May 26, 2017 Trump's budget this week was widely mocked (by Stephen Colbert, among many others) for containing a “$2 trillion math error. Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney presents President Donald Trump's proposed budget. May 23, 2017 One of the ways Donald Trump's budget claims to balance the budget over a decade, without cutting defense or retirement spending, is to assume a $2 trillion increase in revenue through economic growth. Even conservative economists at the Tax Foundation last year estimated that the tax plan Trump proposed during the campaign would cost at least $2. And when it comes to education, the values of Trump and his education secretary Betsy DeVos couldn't be clearer – private schools deserve money, and May 22, 2017 On Tuesday, Donald Trump will unveil the first comprehensive budget proposal of his presidency, encompassing proposals affecting defense and Paul Ryan, who as the House Budget Committee chair released a series of extremely aggressive budgets including trillions in cuts to programs for the poor. It simply can't be done at the price Donald Trump has claimed. The Trump fiscal 2019 budget proposes increased spending for the military, infrastructure, border security and programs to combat the opioid epidemic. Feb 27, 2017 This week, we'll see Donald Trump's plan for US government spending in the next fiscal year. Feb 27, 2017 That is the picture that emerges from the latest Congressional Budget Office budget report , released just after President Trump took office on Jan. 20. The impossible magic math of Trump's budget proposal, explained perspective,” Cole said, “they've got the good part of what the tax plan does, which is the growth, but they don't have the bad part, which is the reduced Treasury receipts. As for paying for all of this, the closest thing to a specific proposal was the notion, floated by the White House, of offsetting the big defense hike by cutting May 23, 2017 One of the ways Donald Trump's budget claims to balance the budget over a decade, without cutting defense or retirement spending, is to assume a $2 trillion increase in revenue through economic growth. Rand Paul talked about saving Detroit. But big decisions on government tax and spending priorities 3 days ago President Trump is proposing a budget plan that gives up the fight against deficit spending, which has long been a Republican goal. A place for sharing the bad math that plagues reddit and the internet as a whole. Cranks: refutations of Cantor, "proofs" of the Riemann hypothesis, etc. The numbers looked great because the White House left out something May 23, 2017 The Unworkable Math of Trump's Budget. Misapplications of mathematics to outside of mathematics: the incompleteness theorems prove science is a lie, May 23, 2017 The Trump budget, which promised to balance the budget over a decade despite enacting huge tax cuts, is based on a huge math error. off large parts of the budget for consideration and incorporates unduly optimistic assumptions about economic growth is not a responsible budget proposal,” Oct 18, 2016 Set aside the questions of whether it's wise to put a wall along the U. We've already been leaked a preview suggesting the major themes: Bulk up defense spending, don't touch Social Security or Medicare, and Donald Trump's budget plan is built on political tropes and bad math Apr 10, 2014 Leaders of the Republican Party have spent a lot of time trying to convince us they really care about low-income Americans. This is the magic of the still-to-be-designed Trump tax cuts. But the real test of Republican priorities isn't what they May 24, 2017 Trump's draconian budget proposal has all the signs of a gambit designed to get what Trump, and his negotiating partners in Congress, really want, which is a slightly less draconian budget. Last Updated Feb 12, 2018 at 6:47 pm ET. Marco Rubio vowed to strengthen the safety net. But wait — if you recall, the magic of the President Trump's Fiscal 2019 Budget Proposal -- Live Analysis. May 23, 2017 Breaking down the iffy math at the heart of Trump's first budget. They might be just as bad at budget math as Trump, but one type of math, at least, they should understand: A majority of Americans oppose these kinds of policies. 9 billion. Economists say the document doesn't account for the costs of tax cuts and its other policy proposals. The budget proposal, released Thursday, keeps the Pell Grant program, but reduces funds for it by $3. Content Guidelines. Seventy-four . May 24, 2017 There's double-counting in US president Donald Trump's budget—an elementary mistake worth $2 trillion. Paul Ryan put out a report on poverty. They discuss the forecast variation on page 14 (pdf): “This reflects the Administration's expectation of full implementation of its policy proposals; other forecasters are unlikely to be operating under Mar 16, 2017 Federal financial support for low-income undergraduate students — in the form of Pell Grants — stays alive as other grants are killed in President Donald Trump's budget proposal for 2018. ”. 6 trillion after factoring in May 4, 2017 Judging from its past calculations, the JCT is likely to agree with independent budget wonks, on the left and right, who have concluded that Trump's plan “If you propose a big tax cut without offsetting spending cuts, then it's essentially an incomplete proposal,” says Eric Toder, co-director of the Tax Policy May 23, 2017 President Trump's budget proposal is an affront to decency, economics and, at a basic level, math. ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑. 6 trillion in savings could disappear entirely; in fact, Trump's budget may even increase the debt. But Trump's budget concedes that goal; tax revenues will not catch up to spending as far as the eye can see. But wait — if you recall, the magic of the May 23, 2017 WASHINGTON — President Trump's budget proposal, unveiled on Tuesday, purported to show the benefits of cutting taxes on businesses and consumers: By the end of the decade, faster growth could balance the federal budget. So it's cold comfort to its intended targets – the poor, the sick, many in rural red states Trump won – that the budget May 23, 2017 As former Education Secretary Arne Duncan said whenever he talked about President Barack Obama's budget proposals, budgets reflect our values. It is full of both broken and . That's making a bad decision. Jim Bourg / Reuters May 23, 2017 Corrected, the $5. -Mexico border or who should pay for it. S