died Error on Windows 10 generally one of the extensively irritating affairs encountered with Blue Screen of Death on this OS. Like in the following picture. ” is displayed. When this unknown critical process died error occurs that time your computer shows a blue screen error massage like bellow image and suddenly shut down the those similar Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) error solution: BEST FIX: DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION ERROR & the  And it would either A. This error can Note: Antivirus is crucial for your computer's safety so don't forget to turn it back on once you are done troubleshooting. It shuts itself down after giving a blue screen error code Critical process died. BSoDs also referred to as STOP mistakes or STOP codes,  Is it every time you start Windows ? Did you The BSOD. I have Memorydump and  24 Aug 2014 First of all Hi to all me just joined this forum :) from last few months I was having prob with my long ago installed windows 8 64 bit first RTM release I Reinstalls Windows 10 and removes all your personal files. Because this process happens very quickly, the blue screen may be seen only for an instant or not at all. com/partcess-died. Therefore, if this does happen, keep on reading about “What if I get this  11 Aug 2016 Literally every time! It's always randomly after about a single game or so. I will likely wind up . Click Repair your computer. Here in Run System File Checker in Windows 10/8/7 and type cmd in start search box. I was wondering whether you could help, basically I am trying to upgrade my VGN-FE11S from Windows 10 1703 to Windows 1709 but blue screens with CRITICAL PROCESS DIED which everytime this happens I have to force the laptop to power down and to boot it back up in order for it to revert the installation. Removes any apps your PC manufacturer installed. I try Sa 26 Mar 2016 Critical process died or you can say CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, both are the same Blue Screen Of Death errors which also known for its bug check error I'm only asking you about this because around 20% people who having this problem in their computer, got the error when every time they start their  31 Jan 2016 If a critical system process fails to run, Windows will crash & display a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Stop Error 0x000000EF or Blue Screen on your computer. Even if you are far from being a computer wizard who lives in the command line, you'll be able to get rid of this pesky BSoD in no time. Windows runs sluggishly and responds slowly to mouse or keyboard input. This Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error occurs due to the program that uses multiple processes to interact with your processor. The BSOD is typically will most likely restart. Notice the stop code Critical process died. 14 Mar 2015 I have an old compaq desktop computer and for about 4 months now it has blue screened me almost everytime I am on it. ) If you're planning to  31 Mar 2017 While not true for all versions of Windows, the OS has its problems at times. When this unknown critical process died error occurs that time your computer shows a blue screen error massage like bellow image and suddenly shut down the computer. So you may check this CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED blue screen everytime i start up - Tech Support; ASUS X555LAB Windows 10 "Critical Process Died" - Possible bad hard drive? 26 Dec 2017 Critical Process Died error is an error that comes with a Blue Screen of Death aka BSOD. 22 Jan 2018 If a critical system process fails to run on your computer, you'll get a critical process died error - 0x000000EF or blue screen on PC. the BSOD some normal causes are as follows: - corrupt driver, normally gpu or sound - problem with storage drive Boot your computer. You experience "Critical Process has died" Exception once after a couple of this error; If the system is left for long after BSOD, it restarts but doesn't show bios logo, until forcefully shut-down and boot  24 Sep 2015 After a recent update I keep getting a BSOD with the message "Critical Process Died". Some errors arise in critical locations and that's what we need to address when trying to fix the Red Screen fo Death  31 Oct 2017 So, to initiate your process of fixing Windows 10 blue screen error, you need to hold the STOP error screen for some time. 6 Jan 2014 Now every time I turn my computer on, I get the CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED blue screen. In safe mode  HP Pavillion All In One 23 computer. Now I get an blue screen that I cannot get out of. Immediate computer restart (no prompt or error message) I am running windows professional 64 bit, all my drivers are updated. Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings. End in a BSOD. In most cases, you will experience CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED blue screen errors after you've  14 Apr 2017 Overwatch every day. and now I still get the BSOD 1 or 2 times a day (Critical process died, unexpected store  8 Feb 2017 Yesterday evening he went to change the username for the single account I had installed (not using a Microsoft account) and following the subsequent restart got the BSOD immediately after trying to log in (actually with the old username, so it didn't seem to have changed). Every single time. If there Type in the following command “sfc/scannow”;; After a short period of time the scanning process will be over;; All that's left now is to reboot the PC;. RE: Windows 10 blue screen critical process died. Now, you will see a list of all installed drivers of your computer. 10. I've sent my laptop  14 Apr 2016 The infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is quite notorious in the Windows platform due to the amount of errors associated with it. Click Troubleshoot ==> Advance Option ==>Start up Setting ==> Restart. Users have sometimes noted this as a random reboot rather than a  So last week I got a new computer with Windows 8, and I installed ASC 6 and scanned my computer, then I rebooted the computer and got BlueSOD saying "Critical Process Died", but everytime I restarted my computer it'd always just BSOD again and restart and repeat. the removal. I also turned off VT, since it is not needed on this machine. Exit all applications. Here is how to do that: Right-click This PC. The Blue Screen of Death. When I open the program, it freezes and results in a "CRITICAL PROCESS DIED" BSOD. After shutting down and restarting your PC it would work fine for some time, and again you'll encounter the same issue. Once you have safely removed each and every one of the problematic drivers, you will need to restart your Windows 10 computer. About the "0x000000EF" error Description and Symptoms The error messages, alerts, warnings, and symptoms below are tied to this error. If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the  Initially i did not have the option to boot into safe mode but now i have the option it fails with the blue screen and a message saying a critical process died. Usually, a critical condition in the computer manifests as BSOD. When this error occurs, your computer will show a blue screen stating that it needs to shut down due to a problem. Right after the update, everytime I attempt to login I get blue screen of death. And voilà, the following boot worked without issues. But after installing and launching the program, it will crash and give me a blue screen, not immediately, I could browse around the application for a good 10-20 seconds or so, then it will crash, sometimes giving me the "Unexpected Store Exception" error or the "Critical process died". Now that we know which drive has the Windows in it, it's time to run the SFC. Clean-boot  Critical_Process_Died refers to a critical system process died with its bug check error code 0x000000EF or blue screen error. 1 - what failed: dxgmms2. This is one of those almost all-pervasive Windows blue screen of death errors that, Hey, as who ever read this all ready know, I got a BSOD issue. It will record all the system files at that time and state. If you get this Blue Screen of Death every time you launch your Windows, you will need to perform some additional steps to fix this error. 17 Jul 2016 Fix Critical Process Died error in windows 10 and 8. 7 Aug 2017 You will get the “Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn't handle, and now it needs to restart”. Even after running the machine for an extended period of time, installing  3 May 2010 That's right, no computer technician can memorize every stop code and its causes, not only is it OK, it's recommended to look things up! After carefully going through these steps, the next time the blue screen of death shows up, your computer won't restart, allowing you to note the stop codes necessary to  7 Jul 2017 The cause for “your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart windows 10 loop” can be many. 1, 8 computers with following methods provided with the video tutorial. partitionwizard. You could check out the following 4 solutions to fix the critical process died error after  9 May 2017 BSODs appear when Microsoft Windows encounters a critical error from which it can't recover, usually the result of low-level software (or drivers) crashing or faulty hardware. With every version of Microsoft Windows, the one thing that is common with it, is the presence of blue screen of Death (BSoD), caused due to failure of fixing of operating system, when these sorts of critical error happen within the central processing unit, you would see nothing but only the blue screen on the computer. 9 Dec 2017 If this is the very first time you have this problem, your computer will restart and it'll be back to normal. Eventually you will see 'Automatic  Since once it occurs it's not going to permit you to do something BSOD really are a headache for Windows Customers. 9 GHz (All in One PC with touch screen) that is giving me the Critical_Process_Dies error when booting. Complete Steps to Disable and Enable Narrator in Windows 10 - Fix PC Errors | Fix. below are the solutions to fix critical process died bug. Aug. 0x000000EF, This BSOD means that a critical system process died. In most In the left side of window, Click on Choose what the power buttons do. 25 Jan 2018 This indicates that a critical system process died. For this reason, I turned it off. Unplug all external devices connected to the computer and restart the computer to check if you are able to get to the desktop screen. did find a few articles on the same, see which helps: Windows 10 Upgrade Error - Critical Process Died - Microsoft Community · https://www. Most BSODs . Removes changes you made to settings. Ultimately Registry entries are  Hi all,. Select either from number 4, 5 and 6 to enter safe mode. I've tried uninstalling Here's the strange thing, steam doesnt crash when I'm playing; Portal 2, TF2, Left for Dead, Alice, Saints Row 3, Amnesia, Fable 3 etcetcetc A Blue Screen of Death, also called a STOP Error (because it stops the working of the system for that particular time period), will appear when an issue is so serious that Windows must stop completely. (If your PC came with Windows 10, apps from your PC manufacturer will be reinstalled. If your computer starts and runs stable from now, I would say you're should be just fine. 20 Jan 2017 Blue screen auto restart PC when launch bns after update . 18 Mar 2016 - 2 min - Uploaded by Theta BoxHow To Fix Critical Process Died Error In Windows 10-how to fix critical process died windows 11 Sep 2016 - 12 min - Uploaded by Nemesis Customized Computer RepairHow to fix critical process died Blue Screen Error On windows 10? So I figured I would just post 30 Apr 2013 The bad thing about this error is that it could be just about anything critical to the operation of your computer: namely, your hard drive, your memory, or, if you're especially unfortunate, your processor. Annoying as this blue screen error may seem, it's not  26 Sep 2017 If you have stumbled upon the "critical process died" error in Windows 10, then you know how annoying this BSOD is. Okay - this is usually due to hardware. You might discourage in the  9 Jan 2018 If you have stumbled upon the “critical process died” error in Windows 10, then you know how annoying this BSOD is. “Do you want backup changes to the registry?” select Yes. Maybe I'm missing something, but does your computer start normally now? Because, BSOD can happen every once in awhile, but unless you get them more frequently than the two you mentioned, you shouldn't worry. I have also run "sfc /scannow several times and get the message that it has found errors but cant repair all of them. This happens every time he tries  Until today, while working on the computer it blue screened 2 times with two different errors. Open Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings. Restart your PC by opening Start Menu, clicking Power | Restart. BSOD error code 0x000000F1 may also show  when i comes to playing league of legends on the lowest possible settings, my computer freezes 2 seconds in, and I get a blue screen of death Start, then to Control Panel, then to Administrative Tools, then to Event Viewer. 1 Aug 2017 Everytime I turn on my computer it has a blue screen that has this message: Stop code: CRITICAL PROCESS DIED. System repair also fails with message: Startup repair could not repair your pc log file: C:\WINDOWS\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail. Each cycle of crashing takes about 5 min, wherein the computer is hissing like an angry snake. Aug 17, 2015. This might not look a big problem but many windows 8 and windows 10 users have  If you have Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) problem together with the mistake Critical_Process_Died message popped up in your display, disrupting your job and causing your computer to restart, then you may let out a sigh of relief: Now we have some options for you. Worst feeling in the world. After booting into the RE there's Yes, DISM should be used on any Windows 8+ including Windows Server 2012+ but not every problem can be repaired. To enter Safe Mode in Windows 8: Restart your PC. I want the dump error info, but the computer hasn't collected the info, and I'd like to run the dump info through WHOCRASHEDIT so I can pinpoint the file that's causing the issue - is there anyway to get the process to start  CRITICAL PROCESS DIED every time Windows 10 summons Edge - posted in Windows Crashes, BSOD, and Hangs Help and Support: Trying to follow jcgriff2 instructions for posting Details: Service exited with code not equal to 0 or 1077 Resolution: Restart the service Related: Performance Diagnosis. Also this winodws update fails everytime I try to install  Good afternoon, I am hoping for some help diagnosing my issue with constant MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSODs in Windows 10. Do you have Windows 10 media either on a USB thumb drive or on disk, if yes, see Your PC won't start information here. this article comes in. Games that caused it (that I played that were on my D: drive) Rocket League, The Division, Dying  25 Apr 2017 Fix CRITICAL PROCESS DIED in Windows 10: Critical process died error in Windows 10 means that a critical component of Windows system process fails. The critical_process_died error is a kind of blue screen error. I get Windows 10's version of the BSOD, which gives me very little information because 'Critical Process Died' is the only thing I am being told. 27 Jan 2018 Critical Process Died Windows 10: If you are also facing a problem of a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) with the error popped up on the screen that Many times, this error occurs all of an unexpected when users are working on their PCs, but fortunately, there are a couple of ways to fix this issue. 4 Feb 2016 Critical process died error or CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Blue Screen Errors (BugCheck 0xEF) or 0x000000EF (CRITICAL PROCESS DIED) error is very dangerous and can appear in any version of windows system. Boot Into Safe Mode: If your computer is blue-screening every time you turn it on, try booting into safe mode. com/Og413kp. Every time I wake up my computer, I get a BSOD saying that a CRITICAL PROCESS DIED A few seconds after they press the power button, the error code appears on the screen. This computer is my wife's though I too had the issue with the Firefox patch but it just disappeared for me. Go to Properties. 5. 17 Feb 2017 There are many issues that causes the Windows to pop up BSOD, but today we're going to go over the one caused by the “critical process died” error. If you can access the Start menu, click on Power and then, holding down Shift key, on Restart. (A computer restart would usually resolve this). Ok you're Ive found two logs that seem to show up every time that ive crashed Critical process died error or CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Blue Screen Errors (BugCheck 0xEF) or 0x000000EF (CRITICAL PROCESS DIED) error is very 0xEF: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED”; When you get an error “A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. There are many types of errors within the  11 Jul 2016 What could cause this? Where do I go into my PC to get more info on what happened and how do I share that info here? Windows 10 btw. I seem  8 Apr 2017 I purchased the Notebook 9 15" NP900X5L-K02US around July 2016, and in recent months have had issues with booting and the computer freezing and crashing. If I boot into . By default, Windows XP is configured to save only a 64kB minidump when it encounters a stop error, and to then automatically reboot the computer. 1 and Windows 10. This is a new Windows But don't worry, in this article I write all the solution that helps you to fix this critical process died error forever. I have updated all of my drivers but still got the BSOD. +1 Not getting a bluescreen of death but my computer has to restart on exit (all services stop responding). Or B. The computer restarted and since I had the "thawed for the next restart" on, this time, it was "frozen", and did not allow the windows to finish installing. I have never had any problems with running any games on my system, so it's not a hardware issue (i7-4790k, GTX 780 SC, 2x4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz  9 Nov 2016 "Critical process died" Windows 10 Stopcode - posted in Windows 10: Hi, I cant boot into Windows 10. These blue screens, although irritating, usually a way to protect our system and all our data before an imminent failure that, if it occurs, could corrupt our system. Go to Start. Select your language, time and keyboard, and click next. So don't be late,  If you are able to boot your PC without Critical Process Died Blue screen then, straight away skip to How to check faulty Drivers and update them Below. Shit. This doesn't happen with any other games or applications on my computer either. But if you have checked all your hardware and find they are in good condition, then it can be some system error like “critical process died on boot”. Disk has bad sectors:  If you are not expert in computer then you should know the details process because wrong work may create more problem. I have fresh installed windows 10 Build 10240. I have a 'critical process died' error whenever I start my computer. 5 Nov 2017 There might be lot of times when you are using your computer regularly and suddenly it restarts and blue screen comes saying, Critical process died or “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart” and it will restart. BSOD on launch. But if you've seen this error message many times, you need to do something about your PC, since it indicates that a critical system process is at fault. But, If you are unable to boot your Well, Each time you install or uninstall a software on your Computer, a registry key is added to windows. Restart your PC. I get a big old red screen  I'm having this weird issue where I keep getting BSOD for Critical_Process_Died, and its almost making me want to stop using windows 10 and go back to 7. I have also tried a  Windows Server 2016 blue screen “Critical Process died” After booting in safe mode and last known good configuration, the blue screen still occurs. 20 May 2017 It seemed at times the laptop ran hotter and the fans ran harder than usual even while the computer was idle without any applications loaded and Continued troubleshooting in ACHI mode eventually revealed that the “Critical Process Died” and “Unexpected Store Exception” blue screen errors were  A few seconds later, all action besides the cursor will cease and stop. 31 Jul 2017 The blue screen is the most critical Windows errors and appears at any time during use of a computer. When you start the computer in clean boot, the computer starts by using a pre-selected minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This wikiHow teaches you how to fix the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on a Windows computer. Aside from these two situations, unfortunately, yes this error may be occurred anytime on your own computer's screen also in between of your Windows  8 Feb 2015 I only get the BSOD when playing games, not any specific game, but any, sometime i can go a whole week of playing games and have no BSOD at all, and somedays 5 minutes after a game is running it will BSOD everytime, all day long. Windows may restart several times, and you may have to activate Safe Mode again before proceeding. Windows All system errors are caused by a computer's inability to process certain information at a certain time. BSOD error code 0x000000EF may also show "CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED" on the same blue screen. 19 Sep 2015 BSOD Critical Process Died error appears followed by a message “Your computer is running low on memory”. 22 Feb 2016 Windows 10 | Blue Screen Stopped working windows 10 critical process died fix windows 10 critical process died loop windows 10 critical process died on startup windows 10 critical process The program can't start because MSVCP100. I held the powwer button on and it shut off but now it comes up with another error that sends me to choose which method I would like to  25 Dec 2017 Also when you install any new software, you may receive Critical Process Died Can't Boot error due to the removal of important files in Windows system