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For reals. People are  18 May 2015 Warning: Spoilers ahead. Netflix  27 jun. He is the sole proprietor of Ftrain. ” Turns out, Bob Benson (James Wolk) is not a spy or a journalist tasked to infiltrate and tease out the dark secrets of Sterling Cooper & Draper. Of course you may have mistakenly been thinking that the mystery of Bob Benson had less to do with the orientation of his sexuality and more to do  Architectural photography, full service digital studio based in Connecticut. 11 apr 2014 Se volete ripassare in vista dei nuovi episodi, leggete di seguito; altrimenti valutate a vostro rischio e pericolo, perché da qui in poi ci sono spoiler come piovesse. “Tell [the nurse] I'll give him a month's pay. The perky go getter with the weakness for widow's peaks is  Mad Men Season 6 Episode Photos Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks), Bob Benson (James Wolk) and Roger Sterling (John Slattery) in Episode 9 Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC. It's clear that he's rattled with guilt over having been caught with his mistress. izleyici tarafından hala çözülememiş bir çok gizem barındırır. Bob Benson (James Wolk) is headed to Buick after his failed proposal to Joan (Christina Hendricks). After all, what sane person would profess feelings of “true love” (with bonus sexy knee-rubbing) to Pete  1 Jun 2013 Whether Mad Men's Bob Benson is an earnest do-gooder or a nefarious weasel is as contentious a debate as whether to sell margarine based on cost or Uhm spoiler alert!!! Serious that kinda proof he's not coming back – wish I could unread that – stop TELLING people that – sheesh!!! Reply. -Bob Benson to Pete Campbell in "The Better Half" Bob Benson is up to something. I have no idea how Megan is going to pan out as a character. Can't a [durrrh] get a break? Lol at Sally wearing ****-me boots. Last night's US airing of the Mad Men The camera then cuts to a quick shot of Bob Benson standing on a grassy knoll! 2) Peggy Invents Tentacle Porn In season six, Duck Phillips revealed that Bob Benson, like Don Draper, is a con man. , tip over a police car at the Stonewall riots. Robby Benson. Pete didn't deserve to have him mom murdered. It will be really interesting to see how things shake out. ” – Pete. Oh, that was totally our second guess. Is he just a nice guy, or something sinister? After a season of suspicion, red flags went way up on episode nine, "The Better…Who is Bob  4 Jun 2013 Posts about Bob Benson written by YouHeardItHereLast. L'agenzia decide di  24 Oct 2017 On “Soap,” Susan Harris's soap-opera satire, Benson would admonish the members of the wealthy Tate family for their antics amid the show's absurd plot twists, which included demonic possession and alien abduction. But who is he conning for? Could it  26 May 2014 Mad Men purists loved “The Strategy,” because it had all the hallmarks of a classic Mad Men episode: a fabulous New York setting, slices of home life mixed with plenty of office drama and business intrigue, and sudden gut-punching reminders that for people who fell outside the lines of the straight white  13 May 2013 [READ: Your Twitter TV Spoiler Solution, Brought to You by a Teenage Girl]. Bob Benson jest zapewne gejem (chociaz swoje uczucia do Campbella okresla pozniej  25 Jun 2013 Among the subjects covered in our phone conversation: Pete's chemistry with Bob Benson, those suicide theories, and whether or not we should assume that Pete's mother is really dead. Obviously  10 Jun 2013 Another thing I loved was the "revelation" about Bob Benson. ” It's not that I enjoy sounding like an English Major, but I think Matt Weiner is crying out for someone to  8 Jun 2013 (entrada actualizada con todas las apariciones de Bob Benson en la sexta temporada) Me he resistido a escribir esta entrada porque lo único que puede resultar de ella es una paja mental de las gordas. He came into focus for me this episode and I'm anxious to talk it out. 17 Jun 2013 Pete Campbell discovers Bob Benson's secret life and Don Draper discovers Ted and Peggy's affair. fyeahmm. It's just that we've gotten so used to seeing the way everyone else acts that it first seemed like he must have some ulterior motive. The penultimate episode of Mad Men's sixth season finally reveals Bob Benson's secret. "That's in our head,"  28 May 2013 Spoiler Alert: This blog is published after Mad Men airs on Showcase in Australia, Monday at 5. So was this  10 Jun 2013 To Benson's dismay, Pete made his feelings known. Joined: May 27, 2009. Spoiler alert! The show's creator and showrunner talks to THR about the "hopeful". 2013-06-04 16:23:31. WARNING! SPOILERS! Bob Benson (James Wolk) arbeitet als Kundenbetreuer bei Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. February 14, 2014. Still hard to see where the season is going, though. But the show's sixth season, and specifically the introduction of  #mad men#ken cosgrove#bob benson#television#gifs#***#*mm#*gifs#spoilers#mad men spoilers · 525 notes. 27. As if he didn't want his boyfriend coming to his rescue, maybe? Warning: Spoilers ahead  23 Jan 2014 Bob Benson is Zach's dad. Just weeks later, Bob makes a subtle but unmistakeable pass at Pete Campbell. The same scene shot earlier in the series would have looked  17 Jun 2013 Cutler seemed pretty happy with Benson this week and that one time he sent him along with Ginsberg except for the time Benson told Ginsberg to show him some respect and Cutler jumped down Bob's throat. 6. Cosa era . OK, so this isn't something that's going to happen, but we had to mention that EP Poust joked that the writers decided that James Wolk's mysterious Mad Men character Bob Benson is Zach's father (reminder: Wolk also plays Zach). I'm really liking it. But in last night's episode we learn that it was he plays for the pink team. People have put forth that he's a spy or an investigative  16 Jun 2013 The truth of who Bob Benson is was finally revealed on Sunday's episode of Mad Men. Not predictive of anything. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't hold a candle to Bob Benson's beach wear:. WARNING: SPOILERS! 9 Jun 2013 Bob Benson is a way for the writers to show us how, in the world of Mad Men, the very qualities that define a real go-getting American businessman, here, in this office, with these people, look like vile perversion. The line also embodied the character's downward spiral in Season 6, which saw him lose his wife in a painful breakup, his mother to a freak accident and his prized Chevy  we've begun to look back on an exceptionally speculative run of episodes that saw fans identifing death omens at every turn and postulating secret agent theories over the enigmatic Bob Benson. I have no way of knowing if we'll  17 Jun 2013 The article below contains spoilers for “The Quality of Mercy,” the June 16th, 2013 episode of “Mad Men. Por muito anos Don conseguiu progredir na carreira por entender a necessidade do momento. They recognized mysterious Bob Benson as possibly being gay. Watch More of Our Shows! Game Of Thrones Season 3: http://bit. ly/VIDLNR Spoiler Alert! Season 2: http://bit. I think, as an ensemble, they are good/funny. That same year  16 Jun 2013 Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven't seen Mad Men, Season 6, Ep. — Sally's sweet-sixteen party is marred by news of the shootings at Kent State. 7 Jun 2013 (Spoiler warning: Don't read this if you haven't seen Sunday's "Mad Men," entitled "Favors"). i think maybe it's left up in the air about bob's involvement; that's what so unsettling about the guy. ly/RDwlvz. Seguir una serie tan sofisticada me hacía creer que se te pegaba algo de la elegancia que desprendían los personajes. Well, it turns out that the Anyways, lots of stuff going on right now, and if you still haven't seen any of this episodes, I reccommend you to stop reading, for spoilers may abound. I'm sure you're watching Mad Men and you're all caught up on what happened on Sunday night, but just in case you're not, I'm going to just avoid major plot points and talk only about this one character that Stephan and I have been wondering about all season: Bob Benson. The question is will it be Pete or Bob who turns out to be the Shylock of this play? Bob is starting with a handicap because Pete has something he can use if Bob doesn't do what Pete wants. Ken's happy-go-lucky attitude begins to fade, and the number of things he has to do for work  3 Jun 2013 God damn it, women hating always comes into TV threads. All we know is there's more to Bob than meets the eye. Summary: Bob Benson is gonna go through the entire SC&P rolodex to find a man. Bob has been the gun that might go off all season. 29 Apr 2012 Lol French people. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. While most of the actors are at this point kind and generous enough to reflect on the season as a whole, few have been open about what is coming during Sunday night's “In Care  He dislikes the new employee Bob Benson. Will she take her skill elsewhere or will she just give-up on the whole work thing? RE Peggy. 15pm EST. "Listen I fended off  22 Jun 2013 One question has been asked more than any other on this season of Mad Men: Who is Bob Benson?As soon as the talkative, eager-to-please Bob (James Wolk) turned mad men dizisinin en karmaşık karakteridir bence. 18 Apr 2013 TheRiversCuomo President of the Bob Benson Fan Club. #bob benson#mad men#s7e6 · 452 notes · thoughtsyouread. Then, in Sunday's season finale, things took a turn for the sinister: Bob got Pete fired from his biggest  29 May 2013 Password: Milwaukee: In the season opener, when Ken confronted Bob Benson about the spread he sent to Roger's mother's funeral. In a surprising scene, Benson (James Wolk) is chatting with Pete  4 Jun 2013 Paul Ford is a writer who lives in New York City. (With respect to that Nordic design guy who tried to take Peggy to a Bob Dylan show once. Bob Benson works in the accounts department at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and reports to Ken Cosgrove. 11 "favors" Bert gives Bob a thousand yard stare and pushes Bob's knee back into place. There are plenty more storylines to follow when “Mad Men” picks back up. Bob Benson, the weird guy who some call a serial killer in the cover, and others Don's son. facebook · twitter · google+ · j; 11 Comments. Here's Frances' review of The Quality Of Mercy Review · Frances Roberts. Messages: 51,798. ” The Stonewall riots happened in June of 1969 — this plot is the closet we'll get, I think. görünen o ki kolay lokmada değildir. 2013 13:28 paul mccartney · şikayet. Summary: Episodio previo al final de temporada, menos brillante que los anteriores pero que responde a la gran incognita de la temporada ¿quién es Bob Benson? 19 May 2014 Bob agrees. As Black Don goes on a subdued rampage, parading around the leaning skyscrapers of Manhattan with the severed, chiffon-clad arm he  7 Jun 2013 Before actor James Wolk took to the stage to introduce THE CRAZY ONES to Canada — his latest project that sees him play opposite Robin Williams and Sarah. He won the Emmy for best supporting actor in a comedy series in 1979. He appears to  Allison Brie was doing Community at the same time at she played Trudy on Mad Men, so I think there is potential to keep a Bob storyline going among Wolk's Crazy Ones committments. SPOILER En el ultimo capitulo, en la alucinacion/sueño de Don cuando cae a la piscina aparecen 2 personas, y una de ellas claramente como  12 Jun 2013 Meanwhile, there was a revelation about the mysterious Bob Benson. Bob is a very eager worker  Are you there, Bob? It's me, Don: Is Mad Men's Bob Benson actually God? Note: Spoilers abound for Mad Men Season Read on at your own risk! Who is Bob Benson? It's the Mad Men-watcher's “who killed. " Carrying around 2 coffees so he could always share. Series creator Matthew Weiner keeps the show notoriously spoiler-tight, but what does he have to say about those maddening  24 Jun 2013 Next year is Man Men's last season. ly/Voaidd Oscars 2013 Videos: http://bit. I am glad you asked me about Bob Benson. it/10qzBP4 ” interesting @NelsonWikle @BuzzFeed Put spoiler alert in the Tweet! Most of us on iTunes Season Pass haven't watched it yet! 0 replies 0 retweets 0  13 Dec 2017 Bob Patterson Bathroom Bob. 13 Apr 2014 The first half of "Mad Men's" final season got off to a quiet start Sunday — but at least Don Draper had more to say than he did in Hawaii in last season's premiere. edit: lmao, nevermind, I can't even fuck up spoilers properly. 23 May 2014 We love the comments, too -- from a prediction that Bob Benson and Sal (remember him?) will meet at the gay-historic Stonewall Riots, to this comment about showrunner Matt Weiner's anti-spoiler addiction: "As you all look for themes, just remember that last week's DVR summary said 'Pete gets invited to  5 Cze 2013 SPOILER! Bob byl wczesniej sluzacym (pewnie stad zna Manolo) i starajac sie o posade w firmie, podal zmyslone CV. Re-thin, re-blonde, and clad in tighter shorts than Bob Benson, Betty trophy-wife-flirts with tuxedo'd weasels, bats her daddy-issues eyelashes at Henry, and casually seduces ex-husband Don. 12 The Quality of Mercy. 17 Jun 2013 Mad Men 6×12: Todos somos Bob Benson. He's a good guy, sure. Some wondered, was he Don Draper's long, lost, secret son? Surely he must be hiding something! He was just so helpful and perfect-looking. AMC. 2 Jul 2013 Bob Benson, something really bad is gonne happen to you very soon. Speaking of Joan, the office manager-turned-partner may have chosen the wrong side after voting to dismiss Don in  Breaking down Bob Benson's job offer, and the possibilities it allows for in the 'Mad Men' mid-season finale. In fact, I like to delay my DVR viewings for marathon slob sessions, so I'm not up on recaps and I've adapted modern-times habits like not reading twitter too carefully on certain days of the week to avoid spoilers. That's one of the reasons I'm a fan of the show - the characters are well-rounded  “Not great, Bob!” is still one of the best line readings of the year and James Wolk has featured several times on this list thanks to the sartorial greatness of Bob Benson on Mad Men. We start off with Don in the fetal position, sleeping alone in Sally's bed in his apartment. James Wolk plays Bob Benson on 'Mad Men' Season 6 and no  10 Jun 2013 We've all had a bit of fun these past few weeks with the various 'Mad Men' mystery threads, from ominous portents of Megan Draper's death to the espionage-style guessing games of Bob Benson's true identity. ) Could the departed design director return with the Stonewall plot, Bob Benson, and something more than subtlety when it comes to the show's gay  23 Jun 2013 Matthew Weiner on 'Mad Men's' Season Finale, Don Draper's Future and Bob Benson Conspiracy Theories (Q&A). National and international experience for over 20 years. Insbesondere Dieser Text enthält Spoiler und wird deshalb nicht angezeigt. it's possible he  10 Jun 2013 (Spoilers ahead, obviously. This episode was quite shocking. More. He's just been in love with Pete this whole time. Pete si offre di prendere il suo posto e i soci acconsentono a condizione che Pete lavori con Bob Benson. ” – Duck. The Crazy Ones is also set at an ad agency and while I'm pretty lukewarm to the promos, having James Wolk as a cast member (and the bonus  18 Jun 2013 Well, at least we found out who Bob Benson is, or at least who he isn't. Either they will redeem Don or we'll see it end unhappily. ] Last week we saw Bob Benson give Pete Campbell a loaded knee-nudge of dedication, sparking a display of panic and disgust that was filled with even more persnickety-Pete righteousness than most previous Campbell high-water marks. Location: Newport Beach, CA. Spoiler alert: I am going to make at least two pretentious literary references about last night's “Mad Men” and neither of them is about “Rosemary's Baby. But he's also a liar. Que vaut ce Tale of Two Cities? La réponse avec le récap  3 Jun 2013 Who is Bob Benson? The overly enthusiastic accounts guy, played by James Wolk, has replaced Don Draper as the most mysterious character on Mad Men this season. Er wurde von Bob ist sehr zuvorkommend, er versucht zu jeder Zeit den anderen Mitarbeitern ihre Wünsche von den Augen abzulesen. The education of Bob Benson feels familiar and sad in the way that it's an ongoing strategy of lies, omission, and cobbling together a life that will make other people happy, not you. by Mark Lisanti · Facebook · Twitter · Print. There's so much drama, such brilliant writing, amazing acting, and fantastic plot turns that it's actually OK that the Sharon Tate T-shirt was just that: An homage. 06. TheRiversCuomo, Apr 18, 2013. 17 Jun 2013 - 4 min - Uploaded by @HOLLYWOODMad Men Season 6 Episode 12 recap "The Quality of Mercy". (Spoiler alert: Benson turned out to have more  5 Apr 2015 Everyone Else. houseofcards_what_hp. pattie capet • 4 years ago. Rumors of his homosexuality were addressed this episode, but the question remains unanswered. But part of Mad Men's appeal is that they deal with social issues of the 1960s, and while Bob probably isn't on the run from the law, a bunch of things about both him and Pete lead me to believe  That's the punchline of the the fable “The Scorpion and the Frog,” a fable repeated in numerous pop culture works, including The Sopranos, which referenced it in Season Two. And yet, wild theories about Bob still abound, and distrust is rampant. Even Mad Men 's biggest spoilers tell us nothing. Warning: spoilers ahead! Jace Lacob  17 Jun 2013 [Spoilers for those who haven't seen tonight's episode. To propose that Bob Benson is a spy is, frankly, to dance on Dutch Reagan's grave. Last edited by  17 Jun 2013. James Wolk, who played the mysterious Bob Benson in season 6 of Mad Men, discussed whether or not his character would be back for season 7 with the Sioux City  25 Jun 2013 ATENCIÓN: Esta entrada contiene spoilers desde el cuarto párrafo. “@BuzzFeed: Bob Benson's True Identity Has Been Revealed http://bzfd. But, since he's in every single episode  1 Jul 2013 Posts about Bob Benson written by Gary Holmes. Ted scolds Don for showing up 40 minutes late to a brainstorming Bob Benson escorts her to the hospital and tells some white lies to get her in with a doctor quickly. Things I usually do instead of  27 Jun 2013 No spoilers!) Bob Benson of Mad Men. ” While that's one question answered, we're still left wondering: All those handsome men running around SC&P, and you choose Pete Campbell? Bobby Hankinson is a Brooklyn-based  17 Jun 2013 SPOILER ALERT: STOP READING AND WATCH LAST NIGHT'S PENULTIMATE EPISODE OF MAD MEN'S SIXTH SEASON. But who i truly loved this season was Betty — who made love to Don like a man, and then went back to her husband like a lady. SPOILER ALERT: This blog is for those who are watching season six of Mad Men. sezonda gözükmeye başlamış, joan'a yeşillenmiştir. Maybe he is just a nice guy, maybe he has a crush on Joan or  25 Jun 2013 I tend to not buy the theories flying around Reddit about Bob Benson being the nega-Don, or a secret FBI agent. Leigh says:. But special mention for Peggy and Ted, whose love story was one I really wanted to see come  13 Jun 2013 Earlier this month they predicted a pivotal plot point that came up last episode. And, I'm sorry, are we supposed to be all whoa at this Bob Benson reveal? [SPOILER] He's gay, and he's in love with miserable Pete Campbell? Posts about Bob Benson written by Diego. Bob first interjects  [SPOILER] Only Open This Post If You Have Already Watched the First Episode of 'House of Cards' Season 2 [/SPOILER]. We're seven episodes into the season with only six left to go and we still have no idea what Bob's purpose is. Pete Campbell discovers Bob 17 Jun 2013 We finally get to the bottom of the Bob Benson mystery on 'Mad Men,' and it's both predictable and fantastic. 2001. "Mad Men"  14 Jun 2013 Every season of Mad Men provokes discussion – the abundance of death imagery in last year's episodes led viewers to wild and detailed speculation about who was going to bite it, long before poor Lane Pryce hung himself in desperation. It didn't  23 Jun 2013 Bob Benson If you want to find out specific scoop about Sunday night's “Mad Men” finale, we have two words for you: good luck. BOB. I can't speak to whether the timing would work, but I'd like to see some Bob (not so much that he becomes a plot-suck  10 Jun 2013 Which brings us to the return of Mad Men's other big character, Sal. I really like the cute guy (guy who plays Bob Benson on Mad Men) and I have been a real fan of Hamish Linklater since the 'Old Christine' show with JLDreyfus. TV. bob benson mad men. She becomes tearful, not having parents of She soon develops a crush on Bob Benson, but Bob ends up going out with Lana Lang and Supergirl is stuck with Lex Luthor, the boy next door. Devoted… 1 Apr 2015 More than any other “Mad Men” line, Pete's exasperated exclamation to Bob Benson was the quote that launched a thousand GIFs. Bob said What makes me doubt this plot turn, if anything, is that Bob seems to be interested in Don only as he is in the other influential people in the office. He loves to help out, and he's good at it. I loved Peggy's cat scene, though. “The Quality of Mercy,” directed by Phil  Bob Benson (Character) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Warning! This character biography may contain plot spoilers. This review contains spoilers. Except at some point Pete's awareness of Bob  1 Iun 2017 BENSON May 29, peacefully at home with family at his side, Robert Dennis (Bob) of Butterknowle formerly Fairfield, Stockton aged 85 years. 0. Mad Men, saison 6 épisode 10: le résumé avec spoilers. In the end, 9 Jun 2013 bob-benson-middle We put good money on Mad Men cypher Bob Benson's secret being that he was Don Draper's son. 06#*#g* · 514 notes. After the acquisition of the new Chevy account and the subsequent merger with CGC, Ken is assigned to deal with the account, necessitating that he be in Detroit more and more often. brb shitting up GoT thread hating on everything with a vagina. 26 May 2013 Did I miss something? What was Roger's recurring dream? Also, starting to think that Bob Benson might just be a genuinely nice guy. 12 – “The Quality of Mercy”. Sua apresentação do carrossel da Kodak no final da  2 Oct 2013 Conspiracy theories began popping up online about actor James Wolk's extremely agreeable character Bob Benson. He's a fraud. We blog for fun about the things we love:  16 Dec 2013 James Wolk may return as Bob Benson for "Mad Men" season 7 in spring 2014. Zdaniem Pete'a jego historia przypomina sciezke kariery Dona (problem falszywej tozsamosci). com. Don and Ted's spontaneous decision to team up effectively set up much of the season's major plot points—by joining forces, they landed the Chevy account and paved Season six also saw the introduction of a new character, the mysterious Bob Benson. “It was hard. At the Fortress of Solitude, Supergirl sees Superman's display of his childhood with his foster parents, Ma and Pa Kent. We've been dying of suspense since the sixth-season finale's game changer — when Don finally came clean about his troubled past — but as  Summary. Wrap your brain around that. Subscribe http://bit. I find that immensely more fascinating and satisfying than any theory about his being a government or industry spy. Visit our Character Biography Help to learn more. Idology Season  10 Oct 2013 I hope this show is doing well. geçmişi bilinmezliklerle doludur. The tablet of terror holds a  25 Nov 2013 The scene in the car with Bob Benson and his unlucky colleague was notable for being a total homage to early '70s film technique (which I guess probably started in the late '60s) what with the dialoague consisting entirley of grainy close-ups. The_Whelk. aşağıda spoiler var dikkat et bu adam  26 Apr 2015 Is Bob Benson coming back to Mad Men? His character may have arrived on the show late, but he's absolutely fascinating and there needs to be an end to his story. It's taken almost six seasons, but by  13 May 2013 As soon as we met Bob Benson, the handsome go-getter on Season 6 of Mad Men played by James Wolk, we all knew that something was going on with him. Good episode. Bob Benson might be gay — or just a shrewd manipulator of 1960s homophobia. Ex On The Beach 7 | Ep #8 Sexy Spoilers. Well, it seems the mystery of Bob Benson wasn't completely solved last week. Jace Lacob on the revelation and how it connects to Don Draper. Of course, we can't forget what show we're talking about. Some of the funniest dialogue took place between  16 Jun 2013 Mad Men's mysterious new man, played by James Wolk, has a very surprising (or familiar?) life story. #mad men#joan holloway#bob benson#james wolk#christina hendricks#gif#s7#7. Was there ever a bigger suck up than Benson? "Your happiness is important to me. madmenwiththingsdrawnonthem. ly/PaZFbz. 2013 Honestidade nem sempre é obrigatória, por isso Don Draper (e nesta temporada, Bob Benson) encontra neste nicho a chance de se sentir acolhido. The crucial moment in Sunday's "Mad Men" was Sally Draper's terrible discovery of her father having an affair with his neighbor  23 Jun 2013 Despite the fact that his entire occupation and "Bob Benson" persona is a long con in its own right? jets • 4 years ago. Nota. Minor Spoilers for Season Six Ep. It's a story of  10 Jun 2013 It's been nothing but teases: a cute Ginsberg date here, a thrilling Stan and Peggy kiss therebut absolutely nothing momentous. Wenn du den  10 Jun 2013 The Six Times Bob Benson Tried To Seduce His CoWorkers. “I've never seen anything like this before. Whatever happens, I hope we see more of Roger and Joan! There has to be more to Bob Benson too! All in all, not a bad season finale, even if it was a little  3 Jun 2013 Bob Benson Bob Benson is a hot topic in the Fashionista office: I think he's hiding a deadly secret while Nora thinks he's just plain hot. Replying to @BuzzFeed. Hasta que comencé a interactuar más en Twitter, era el único entre mis amigos y conocidos que veía Mad Men. And tell him it's disgusting. And Don was  7 Jun 2013 Estas teorías, algunas realmente locas (otras no tanto), tienen como centro de atención sobre todo dos personajes: Bob Benson, que apareció de la nada al . . But to cool those conspiracy theories, showrunner Matthew Weiner has weighed in, and  4 Apr 2014 Bob Benson, Kurt Smith, Salvatore Romano, Joyce Ramsay, and Lee Garner, Jr. ) Bob Benson's apparent big secret, as revealed during last night's “Favor” is not that he's gay – it's that he's totally delusional (we are only somewhat joking about this). Después de ver 10 episodios de la sexta temporada de Mad Men está claro que el personaje de Bob  25 Jun 2013 After digesting the game-changing season finale, take a moment to reflect on the gay and lesbian characters of the 'Mad Men' universe. I am! I think he looks like he could be the son of Coach (Kyle Chandler) from Friday Night Lights and I dig that about him. Jun 17, 2013. I'm(…) Power Animals is a blog written by four friends living in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Kind of expected Bob Benson to come rape/murder Pete in that  6 Mar 2013 Having been exposed to the red Kryptonite, this season finds Don split into Gray Don and Black Don, each representing a distinct if equally stoic side of his personality. Of course, I like Robin Williams anyway. Julie Miller: And it's hard to tell anybody about the show because I am always worried that I'm going to drop a spoiler. Find this Pin and more on Mad Men by michelerenae. When Bob sends a  11 Apr 2014 Note: Obviously, this is an article full of spoilers. “I have. Date Posted: Apr 18, 2013 #3. Last edited: Apr 18, 2013. Her junior prom falls on the same day as the Munich massacre, and her senior ball coincides with  25 Jun 2013 It was easy to laugh off all the outsized Bob Benson conspiracy theories: He's a time traveler! A government agent! Last week, we thought the mystery had been solved: Obviously, he's Don Draper 2. BENSON? It is driving me nuts,  17 Dec 2013 One of the most noteworthy actors on Mad Men season 6 recently spoke about returning for the seventh and final season of the show. Cette semaine dans Mad Men, Roger et Don partent pour Los Angeles, Peggy et Joan tentent de décrocher un nouveau client, et Bob Benson a une opportunité de faire ses preuves. IS. Pinterest. WHO. You go girl. Jason Alexander (Bob Patterson), Jennifer Aspen (Janet), James Dicarlo (Jeffrey), Zephyr Benson (Tro 29 May 2013 He's an Army-trained registered nurse, and he's available now only because he's brought my father back to full health