ly/2GyEbCf 2/27 (BEC & REG): http://bit. Some of the questions are  BEC will still include Written Communication (WC). & concepts (bec). 81%. ×Cancel. The question [I asked myself] was, “Should I park closer in a spot that was illegal, or should I park in a lot which was somewhat further away?” So I had to make a calculation: What was the likelihood that  “BEC 86. CPA Exam Preparation. Close. ​. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. ly/  View Notes - BEC 5 Practice Q and A from ACCOUNTING 50C at Golden Gate. 7G]list2017 Becker AICPA AUD1) 2017 AUD Review Textbook with Notes - PDF2) 2017 AUD Rev - Discuz! Board. Gary S. 43. UNSPSC Code, 86140000 Typical questions asked about products: - Is the item durable? Becker CPA Exam Review. The reason here, is they have a tendency to focus on what the AICPA considers “Hard” questions - you just don't realize it because your software focused on making the hard ones seem easy. For my last section (assuming I pass BEC on Saturday), I think I'm going to read through the  22 Sep 2010 All the while asking the question how could I pass REG, AUD, FAR on the 1st try but not this darn BEC?? I picked up the Yaeger online CRAM sessions and now was using that, my Becker materials, my Wiley materials and my Gleim software and scheduled yet another BEC exam in May I felt like I was  Types of Questions. 2014 Becker CPA  As a former “alumni” of the Becker course, my recommendation is to go through one section, prepare, then take the exam. Get in touch! Gordon Becker // Margaret River. Each task Are you planning to sit for BEC soon—what are your strategies for tackling the written communication tasks? CPA Exam  I can't speak to the bar exam. 1. As part of the new course, students will be provided with real time access to instructors who can help answer questions and offer  Buy Becker BEC Final Review Textbook: Education & Crafts - Amazon. Get the best CPA reviews, study tips, exam hacks, and discounts. These books and CD with sample questions prepared me very well when I passed the exam six years ago. One of the most widely asked questions about taking the exams is about what order to take them in. All rights reserved. Auditing & Attestation. 30 Mar 2015 My first question was, “Which section should I take first?” Three of my classmates and I decided to take the Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) section in February. Discounts: 20% “Fresh Start” Discount – You purchased another review course that didn't work. 44. Business Environment & Concepts. I have friends who used Becker, spent twice the amount of time studying that I did, and are still trying to pass. The BEC section is different from the others because it involves  2015 DeVry/Becker Educational Development Corp. another71. So this is kinda how I prepared: January - February Window- Started studying for Audit in mi Sample practice questions for the CPA exam. I have Beckers 2010 already. After reading Becker's writings, one may question his. In addition, the BEC will now include 4-5 task-based simulations going forward which are weighted at 35%. Of course, I can only speak for myself, but the actual exam did not have the convoluted and unnecessarily wordy questions that were present in Becker's. Through the end of 2010 it also is the only section comprised solely of multiple choice questions. BEC Exam Tips. 70%. 4 BEC Exam Pass Rates; 5 BEC CPA Exam Study Tips. 95. I wanted to post this because I was very worked up leading up to the exam due to the nature of Becker's questions. 本書の構成 Part1は Written Communication 対策講座、Part2の各章は、BEC 総まとめ講座にそれぞれ対応する内. 1 Multiple-Choice Questions; 2. Communications 問題を 【Becker 社による回答例】は、本試験において時間内に書くには、あまりに長すぎると考えられます。 If you have any questions or concerns about the balanced scorecard or anything else please let me know. Attend our Mock Exam Webinars! We will cover what to expect on the exam as well as walk through Multiple Choice questions & Task Based Simulations. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. 11. iii. For FAR and AUD the multiple choice testlets are 30 questions each, and for REG and BEC the testlets are 24 questions each. Through multiple-choice questions and an increased use of task-based simulations (TBSs) in all sections of the Exam, as well as written responses in BEC, candidates  14 Feb 2017 The schedule recommends taking BEC in early January, AUD in May, and both REG and FAR over the summer. 31 Jul 2017 The new exam places less emphasis on multiple-choice questions in favor of more task-based simulations that require critical thinking and analysis to solve properly. 40. Testing within each Examination section is administered in blocks called testlets. 2 Task-Based Simulations; 2. Corporate Board of Director's Fiduciary… Sarbannes Oxley Act of 2002. The first testlet was a breeze, minus one IT related question that wasn't covered by Becker. Enroll for EduPristine CPA course and avail access of ✓160 Hrs Classroom Training ✓Certification ✓Becker's Notes ✓6500+ Becker Questions ✓Mock Tests. If yes which combination is good. What exactly will the new "analysis" questions include and will Becker, for example, have enough example questions for us to get used to the questions? With 2000+ “need-to-know” facts powered by the world's most effective & fun study tool, Memorang is your best shot at passing with confidence. • Note the Topic. 8725 | Outside of the US: 630. 2014 Becker CPA Review PassMaster (PDF, nearly 6,500 multiple choice questions) 3. One last question, I am an lower  16 Nov 2015 However the exam is more than multiple choice questions as FAR, AUD, and REG have task-based simulations and BEC requires three written memos. Number of Items, 1. COSO- Introduction. That way once  I took BEC two days ago and feel pretty good about it. 3. Study Flashcards On Becker CPA - BEC - B-1 at Cram. Becker, Wiley, Roger, Yaeger, and mostly any program will have an option to watch the lecture videos and take notes through a review book. Cumulative. Over break I made studying  25 May 2012 Gary Becker: I was teaching at Columbia University and was driving to an oral exam with Ph. Buy It Now. Ethical values and integrity. 20 Jul 2011 Both review courses go over a set of multiple choice questions & TBS, but Roger does spend more time on the TBS. On a lesser note . Free Shipping. FAR Sample CPA Exam Questions - Wiley CPAexcel. BEC contains 72 multiple choice questions and three written communication tasks. 2. • FAR, AUD, and REG — these exam sections now have a higher percentage of task-based simulations. b. February 1 - April 4 2016 Supplemental Multiple-Choice Questions: Additional questions for when you need extra practice  CARL L, BECKER. · January 31 at 12:26pm ·. • Note ANY ideas that come to mind on  Prepare to crush your upcoming CPA Exam! Becker's new interactive mobile game experience is the latest innovation in learning. 2 BEC CPA Exam Format and Structure. the argument statement that focuses the essay(or whatever does focus the essay) a summary of theessays content. I personally found Becker lectures pretty useless, especially if that cockhead Tim Gearty is teaching it because he makes you highlight the entire text. Crime and Punishment: An Economic Approach. Thank you! I credit your mcq's and notes for much of that success. Auditing and Attestation (AUD) — 4 Hours (72 questions and eight task-based simulations). . AUD, FAR  Study anytime, anywhere with Becker's mobile CPA Exam Review. After the Smiths repeatedly call Becker, he arrives one week later to fix the  Becker Glove International, LLC. Department of Economics, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL. 容です。 Part1の Written Communication Preparation の「1. 4797 ' " '. 解説していきます . The CPA Exam is a computer-based test comprised of four sections. Written Communication. Outlined in the table below, BEC includes four to five simulations. Each testing window is two months. 23 Jun 2008 I just finished one of the Final Exams in the Becker Review Material. Becker bec homework questions  In BEC, questions pertaining to international standards will test your grasp of globalization in the business environment. 52%. Fully integrated course materials for all course formats: · Over 6,800 multiple choice questions · Over 350 task-based  GO TO PAGE. exams-order2. Authority and responsibility. A Pri ,LOSOPHJGAL ANALiSlS ln any study of American historiography, Car. Business Environment & Concepts / BEC /. Each part has three testlets  1 Nov 2012 The forums are a joke and the course reviews are paltry, but there are multiple choice tests of between 75 and 3,000 questions for $20 or under. Each section now includes 50% multiple choice questions (MCQs)  Learn the concepts tested on the exam and STOP memorizing text and questions in a textbook. Ibid, • p. Cram. 0432 295 782. 46. Testlets 2 & 3 were definitely trickier, but I still felt pretty good about the bulk of the MCQs in each section. BEC. ly/2GBJ11E pic. 2014 Becker CPA Review Textbook (PDF) 2. In Accounting for Empires™ , students compete individually or as a group to correctly answer CPA Exam style questions in order to build their empires. Note: Only in the BEC section. 4. Do you think only Beckers is enough for BEC or I also need something else. 24 Oct 2016 During this live online course Becker's highly-rated CPA instructors will prepare students for all four CPA Exam sections on a schedule built around the AICPA's testing windows. University of Chicago and National Bureau of Economic Research. The weird thing is that  3 Sep 2017 Walter Becker, bassist, guitarist and co-founder of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted band Steely Dan, died Sunday at the age of 67. Fourth Q. The Economic Approach . com makes it easy to get the grade you want! Business Enviroment and Concepts (BEC) I personally used Becker CPA Review when I was taking the CPA exam and only passed 2 sections with it. Audit committee and CE… Committee on Sponsoring Organizations issued "Internal  Hi I attempted REG yesterday, now going to start BEC. 3 Testlet and Simulation Time Length. Start Quiz. 85% of your overall score is on multiple choice questions  CPA Becker BEC 2016. There are a variety of topics  14 Jul 2014 - 16 min - Uploaded by Becker Professional EducationFinal review is a condensed review that reinforces your understanding of the most heavily tested 25 May 2016 Read the question a couple of times so you make sure you know what it is asking. (MCQ) testlets containing 90 questions. These expert flashcards are authored by CPA professionals and educators, and cover the most trusted resources like Wiley and Becker. questions. 3 How is BEC Weighted and Graded? 3. Find out the information you need to know so you can ace your CPA exam! multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and task-based simulations (TBS). 1st Period I just took BEC yesterday, used Becker, didnt really seem to be an accurate representation of what was asked on the test really. Smita, I passed BEC exam on my second  Quiz your Business Environment & Concepts (BEC) knowledge of the CPA Exam with sample questions from the free weekly pop quiz by Wiley CPAexcel. 1A-20. There are multiple CPA test preparation classes that can be taken. 9 Aug 2016 All four sections contain multiple-choice questions, AUD, FAR and REG also contain task-based simulation questions, which use real-life work situations – such as working on a spreadsheet or researching a database – to test your skill. The remaining 15% comes from a written communications section where you  11 Feb 2016 Fifteen of the 90 MC questions for FAR and AUD, and 12 of 72 questions for BEC and REG are not graded. I need help on material, which combination is the best one. Operational questions are scored, while pretest questions are  Attend our Mock Exam Webinars! We will cover what to expect on the exam as well as walk through Multiple Choice questions & Task Based Simulations. 5. 59%. State CPA  29 Mar 2016 I would start to recognize and memorize the Becker questions, so another test bank was beneficial. 27%. Following are multiple choice questions recently released by the AICPA. business environment. com. All 4 parts of the CPA exam contain multiple choice questions based on the topics in the Content Specification Outlines (CSOs). If working in This is provided to the company who offers the CPA Review course (e. Financial Accounting & Reporting  2013 DeVry/Becker Educational Development Corp. CPA - We have either been through it, or are currently going through the study and CPA licensing process Study Tips? Exam preparation? Questions? Help? 12 Jan 2016 You tend to do better on exam day than you do on your practice software (I can vouch for Becker). In the last few years Becker has become increasingly interested in the question of the social dependence and political dimensions of art. 683. I stuck to the order that Becker's live classes were set to and that was a big mistake! Laser Printer Repair ~ Security Camera Installation ~ Avaya Phone Support (supplied by contractors working with BeckPC). Keller's CPA Prep Courses: For the brave souls out there, be aware that integrated prep courses like Becker's can be taken through programs like that at DeVry's  19 Dec 2017 But even though in 2013 the duo spoke of making a new album, Fagen now admitted that, when they said that, Becker didn't really have much of a desire to record anything. Mundell. AUD. . Think About Topic. This way, we could motivate each other to study! I was happily surprised to see that some of the BEC material was covered during my  I was 4/4 with the help of your course. Before scheduling each exam, I would briefly look at the material and table of contents of my prep material text book (Becker) and figure out how much time I'd want to It's important to not to get intimidated by questions from prep material. Part Number, 2370000232700. These questions were released by the AICPA with letter answers only. With these questions, Becker oversteps the limits of the ethical domain, as we saw in the context of meta-ethical questions. The 2017 CPA Exam includes an increase in the amount of Task Based Simulations in all sections, including the addition of TBS to the BEC section. Three testlets and six The Tennessee Society of CPAs has partnered with these companies to offer discounts to our members: Becker, ExamMatrix, Roger CPA Review, Surgent, Wiley and Yaeger. If you think that On the BEC section of the exam, you need to complete 3 written communications tasks, one of which is a pre-test question. com/vAB6Izyi2S. Human resources. g. info@gordonbeckerphoto. k. GARY S. Naveen Chawla says. 0 replies 2 retweets  BEC Written Communication. 36%. You are finally in the right place. I took a prep course and supplemented with Wiley, Gleim and Becker. Structure (organizational). Becker Professional Education Registered to: Dominique DAntonio Question CPA-03806 Compared to firms in a perfectly competitive. 41. Becker 2014 including videos lectures, wiley 2015 edition study guides, wiley 2015 focus notes for all 4 parts are available 2014 Becker CPA review package including: 1. I/C. What this means: The percentage of each type of content that is covered on each exam changed. I explain concepts with real-life examples and break down step-by-step how to solve the multiple choice questions you are likely to see on exam day. Second, they  $189. 16 Oct 2016 If working in Assurance: FAR, REG, BEC, Audit or FAR, BEC, REG, Audit (see 6c below) b. I truly can't say enough about how impressed I am with the course. Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) — 4  6 Apr 2013 Becker students, quick Q on b1 on the PHRASED and PHRASED C mnemonic : A. AUD /. I had roughly 1 hr 15 minutes left by the time I got to the writing portion. 248. l Becker emerges as one of the more prominent historical philosophers, George H, . 247. Beckers with Gliem or Wileys. Click below to register for either webinar: 2/20 (FAR & AUD): http://bit. are useful. Wikipedia. Practice with a BEC sample test in order to maximize your score on the actual CPA exam day. For me the hardest parts were BEC and REG because they contained IT and business law, two subjects I had no previous experience or classes for. Appropriateness, other than grammaticality, is a socio-cultural construct. 60637, USA. 2 BEC Topic Areas & Concepts Tested. 1) Right to Rely 2) Liability for Unlawful Distributions 3) Du… 1) Title III: Corporate Responsibility. 7. But the CPA exam was no fun. Is the Becker format similar to the real exam? I expected more problems on the exam? Are the questions similar to the real exam? I did pretty good on the exam, but I cautiously optimistic because some of the problems were the exact same  Things were going great and I thought that my $3,300 investment in Becker was totally worth it! I had watched the BEC videos, done the suggested multiple choice, gone thru 15 neon yellow highlighters and made notes just like I did for all my college accounting courses. 29 Nov 2016 I failed the bec section 2 times one time I had use becker, and second time I use wiley. CPA Exam Format. It's the latest version of Windows to be released. 01%. 88%. 6. ✓ Learn faster with spaced repetition. 26 Apr 2016 Each lessons includes a video (or audio) lecture, an excerpt from the textbook and corresponding questions. 67 Whilst the term “moral' is generally used in this dichotomy, the term “ethical” would be more consistent with our distinction between morality and ethics. When I started studying for the BEC section, I decided to try a different review course – yours. Can anybody please give me your opinion. With Becker, I had to repeat BEC and simply could not get through FAR (I did pass AUD and REG on the first try but I am an auditor by profession). Frequently Asked Questions. Multiple Choice. It's important not to spend too much time on any one simulation because one of the seven TBS on AUD and FAR, and one of the seven  [–]AquinnahGuy 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). Take our FREE BEC tests to be prepared. FAR. • 15 MCQs and 1 TBS Section. 245. 次ページより、Becker's CPA Exam Review(2011Edition)- BEC の Simulations の中から Written. Financial Accounting & Reporting / FAR /. ) in Berlin since 2001/2003. Ask A Question You can also use Ask Becker A Question and you will receive a response from a Becker representative within two business days. I failed Financial twice (while watching the DVD's during busy season), then started my new study plan and passed financial, passed Audit, passed BEC, then failed Reg, then passed Reg. By: Stacy Ray, Becker Professional Education. The reason I don't I prefer to teach myself by taking multiple choice questions and reviewing the explanations and then using the lectures only as needed. Actual BEC: 87. Testlets contain operational and pretest questions. We asked AW: When I took BEC under the old exam in January, I found that the exam was much easier than the practice tests on Becker. If you could include your wedding date, venue, contact details  Becker Professional Education students pass at twice the rate of all cPA Exam candidates who did not take a review course with Becker, based on BEC November 23 - December 28 2015. Brand Name, Becker. EAN, 2370000232700. You can even use Becker to only view the CPA released questions and you'll see that I mean. Human capital analysis starts with the assumption that individuals decide on their education, training, medical care, and other additions to knowl-. The current exam—administered by the AICPA —takes a total of 16 hours for all four-parts. I have  CalCPA student and candidate members get discounts on review courses offered by Becker CPA Review, Roger CPA Review and Surgent CPA Review. Please fill in the form below or call to request availability, or if you have any questions regarding package information and pricing please don't hesitate to get in contact. "Walter had some health problems," he continued, "and especially after 2011-12, I think just being ill for so long, he had a little bit of a  Study B5-1 flashcards online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. 1 MCQ and Simulation Grading Percentage. Divide Your Time Evenly on the Task-Based Simulations (TBS). First-year goaltender Andrew Tucci made 19 saves to earn his third win in as many starts. Hours of Operation: Monday — Friday from 7:30am — 7:30pm CST " BEC lg ER. twitter. First Q. In keeping with the band's legacy of going against the grain, Becker and Fagen used their Rock Hall acceptance speech to take questions from the crowd:  1 Aug 2016 Becker and Surgent have Android apps, and Becker again is the most up-to-date. And with CPA fees as high as they are, we  26 Nov 2016 The Hawks closed out the scoring with 2:54 to play on a score by Nicholas McKee. There were several instances where you can quickly identify answers that just don't make any sense or don't relate to the question at hand. Thanks to MDS Boot Camp, I received a 93 on BEC, an 80 on REG, 95 on AUD, and 87 on FAR. Flexible Hours…days, nights & weekends! Call for an appointment. 11 Apr 2016 The other section (BEC) will be scored with multiple-choice questions counting for 50 percent, written communications at 15 percent, and task-based Angie Brown, CPA, is Becker Professional Education's national instructor and director of accounting curriculum and My CPA Path, an interactive planning  Sep 04, · Hi berry, I am still working on the first of your problems- it threw me off too. Multiple Choice Questions . Here are the key points to the written communication section: ROGER CPA  Kathrin Becker is a curator and has been director of the Videoforum at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein and of the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n. 'For more Information regarding the Windsor and Becker partnership, please contact ' ”0 H 55  28 Aug 2014 I settled for learning the basic answer formula and reading Becker's essay solutions. com/august-2017-cpa-exam-score-release/ Holi — I am a recent college graduate going to work for a big four… The Smith family is renting a house from Barry Becker in Maine under a one year lease running from September to September. What Does the Business Environment and Concepts Section of. Flexibility is your friend. For any newbies, I really think MCQ questions are the way to go. Just log in and your course progress will be automatically synchronized across your all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). Cost: $1695. students. CPA Exam Prep by Appitur, updated in May 2016, includes questions from prior exams, flashcards, and  SvipBook-CFA FRM AICPA SAS Finance Study Material 2017 Becker AICPA Review Package (Updated in May 2017) [10. GO TO PAGE. The exam itself is different in that it does not get harder or easier depending on how well you are doing on it. minutes per question. Interestingly, there are some non–brand-name CPA review apps for Android devices that look worth checking out. Colby 8, Becker 3. Reporting (financial) competencies***************. Find out the information you need to know so you can ace your CPA exam! Get the best CPA reviews, study tips, exam hacks, and discounts. BECKER. Becker. 39 Task Based Simulations and detailed explanations a {NEW} 2018 Becker CPA Flashcards Business BEC V3 R/Q 05'-  Becker BEC practice final avg: 71. Everyone who passed CPA exams will agree that preparing well for TBS is the critical key to pass CPA exams. • One testlet containing seven short, task-based simulations (TBS). If you're one of those who needs a motivational boost to get started, then start with one of the smaller exams like BEC. “We Make House Got a question about Windows 10? Check out the Q&A page. These 3 questions are testing to see how well you can communicate your knowledge to those around you. The MCQ's are worth 85% of the score and the essays are 15%. Please click  16 Feb 2017 For example, if I take BEC as my last test in April 2017 and my AUD score expires in July 2017, however I will not know my score for BEC until August . Check out our proprietary Bec-Tech® technology which is a Windproof-Waterproof-Breathable barrier enhancing our ski/snowboard gloves as well as our performance sport This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Two of the most common are Becker and Roger. I've only taken BEC and the Becker questions typically had way more info than actual questions. When is a question appropriate? In Recontextualizing Context, Fetzer (2004) distinguishes between “grammaticality” and “appropriateness” of sentences and utterances. Philosophy and operating style of management. Becker's online (note: not self-study) option schedules 2 chapters a week, however if you are working full-time one chapter a week may be more  66 On this point, see Becker [BEC 92b, p. My company . BEC is a three hour exam, made up of three sections of 24 questions each, and then a fourth section with three essay questions. Becker textbook does have more information and reading in their books compared to Roger, to where I did notice you are almost forced to open and read the Wiley Book (which is included . Audit has 72 MC (50%) and 8 TBS (50%). Internal Control. D. Most MAC program graduates Becker also includes a massive bank of practice questions as well as simulations for the parts of the exam that aren't multiple choice. Our editorial board is currently working on providing detailed explanations for these questions, so please 21 Mar 2016 Currently, there are 3 written communication questions which are only found in BEC (Business Environment and Concepts). Test day came and things were still going according  25 Mar 2010 BEC is different from the other sections of the CPA exam in many ways. Task-Based Simulations. I listen to the silence. BUSINESS TABLE OF CONTENTS. I did all the question 4-5 times until I made 90% or above but still failed. Thank you so  10 May 2010 My exam dates were FAR 10/9, AUD 22/11, REG 1/22, BEC 3/1. the stuff that becker stressed was barely asked. Becker for many firms), and Sample questions and study materials are also available free at links in #1 above. Mack Burton added two saves for the Mules in the 3:54. Personalized Learning - Candidates can  The exam is composed of testlets (groups of 24 or 30 multiple-choice questions) and simulations (condensed case studies). Becker bec homework questions  Columbia; assistance and suggestions from Isaac Ehrlich and Robert Michael; and sugges- tions from the editor of the Jour,wl of Political Economy, Robert A. Smith . The links for both companies are listed below. Becker cpa homework questions. Scoring by Period - BEC 0-1-2=3; CLB 1-3-4=8. Results 1 - 20 of 316 Explore our list of CPA Study Guides Books at Barnes & Noble®. After failing FAR 3 times (73, 68, 67), I finally  Nobel Lecture, December 9, 1992. Shop now & receive FREE Shipping on orders $25 & up! 9 May 2017 Get the podcast — and my reasonably-assuring study advice here: https://www. 12. February 23, 2017 at 9:54 pm. Toll Free: 800. BEC has also has a portion for written communication tasks. 予想問題と 本パートでは、Becker Final ReviewからWritten communicationの予想問題を抽出し、解答例を付けて. 21%. 10% Student Discount – Enrolled in 12 hours+ or graduated within last 2 months. Read Question. 20 Nov 2010 AICPA BEC - Becker CPA Review – Business 3 Class Notes BUSINESS 3 CLASS NOTES Financial Managemen Three multiple-choice question. While BEC does not contain these simulations, it does have a written  and accessing Question Bank, please contact: Email: USMLEinforEEi-beckercom _ . The depreciation problem is to be approached like this- . Whereas the grammaticality of sentences may be judged without consideration of  INCREASING TASK-BASED SIMULATIONS & DECREASING MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. During the first week of February, the house's water heater breaks during a blizzard, leaving the family with no hot water. BecRer, Everyman His Own Historian, p. Reply. 714]. The BEC CPA exam has 62 multiple choice questions instead of the previous 72 with a reduced weighting of 50% from the previous 85%. Second Q Third Q. INTRODUCTION  CPA Courses are offered by the leading CPA Exam Review provider in , Bahrain, Morgan International in partnership with Becker Professional Education (Becker CPA) Questions. So in short, yes I thought Becker was harder than  Certified Public Accountant or CPA is the title of qualified accountants in numerous countries in the English-speaking world. EXAM STRUCTURE. Prepare Scrap Paper: • 1 full clean page