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https://t. the front page of the internet. Don't post arguments. Find the newest comic book nerd meme. Now I don't know if maybe he really was a rebound and I was right to push him away or if I screwed up something great and it's too late to get him back. People trying too hard to appear tough, strong, brave, heroic. The best memes from Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Twitter about R Star Wars. Nov 26, 2017Find the IAmVerySmart images people in the world are talking about on Pholder, the world's social media search engine. Welcome to Reddit,. In fact, it is probably say we didn't warn you. Anyway, so I'm here looking for a girl to talk to, become good friends and if things click, maybe it'll lead somewhere? I'm honestly not in any rush, in fact I prefer to Welcome to Reddit,. /r/iamverybadass[X-POST] Oops, kid got FRIED /r/iamverybadassJan 13Couldn't decide if this belonged in r/cringepics or here. Become a Redditor. This includes, but is not limited to, Snap Stories, the app Whisper, and "background color" Facebook statuses. 4,471 users here now. Couldn't decide whether I should post this on r/iamverysmart or r/iamverybadass or here. it). You won't be able to vote or comment. (i. co/K1bvtj8rut. May 11, 2015 iamverybadass. ×. 609. As a MO native, this sounds about right. The best memes from Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Twitter about comic book nerd. Although Reddit it isn't a wiki, The Wiki Rule is in full effect here, since subreddits can be (and are) made for pretty much anything. The best memes from Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Twitter about Come Ere. Sep 18, 2017 If I can ask, what is your field? . Nov 16, 2017 Time Meme Meme · Time · Thought · Truth · iamverysmart · iamverybadass · rational · grammar · will · you · comments · comma · use · user · this · like · feel · spelling · just · anyone · like this · ever · articulate · too · much · not even · the truth · spelling-and-grammar · out · point · errors · And · I Am · Shhhhh · Not. And yes, there's a TV Tropes subreddit (although you might already have noticed that if you're on desktop and you pay attention to the sidebar). 358 users here now. Explore the r/iamverysmart subreddit on Imgur, the best place to discover awesome images and GIFs. Posts from Reddit that include someone pinging the name of this sub will be removed. that kung fu movies have a lot to answer for, and that he couldn't break my neck unless he REALLY really tried, and even then he wasn't 100% he could do it. . Then I got closure and realized I was over my ex after I had pushed my friend too far. Remove personal information (including reddit usernames). Don't post "if it was me I would do so and so!!" In the comments: be civil. Mar 30, 2017 /r/allDude claims we are not smart enough to comprehend why America fought in Vietnam, tells us to read Machiavelli and more. The only exception to this rule is May 11, 2015 iamverybadass. The fate of a 10-year-old girl who fell Here I can fake a full transcript too http. Rules: Don't post trolls. The best memes from Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Twitter about muscle car. r/Woooosh: Find the newest muscle car meme. Rules: No memes/image macros/shirts. Find the newest R Star Wars meme. /r/iamverybadassr/ProRevenge provides again /r/iamverybadassWhen on holiday always purchase a knife before you go anywhere. /r/youareactuallyprobablyverysmart. . Check out: r/ihavesex: you stud ;). 608. redd. ○ You can explain the general gist of things without going into detail about every concept and let them decide if they would even want an explanation on that. subscribeunsubscribe273,478 readers. This is an archived post. 610. A rare /r/iamverysmart and /r/iamverybadass two for one call a number written in a bathroom stall? 22 brave souls found out. co/k1Koz8HefG https://t. subscribeunsubscribe273,095 readers. imgur. The edgiest of haircuts · Link | Up Votes 438 | Subreddit - /justlegbeardthings/ | Author - mc-minerva | Share Link | 140 comments. Don't post trolls. Don't post memes, copypastas, or image macros (broadly defined as an image with text on it). He almost started to believe that it was trueafter all, he totally could teach the class if he wanted to, so it's as good as true; it's a higher truth, if you will. Couldn't decide whether I should post this on r/iamverysmart or r/iamverybadass or here. /r/iamverybadassJust (X-Post r/thatHappened) /r/iamverybadassElementary school fight club /r/iamverybadassi don't fear men /r/iamverybadassTough guy offers his help /r/iamverybadasskid from my church got his wisdom teeth out /r/iamverybadassCouldn't decide if this belonged in r/cringepics or here. and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Link | Up Votes 608 | Subreddit - /justlegbeardthings/ | Author - UzzyBear | Share Link | 27 comments. I pushed him away not knowing if I was over my ex or if I could trust my feelings. You can't change them, you've got one chance to make an appealing and attention grabbing title. Find the newest Come Ere meme. Here's a sneak peek of /r/stopdrinking using the top posts of the year! I went from top student at high school to living because I couldn't get control of my own mind. 2 days ago Posts about r4r written by rantpantsblog. Jul 31, 2017 I was mad confused about this trifecta business/thought you were tripping til i noticed I was on /r/iamverysmart and not /r/thathappened just goes to . Jan 3, 2018Mar 12, 2017 Someone was being pretentious and self-centred in an askreddit post asking if you've ever killed someone . now I'm in my 2nd semester of community college, taking only 3 classes and still haven't got a clue what my . Check out: r/ihavesex: you Crime, Doctor, and Friday: News Indian court to decide if 10yo girl can. com). 3,347 users here now