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1. . COPY LINK. In recent days ESPN finally got around to correcting its two latest mistakes: 1) suspending Sports Center co-anchor Jemele Hill for inappropriate tweets and 2) and ending a brief partnership with Barstool Sports. 4 Nov 2017 The Barstool Sports fiasco involved ESPN announcing, promoting, and airing a show hosted by two of the blog's biggest personalities — Big Cat and PFT Commentator — only to have it cancelled after one episode. He, nor a tasteless bit about Steve Gleason, the former New Orleans Saints player who suffers from ALS, Shapiro went on CNN and fell so hard on the sword it went right through him. TopLatest. But Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool sports, couldn't resist defending his company's honor. It's all or . 9 Sep 2017 - 14 sec"Evaculation". El Presidente12/22/2016 1:20 PM. Share Tweet. A blogger and Barstool Sports host has admitted cheating on his pregnant wife, conceding that he has ruined his marriage, family and life. by Dillon Cheverere Jul 18, 2013. Smitty comes in to  27 Mar 2012 Dave Portnoy doesn't think the college students protesting his website, Barstool Sports, misinterpreted his joke about a rape victim -- they just don't l that sparked the backlash: “[E]ven though I never condone rape if you're a size 6 and you're wearing skinny jeans you kind of deserve to be raped right?”. She waited for three years to  1 Feb 2018 Everyone around the Twin Cities remembers bits and pieces the infamous Love Boat scandal, a water-borne bacchanalia hosted on Lake Minnetonka on Oct. Chad Harper “I love Even with regards to the political end of barstool, Portnoy was as right wing as they come, still is, but that was always balanced out by the rest of the crew. Here's one example: Pam Oliver is the one person in the world who can say chicks like Erin Andrews and Sam Ponder only have their jobs because they're hot and get away with it  Dude Passes Out After Snorting Coke, Says It's Because “Cape Cod Coke Sucks”. 23 Mar 2017 Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take hosts Dan Katz and PFT Commenter added another incident to their antagonistic relationship with the NFL on Thursday, crashing the league's conference call for a pair of As for the NFL's answer to the pressing questions, it gave a brisk "no comment" and moved on. Barstool Sports. 2 Charitable work; 3 Content. ” Or you know, the classic excuse everybody and their mother makes to try to put down the fastest growing media company in sports. Sort By:. 31 Mar 2017 The Barstool Sports magic is driven by charismatic personalities, a cultural obsession with memes / humor, and a system level evolution in distribution The focus on “clicks” by media empires was once a recipe for success, but is now a bee line to negative unit economics and the inherent fall from grace  29 Mar 2017 This week I had the pleasure of interviewing former WEEI radio personality and current Barstool Sports writer Jerry Thornton five questions revolving around I read everything about it with a skeptical eye from the beginning and as much abuse as I took for being a Denier, I never had to move off my spot as  25 Oct 2017 Episode 25: Eni Aluko and racism & sexism in soccer, ESPN & Barstool Sports, and the World Series . Image 2 of 9. Well, Barstool Sports decided to take it a step further with a near 14-minute film that uncovered some of the dirty details most people don't  13 Oct 2017 A contract at Barstool that requires its new employees to sign off on "offensive speech" and "conduct" has blown up online after it was posted on Twitter. That was a grudge move. Comments Barstool Sports App Feb 01, 2014 · if i look at comments on instagram it only gives me around 5 comments. Feitelberg1/7/2016 12:02 PM. 2. We're willing to work with people to find the best way to move forward, because there are problems and we're not shy about speaking up about them," he added. In addition, the comment section below will not be used for further misogyny. Title is pretty self-explanatory, but it just seems like Riggs has become really self-conscious of the comment section for always telling him they Apparently Anybody Can Just Walk Right Into My Office And Pitch Me On Shit #TheBarstoolDifference. I shot the shit… The Day I Met Dave Portnoy (President of Barstool Sports) . 23 Oct 2017 ESPN announced that after just one episode, it's canceled Barstool Van Talk, which aired on ESPN2. This week, because I didn't come within 15 shots of the top player, I was back down in E Class. In D Class, which is where I feel I should have been, this would have been good for 27th place and above the exemption line again. 27 Sep 2017 The video shows Arrowhead student Max Marsalli, a member of the school's Gators, the leaders of the student section at Arrowhead athletic events. What's really special is that McAfee is joining Barstool Sports on the condition that he can remain in Indy and not move to New York full-time. Sunday NFL Countdown host Sam Ponderrolled out the welcome mat in a unique way. 0 Comments. I don't hate it. 9 Feb 2016 There have been some other controversies regarding Barstool Sports, one recently of them being called out for the sexual harassment of Tom Brady's infant son. Recently, the burgeoning company, started by Massachusetts native David Portnoy, offered him a chance to move to  14 Nov 2017 I've often felt recently that the "sports-bro" culture Barstool Sports appeals to is simply evidence of the pervasive and unabashed "bro" monoculture that exists due to United States colleges' The hypothesis that ESPN's rating are down because of some vague notion of a 'move to the left' is nonsense. 17 Oct 2017 “The comments about Sam Ponder were offensive and inappropriate, and we understand her reaction. 13 Aug 2015 Print; Comments. Brilliant PR move once again NFL! . Take Ponder, for example. And it's  15 Nov 2017 In this episode of "Two Outs," Reimer and Buck chat with "Gay Pat" from Barstool Sports. Follow @stoolpresidente. The 2014 post Ponder screen-grabbed was written by  15 Jan 2016 Even more important is the fact that he has complete trust in Chernin's group to take Barstool Sports to the next level. Governor Charlie Baker unwittingly stepped into a minor controversy when he sported a “Free Brady” T-shirt Monday. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of The Dave Portnoy Show by Barstool Sports for free. I love the reaction of someone who's caught red-handed and they know it, be it stealing cookies out of a cookie jar by Mom, or passed out in the I don't have any still on my nose, right?”. He did not make “You just can't, because we do it 24/7. Barstool Sports' comment sections are unconscionably mean-spirited, embodying the worst excesses of internet anonymity. Portnoy, who tipped his cap  23 Oct 2017 The end of the ESPN-Barstool Sports partnership came down to one person: ESPN president John Skipper. (taken from the comment section on a single post). Movement), usually in the afternoon (it never fails that some mouth-breather in the comments comes unglued because it's not posted in the morning). Out of all the platforms I visited daily, Barstool Sports gave me an opportunity to  6 Oct 2017 But perhaps the fastest rising name in sports journalism right now got his start by commenting on articles, intentionally using poor grammar and spelling Then he got the offer that is likely earning him much more than a modest $40,000, moving over to Barstool Sports full time and co-hosting the Pardon My  8 Sep 2017 It wasn't about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick starting their campaign towards a sixth ring together; and forget about the idea of the Chiefs actually having a presence in the game, never mind winning. 0 You are basically pulling a Chef, when Isaac Hayes wouldn't do South Park because they were going to shit on Scientology. El Presidente6/16/2015 12:00 PM. . The media 29 Dec 2017 I arrived with my father, and spotted my cousin Jon right away, the other half of Jonny squared, so that day we were a full Jonny squared. com/ ZFTXhAffkF. 38 Comments • 111. 584K Views. ET slot, controversy erupted over Barstool's past, notably comments about ESPN's “Sunday NFL Countdown” host Samantha Ponder. Also maybe throw me a bone and tag EL Pres on insta in my comment section. Bottom Line: It  16 Nov 2017 Image via Instagram Much as it did with Trump last November, the news media has been scrambling to make sense of Barstool Sports' rapid ascent to one of the most beloved brands in The general answer is that Barstool has succeeded largely because of, not despite, its unapologetic lack of decorum. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Maybe people will start moving here that are entertainers because of this,'" he said. m. 1 History. "I think that's why I was so upset with But after meeting with Irsay for more than an hour Monday to inform him of his decision, the 29-year-old is now moving on to life after football. They discuss the reception he's And because you email me like two points you're dead right why we bodies to do that ways to book guests from red sex podcast is I would email. Governor Charlie Baker thanked people for participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge while wearing a. 1 Purchase. I'll also be  23 Jan 2018 ESPN and BarStool Sports at present, are the Microsoft and Apple of the 1990s, respectively. 93. 23 Oct 2017 Here is a story with no winners. 23 Oct 2017 People are expecting scorched earth right now. The executives there were put in a box. 2 Feb 2017 While he was named to the Pro Bowl this year for the second time, he passed on it because he needs another surgery. Comment by: Cantgetthestinkout. That said, it is Barstool's ethos to welcome people  15 Jan 2016 Barstool Sports continued its ascension into the mainstream last week, when it was announced The Chernin Group acquired it for a figure between $10 and $15 million. “She got accomplished what she wanted to get accomplished,” Portnoy said of Ponder, later referring to it as “a grudge move” on her part. 1. We attacked her. " Glenny Balls, PFTCommenter, Big Cat and Caleb Pressley Barstool From left: Glenny Balls, PFT Commenter, Big Cat, and Caleb Pressley. Because I actually get why ESPN canceled the show. McAfee will remain in  31 Jan 2017 The league pulled Super Bowl week credentials from Barstool Sports employees, forcing them to cancel scheduled appearances on Radio Row, including a planned spot on PFT . 5 Oct 2016 It's never anything we say — it's always these idiots in the comments section. 7, 2018, in Pebble more. 6, 2005. On Barstool's official website, there are articles with unsavory comments directed toward the 31-year-old mom of two. But because of all the attention and support we've gotten, because other universities are getting involved, we want to create a dialogue about the epidemic of rape on college  1 Jan 2018 A well planned media strategy avoids insulting platforms such as "Barstool Sports", where leering after 16 year old girls seems to be on the daily menu. Sam Ponder, I'm not even really mad about her tweet. For most people, ESPN is not the cool kid on the block. The future of Barstool is at stake right now. As stated previously, we do not control the content of Barstool Sports. At a certain point over the last week, Skipper became more aware of the historical content of Barstool Sports away from the popular Pardon My Take podcast, and specifically, the ugly comments  14 Jun 2016 Portnoy's site, Barstool Sports, has a well-documented reputation for pushing the envelope, but this was not his fault at all. Sometimes I pretend to “run errands” but instead I just  19 Jan 2018 Somebody posted a comment a little while ago about how they cut someone off in traffic and received a stern thumbs down from the dude he cut off rather than the bird or a screaming lunatic. By Megan Woolhouse Globe  6 days ago During an interview on Barstool Sports' podcast "Pardon My Take," which was published Sunday but recorded in advance of game day. I wanna be like, they're blogging from their basements, right, 'cause it's like that kind of stuff that we see out of their site and what they're making. They're all paying attention to the Barstools of the world. Portnoy's idea was to start a sports publication that might be attractive to poker advertisers — and because the only ad model that seemed viable at the time  30 Oct 2017 They were not caught off-guard. I shot 33 under. Harrison Hill for The Boston Globe. Cameron Davis of Australia  Disqus is the web's most popular commenting system trusted by millions of publishers to increase reader engagement, grow audience and traffic, and 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, . Barstools' founder David Portnoy spoke to Forbes recently about the site's improbable rise, his vision for the company going forward and  26 Apr 2017 - 37 secMichael Rapaport came out guns blazing yelling at employees during today's Barstool Rundown 4 Jan 2018 - 8 secEvery basic ever when they see their BFF across the bar. You realize saying we're peeping tom stalker supporters is a straw man, right? Thank fucking Christ. But they felt that it was a risk worth taking and decided to move forward with the deal to create a TV show around the popular Barstool podcast, “Pardon My  23 Oct 2017 No one's paying attention to ESPN. I became an avid visitor of satire sites such as Total Sorority Move and The Onion. 31 Jul 2017 Peter also happens to be a caucasian male who has a beef with Barstool Sports because he believes they're a bunch of white guys who are “sexist and misogynistic. They drive me insane. Blog: Check Out Japan's $600 Cardboard Privacy Box. This leads to Dave questioning whether or not Nate is a company man, specifically because he wouldn't do video content where he is Smitty's trainer for his upcoming Rough N Rowdy fight. 0. 4. ” Finocchio responds . Follow @FeitsBarstool. Ariel Olivar, the young lady in question, received a great amount of attention and legitimate media coverage for her “invisible step” dance move. Not “Terrible Towel” knock-offs either, because unlike the cloth of the Pittsburgh fan base,  23 Apr 2017 While Naso made a minimal impact on the field as a junior, he said it was the year he enjoyed the most because of his teammates and how they drove him to work harder and be more Naso would admit him secretly running a Barstool Sports Twitter account probably did not uphold those standards. But I took us as far as these hands, brick by brick I built this great foundation  19 Jul 2016 Barstool Sports, founded by David Portnoy, covers sports, entertainment, politics and news with what it calls a “comedic” lens. slot to make way Russillo is likely to have opportunities elsewhere, especially with Barstool Sports getting its own Sirius XM radio channel starting Jan. twitter. 7K Comments3. That's the loyalty you get from 13 years of putting it on the line  8 Jan 2016 But it's the right move, because in my heart of hearts, I believe that Barstool Sports is better at what we do -- over the past 10 years, we're funnier, smarter, better, prettier than everyone else who is steal our schtick on the internet. In the video that accompanied the announcement, shot in Times Square, Portnoy said, Do I like  2 Feb 2017 "It was a hard decision, very, very hard because I absolutely love the Colts," McAfee said, via WTHR. 6K Likes2. 2K Shares · Share Barstool 23 Oct 2017 ESPN President John Skipper announced Monday he was canceling the show “Barstool Van Talk,” the offshoot of Barstool Sports' popular podcast, to be a weekly 1 a. is right. She is a valued colleague and doing a great job for us. 3 2018. 93 Comments. El Pres Live Periscope Question And Answer With Stoolies About The New York Move. 17 Oct 2017 Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini defended the company on Tuesday after ESPN personality Sam Ponder called out the site for offensive comments it made about her and her infant Ponder added on Tuesday that she chose to speak out against Barstool because ESPN had officially partnered with them. ”. 2 2017. Barstool Sports, which seems to mostly be a place where dudes give HOT TAKES and also have to periodically defend themselves by saying they're not sexist because they attack everyone equally, recently premiered a show on ESPN called Barstool Van Talk, which aired at  24 Oct 2017 The list of errors in judgment is rapidly growing and badly damaging the sports network. Well, that right away sounds like some crap. However, El Presidente probably made the right move at the time, because the site was so niche and focused, that it probably wasn't going to grow  14 Nov 2017 In the offices of Barstool Sports, on two floors of a narrow building in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, there's a full bar, a semicircle of sticky leather . The website, which claims to pull in 250 million views per month, includes a regular feature called “Guess That Ass” and has a dedicated “girls” section with photos of scantily-clad  13 Dec 2013 With legions of fans, Barstool is expanding its original content offerings and even eyeing a move into broadcasting. 3 Feb 2017 People are pissed about barstool selling out and leaving hanging. “I understand that some people might be upset  8 Jan 2016 But it's the right move, because in my heart of hearts, I believe that Barstool Sports is better at what we do -- over the past 10 years, we're funnier, smarter, better, prettier than everyone else who is steal our schtick on the internet. Lots of people have asked me what made this the right time to take money, Portnoy explained. The two companies had been at odds in the past, but the move was mostly seen as a way for ESPN to connect more with their audience. Why? Because we're authentic, and issues like this don't happen. Portnoy's ardent fans, the Stoolies, are right there with him. 16 Oct 2017 Barstool Van Talk premieres on ESPN2 in less than 30 hours. 1 Barstool Van Talk. 4 days ago Bill Murray sits and watches Clint Eastwood make a long putt on the third green during the celebrity challenge event of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am golf tournament Wednesday, Feb. Sort By: costigan77813 years ago. That if the email went unanswered I  9 Aug 2017 His efforts led to Barstool Sports giving him a part-time job as its Red Sox correspondent in 2014, before promoting him to full-time Major League Baseball correspondent two years later. We attacked her; she waited for three years to  13 Feb 2012 The girls of the “Knockout Barstool” movement believe the blog Barstool Sports is laden with examples of rape culture at work. 20 Dec 2017 Barstool Sports says the NFL ripped off its “Saturdays Are For The Boys” trademark and wants the league to stop selling “Sundays Are For The said the NFL never came after Barstool over the Goodell clown merchandise “because it's humorous in nature,” but he did say the league tried to block the rally  11 Jan 2016 No matter that Barstool once joked that women wearing skinny jeans deserve to be raped, according to an eye-opening story by Nick Stellini on Sports a lot of the most unappealing and insensitive comments brought up in the Sports Illustrated piece were from commenters on both the site and on Twitter. In fact, this really has already happened to me. We are doing a show with Big Cat and PFT, and we do have final say on the  25 Oct 2017 Horgan described how “the two in the pink, none in the stink award” went to a player “because he f—– some kid's day up on the kickoff … but also She said the account is a college affiliate of Barstool Sports, a popular and controversial sports media blog that posts content about sports culture and pictures  Barstool Sports is a satirical sports and men's lifestyle blog founded by Dave Portnoy in Milton, Massachusetts. Big fucking whoop. 20 Dec 2017 Last month, ESPN announced that Will Cain would become his permanent co-host and moved the show, to be called “Russillo and Cain,” to a 3-6 p. 24 Oct 2017 Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy isn't surprised that ESPN canceled late-night talk show "Barstool Van Talk" after just one episode. It's gambling and twitter stock vs. A reason the network pulled the plug on the show so early was due to a social media beef  7 Dec 2017 That year, I began to expand my range of where I received content from, knowing I would someday like to write entertainment columns one day. 19 Aug 2014 Barstool Press Conference - Comment Section Round Up Has Begun As Pres said above, the goal here is to get the comments section back to being funny and as worth reading as the blogs themselves. McComas He said while loves comedy and sports, this opportunity with Barstool will let Pat pursue a different passion. The comments were merely “mistimed jokes”. Photo: Eric Risberg, Associated Press. [hide]. Barstool posted photos of Tom Brady's 2-year-old son naked and followed it with comments about  7 Jan 2018 comments. 2 Restructuring. championship tshirts in a battle royale. The real Go Pres Go guys will rise to the top like they always do. ” Portnoy became the face of Barstool's controversy with ESPN NFL host Samantha Ponder after Ponder surfaced sexist comments that Portnoy had  13 Dec 2013 With legions of fans, Barstool is expanding its original content offerings and even eyeing a move into broadcasting. The site is headquartered in NoMad, New York City. 1 Jun 2017 There are no repercussions because this is what the site and readers want”. Mr Spagnuolo has now claimed he is being bullied, tweeting: “Rihanna fans did not like my blog calling her fat and now I'm being cyber-bullied”. 3 years ago. Kafka then says “And to spell this out, right, because the idea is they're edgy, right, that's the professional way we describe them. Replying to @barstoolsports @myawys · pic. [Source]. It was about towels. Ever since that comment I've stopped flipping people off and been giving them a thumbs down instead and it's an  Dont wanna be that comment section guy, but dear God Big Cat has been getting on my nerves lately. The founder of Barstool Sports, a satirical website which has previously been  2 Jun 2017 Barstool Sports Forced To Take Down A Blog That Fat People And Feminists Said Was Mean Because Turtleboy Is The Only Pony Left In Town That Fears In one of the most embarrassing, emasculating moves in the history of blogging, Barstool Sports took down a blog by one of their hacks Chris Spags,  The Best Blogs for Barstool Sports, Online Outlets, 2016, Sports, News, NFL, fox, Media, 2017, Pat McAfee. 16 Aug 2017Embed Tweet. We all see you Here are the five main rules we're using to moderate the comments moving forward. Marsalli On Saturday morning, both Marsalli and Holland saw that Barstool Sports had posted the video, eventually garnering more than a million views. 2 Feb 2017 Meet Barstool Sports Indy bureau producer Todd McComas, a former Indiana state trooper. 1 Background; 1. 25 May 2016 I'd describe Barstool Sports as The Chive with sports and less journalistic integrity, but that somehow insults both sites and myself all at the same time. I thrive on it. Contents. Share This Article. They do not even care if they are right anymore because the goal is no longer to inform. Dan Katz, who will co-host the show with PFT Commenter, did not author the content in question. Sort By: rodgerstheman2 years  The last four years have been magical as my internet comments have translated into my own blog, then guest contributor gigs at SB Nation & Kissing Suzy Kolber, Im installing a time-clock in my home office, and when the time comes to make the move up to New York with the rest've the crew, I plan on living in NorthEast  1 Nov 2013 If only Amare had polished his game and developed a move other than spinning in the paint and throwing up a wild one-handed shot, he might still be relevant. In a video posted on his Twitter account Saturday, Kevin said: 'I have ruined my marriage, my family and my life because I acted selfishly, I acted like a  Because I'm dating a young chick and had her on facebook live? It was stupid. But I took us as far as these hands, brick by brick I built this great foundation  23 Oct 2017 “And people are expecting scorched earth right now — you're going to get in between. Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) October 20, 2017 They were commenting on a past Ponder tweet that said: “Blogs/websites that constantly disrespect women and objectify their bodies, then take a  26 Apr 2013 Urgent: Press Release: An Open Letter to President Susan Herbst, the UConn Community, Barstool Sports, and others on Behalf of Carolyn Luby She deserves the right to move about campus and elsewhere unmolested. They knew much of the content on the site would cause some anger among both ESPN's on-air talent and executives. If you want to keep trashing me that's your fucking right. I love enemies. You're going to get an in between because I actually get why ESPN cancelled the show. Now  3 Nov 2017 Barstool Sports and ESPN had an agreement to produce a late-night TV show, based on Barstool's most successful podcast Pardon My Take, called Barstool Van Talk. Click the link