Any good build with Shotgun preferable DPS

While most of Team VG247 favours a melee and shotgun build with a lightweight SMG for shield work, we've tried to include  27 Sep 2014 One of the only two unique shotguns in the game, the Jackhammer is also the only rapid-fire shotgun in the game. Best used in run and gun missions like Capture and Exterminate where you don't want to cast Reckoning. Phase dash I've found that Ronin ROCKS vs pilots with the Assault chips, FAR better than any other titan, because of its one-shot-kill nature. I'm only It was the build that I did best with on TSW. Medic: Speed, Quick Revive, Health Buff. Instead you made yourself out to  21 Aug 2017 I call this the Overkill Chroma as with this build, you can inflict an insane amount of damage in no time. At high levels you may skip this, but for leveling, an absolute must. Be sure to use as useful. If you don't want to answer the question then why Munitions (Big Gun) You like Pets and also using a weapon? (Sorcery/Earth) You like Ghosts and lots of screaming? (Mental) You a fan of batman? (Gagdets) You into  10 Feb 2017 Example Blood Warrior, Your Name, Lone Survivor, Any, Level xxx. . And yes, I get it, the Assault is supposed to be the 'all-around' that is far superior to the shotgun Vanguard uses, because it fires much faster and deal roughly equal damage, and still does more damage at range. Regarding the Signature Skills, we recommend using the Survivor Link for better sustain during combat. It loads 32 shells at a time and showcases impressive damage, especially for its range, with a special  See the table below for better understanding. It's insane fire rate is what give the Boar prime the highest burst dam of any shot gun/ rifle  8 Dec 2017 - 10 min - Uploaded by NothingButSkillzWith the next global event schedule to release on December 12th I just wanted to bring you a With its syndicate proc and a good riven mod that brings its status to 100%, Sancti is actually a better overall weapon than Prime. a shotgun, with range 16 and acc. Hand Cannons are best at medium range anyway so you won't have any issues whatsoever as you land explosive shots which tear through your opponents. Fist Passives. Slow but effective at close range, this gun has become a favorite of sneaky Newman's everywhere. Hero Damage - 100/200. On paper, the Jackhammer looks like an amazing weapon, being a shotgun that deals on average, 45. whatever. 29 Sep 2015 Tactical: Allround Tactical NTTE DPS Build - Tactical Meele Tactical Colony Defense Simulation - Tactical Engineer: Allround Engineer Colony Markus should've updated the ground builds some days ago . Call me old  12 May 2017 The good news is, we have that sorted out – we've been through Mass Effect Andromeda's weapons and picked out the best assault rifles, shotguns, heavies, lights and more. Shotgun Passives. Since this skill is not DPS%, you need to pump Focus to deal any significant damage. A “tank” player who wants to find the best pistol may prefer to use the Sustained DPS calculation since they will be out of cover often using the Ballistic Shield. And he finds this better than using tax tickets. While it's the weakest  22 Mar 2016 How to build the best agent for Dark Zone PvP. Is the ocean salty because the land doesn't wave To have as many 4 piece bonus they have, with the addition of a second piece bonus, or 2 HE Items with matching Talents, you can be an asset to any team. Energy weapon kills also boost its precision damage  26 Apr 2013 In this thread, our goal is to make the Gunslinger a more fun class to play, no matter what kind of build you suggest. String of Ears is better for toughness though. Close range 8. If you use this tier for PvP, try Hard Light. that offers critical hit chance and critical hit damage bonus attributes, as these perks will significantly bolster the effectiveness of submachine guns. I know builds are hard to come by on this game, hard to search/form, etc. 28 Nov 2017 The build excels in single target dps, with moderate aoe capability. I'm at iPWR 701 and hitting 250k  You're better off with Epic weapons, legendaries force you into low cpu otherwise they'll suck, plus they're big as hell, easy to degun, use alot of space The Leviathan can be pretty good, the LOML Viper is good too and doesn't require much skill, it's peek-n-reap, but it's score and damage seem to be… Don't forget to USE that shotgun, that thing does pretty good damage to Titans. Good tanks, like medics, are hard to come by, and, also like medics, every team needs one. You'll stand a better chance of not only hitting your targets, but also scoring critical hits in some scenarios, which in turn increase the overall damage the weapon can deliver – and your DPS, for that  Is there anybody out there that uses guns to defend themselves against wild dino's in PVE or is it just easier to take a dino and kill it with that, personally I would use a dino, because . There are better items as the game progresses and you can sell it later for something else. Hero Health - 80/200. A few Maxing out DEX is good for damage while VIT and INT helps with durability and skill spamming respectively. 6 for any content, be it for PvP, PvE, a specific playstyle, weapon type, skill, and so on. For change of Several Makes and Models ot NEW AND USED TRUCKS AND TRAILERS "Special Finance Plan for Showmen" See Us for a Good Deal on a t NEW OR USED CAR OARC . Last edited: May 16,  What are the best skills/weapons to have? I also think I saw that pistols are the best gun to upgrade all the way (before the other guns). Can someone offer some guidance on good active/passive setups for leveling and such? but I *AM* working on trying to improve this since this was my first pis/shotgun build in SWL and I want to see if I can do better so ANY suggestions are very welcome. So the only time a Radiator matters is if the extra shot or two while the Coolers are recovering makes a difference,  24 Jul 2017 Hello, Here is the build I'm currently using as Mdps. Mixing Shotguns with Chainsaws and Rifles is an unusual combination, because most Rifles and all Chainsaws require a large investment in Critical Chance; this offers no benefit to Shotguns, which instead depend on  22 May 2016 Much lower DPS guns. This build is best suited for those looking to utilize heavy offensive melee combat and want to be able to soak some damage and utilize the Regain mechanic. Medium rsc (slower ROF spectrum), selbester 1916 and rigotti. Constitution – Good knock resist and HP boosts but Strength is usually a better option unless going for a Dodge build. . Granted, Kohm only has  The difference between Soldier and Deadeye is that ANY soldier can take ANY gun and be super effective with it. stats as 96/87/-/- instead. Author: MarcoStyle Last updated: 28/12/2017. Ranger Deadeye is Good to know we've got a group of rabid idiots on this forum. Second: Speciality Corrupted Debuffer . After four rolls I ended up with +crit damage (~100%), +slash (~160%), +damage (~200%), +weapon recoil (a negative with no noticeable effect in actual use). 31 Mar 2017 Most of the game's shotguns are slow firing, slow to load, have terrible range, and feature small magazines. 26 May 2014 I don't play this game anymore, but I want to share a build for anyone who can benefit from or test it. As most weapons are spell based, the Instead of knowing the top classes, it's better to know the worst classes (in  29 Apr 2014 So far I have no odea 15 Mar 2016 Highest DPS Build in The Division to take on Any player in PvE and PvP. depends heavily on what you like,and  11 Mar 2015 Elite Hunter Builds: Some of the best builds for your Hunter Bladedancer and Gunslinger! There isn't much of an advantage in PvE with this build, it's much better suited for PvP. 6) Cord of the Sherma is a very understimated belt. If you dont have a pledge and you have your links in a chest i suggest a high spell damage with crit staff, or a shield + wand with good damage rolls. Skills: . Most players will find that Burst DPS is the more relevant calculation, but there are exceptions. The only thing that you . 00. Hi, I'm a new player (12 lvl) and I've started to like Shotguns. 23 Jul 2012 Description: An easy to build DPS & Survivabilty deck that focuses on Weakening the opponent to reap the rewards of the Debilitated effect with resource No Mercy (Hammer-Outer Wheel), consumer. I generally prefer melee over ranged, but that's not a hard and fast rule. Why we love it: At a base level Sturm is just a great hand cannon. DPS (Optimal) refers to the theoretical DPS if every  Great DPS. Gunslinger's Trance & Chain of Woe is a deadly combination with any guns, Hand Cannons really shine with these perks. Ideally it would do a whole ton of damage, so those zombies don't take forever to kill, survivability would also be good. One of Robinson's  bU Above prices for any wording, ji**"-" Each change of wording and color add (5. If you have questions on this build or are speculating that its not as good as Controlled Burst I can assure you it's better. pvp dps solo striker classified darkzone · D3-FNC Tank PvP. However, we can still use it for the 20% damage debuff that it applies. This build will take  29 Jun 2017 I think this build is good enough in PvP, but I hope you arrange this as you want. Gun: Shotgun, Any (Elder Gun Preferred) Desc: Clear out Zombies. I understand Anima-Touched weapons are very difficult to come by now, so the good news is that really any set of Pistols should work for this build. But what i wanted to say in previous postif there would be fight between oneshot minigun and any other oneshot build,, minigun would win always. 6 update. Stat points: Hero Crit Damage - 200/200. Hey, i thought id share this build since its very fun and it does insane amount of dps, its also cheap to get very high dps. The extended barrel gives it a longer range than similar guns, and the extended mag lets you blast away for longer (although is countered by a slower reload). Critical hits deal 5x the normal damage of a weapon and their chance has a limit depending on the type of Critical chance, as shown in the chart below: Note: Shotguns and Explosive never critical. Of course, there is no real “best” weapon – it's all about picking the weapon that 1) does a lot of damage quickly, 2) suits your play style, and 3) works with your character and  Your 30% elemental effect chance means any elemental gun with a good rate of fire is a weapon of death in your hands, even if the same gun is near Really the Siren can effectively use any kind of gun; the reload speed, magazine size, bullet velocity and damage boost skills help all guns pretty well. Maybe Dark Potency for  15 Mar 2016 Highest DPS Build in The Division to take on Any player in PvE and PvP. 16 Jan 2015 But I'd like to give it another shot, and I turn to you for knowledge on the best solo builds in the game. Blood Passives. A lucky roll at a  Nab one of those that happens to be a Hand Mortar or even better, a Lightning Gun, add to it the ability which makes the cooldown of weapon skills shorter and you are good to go. I've been running mine . 1 Survival; 1. Basic decks to build towards. 25 Oct 2017 No playable sources found. 25 Oct 2017 1. Chaos Passives. Better then Redeemer!) Warframe - Quick Look At Sarpa + Build (3 Forma) warframe Riven Mods-Sarpa 裂罅MOD- Warframe Review PC game It has tons of weapons, shotguns, rifles, pistols, smg Well its the best Third person Shooter I have ever played it is a Warframe Valkyr Best Weapon and Mod Build Primary: ? The likelihood of dexterity or its equivalent being the One to Rule Them All seems to increase the more technologically advanced the game's setting is (as guns, whose use and the ability to avoid presumably both depend on it become more powerful while melee combat becomes conversely less useful): in a medieval  There is no single “best weapon” in Horizon Zero Dawn. The Longneck Rifle has the highest per-shot damage of any firearm in the game in exchange for the longest reload time. If he responds, no need to be hostile, if he doesn't, he's a troll. Thanks for any  Poisonous Tips Pet (Earth Damage type pet) or any DPS pet. - Don't forget to use . use your best one-handed weapon preferably a Wrath spender: Heavens Fury with the glyph to give HeavensFury no CD and cost 40wrath. You can think of its acc. 22 Sep 2017 There are a lot of weapons to choose from when entering Destiny 2's PvP activities, here are our picks for the very best of the bunch. Seeker of  16 May 2015 Oh, sure, you can say it's for best-damage-per-use, but Tsunami has that beat easily, and its DPS is way, way better. It details which skills are Firearms, While your damage output is important, this build focuses on using gadgets - you'll be doing far more damage with Skills than guns. one thing which surely is good about this game is, there's no ''good'' and ''bad'' gun. Main Weapon: Any machine gun, depending on your preferred range. I can't Minigun, Shotgun, Chainsaw, Stinger, Drill, Blade, their DPS is delayed in the initial time, therefore rocket wins because they don't have DPS delay. I was wondering is it better to have: -fiery impact instead of I don't think there's any need to have 3 rocket jumps unless you jump a lot in pvp. 3 Teamwork As such, as soon as you can build, put some armor (structure parts) on it. Its name is a reference to the four Horseman of the Apocalypse, which is incredibly fitting considering you'll be dealing apocalyptic levels of damage with this  29 Mar 2016 Our essential guide to crafting the correct Tank, DPS or Support loadout for whatever challenge you happen to be tackling in The Division. But what does the Assault do? If there's one class with no real purpose, it's the Assault. Legendaries are good, but honestly, nothing comes even close to the DPS of that beauty of a lightning gun i myself crafted. Maybe Dark Potency for  Is there anybody out there that uses guns to defend themselves against wild dino's in PVE or is it just easier to take a dino and kill it with that, personally I would use a dino, because . com/go2kxk3 Fresh Air DPS: http://tinyurl. 22 Mar 2017 Before we continue with the build, let me just say that this build is good for literally every environment. The "builders" for both blades and elemental magic do good single target DPS which can then be spent on AOE abilities. It can be great, it should be great, but they refuse to make it  Bliznub has a great video that goes into more detail here: Kohm - Building the Best (Warframe). com/jh39kpo Engineer Condition Damage: There's also the DnT Condi Druid build, though I suspect its very similar to any others - there's basically only one way to build it. Fate of the Fell effectively TRIPLES your damage. This gun fires  20 May 2017 Now, there are playable guns in every category – how novel! Here's my list of the “best” weapons in MEAMP since the 1. As we know, Chroma makes all weapons really devastating because of his Vex Armor buff, which not only buff his armor, but also gives you crazy percentage of damage boost. 27 Aug 2014 Look up that or holy shotgun or captain America build. However, since we are swapping quite a bit between Pistols and Shotgun abilities, I wouldn't recommend anything that's too heavily reliant on matching  Since people on reddit are calling to boycott this game by not logging in on the 21st, I thought it's a good time to share my recent build with you lol This build to make you switch to an electronics build instead of complementing your dps stam build, so overall no difference between 182, 204, 229. Shotgun parses around 10% higher, so it is overall the best possible option. It uses the good dps of Hammer as a main hand (but it works with any weapon that allows 2 free The Secret World – Build Guides – Chaos/Hammer Nightmare No Impair Tank Build · The Secret World – Build Guides – Chaos/Hammer Nightmare Single Impair Tank Build · The Secret World – Build Guides – Con's Fist/Shotgun healing build · The Secret World – Build Guides – Ele/Pistol Nightmare DPS Build · The Secret  26 Oct 2017 5) Using Akkhan's Addendum in hand and cubing Furnace is bad idea. What you want is high health and electronics. The number of rounds David Robinson took off for Channel 5 with the scoop of his young career, while the DPS helicopter wheeled off in search of the phantom rifle. 6 Feb 2012 League of Legends Premiere Graves Strategy Builds and Tools. 24 Jan 2015 [/quote] Playing as survi hunter on Atlantiss, I haven't noticed any random heroic without me on 1st place in DPS ranking Best answer to Mewtwo and many Psychic-type legendaries to come. Diffusal Blade This item is interesting because it provides DPS from additional agility and feedback (45/60), mana burn from  3 Aug 2017 Atren is a Level 42 Pistol/Shotgun character. The one exception — and easily one of the best weapons in the game — is Le Fusil Terribles. If possible try to get + lightning skill damage and as many sockets as possible and reduced cooldown. All round cheap and super item for any hero. The best way to go is with the submachine gun, which is balanced across the board with DPS in terms of accuracy and output. Quickshot/bomb is also a matter of preference I think. And Vigilante Belt for more CDR. Used to hate the  Great skill but with a STR based build, just leave at 1 point. One point in soldier for 3 hp/sec (plus whatever else it does) seems like a no-brainer for early game, and lets you use damage-reduction armor mods (ablative coating  Dark Souls 3 Assassin Pure Dark [PvP] Currently new to this MMO and I've had a lot of trouble finding a good build. Probably would've been better to ask whether he was referring to the game WoW, or if WoW was an abbreviation for a spell/item in-game. For me. You know HE Shotgun build like the picture and 4×Striker SASG build can melt the players very fast and so In most cases, without any skill haste mod, you can reach at +40% skill haste with your 2  31 Mar 2017 Most of the game's shotguns are slow firing, slow to load, have terrible range, and feature small magazines. 16 Mar 2015 Hi, so far I've been using only shotgun which removes the second hand slot, at lvl 20. Author: Zerthox Last updated: 16/01/2018. A two-piece HE combo is better than a two-piece gear set. However, I find it bad in close fights, that's why we have our Shotgun equipped and ready for a fight. I use bombs though  Shotgun Passives. You know HE Shotgun build like the picture and 4×Striker SASG build can melt the players very fast and so In most cases, without any skill haste mod, you can reach at +40% skill haste with your 2  What guns do you have? How good is your aim? What current gear do you have? Define "better". Shotgun is better if you do a lot of team play. Always remember the job of a tank is to draw fire rather more than it is to kill fools, so you're building for stamina rather than damage. E. 16 Jun 2016 These builds will help you and you squad members put together a team of agents that can easily conquer any obstacle it comes across. The Perseverance of the Ebon Martyr Icon Perseverance of the Ebon Martyr legendary item was  10 Oct 2017 For this encounter, we want to bring good Power weapons and Subclasses that are able to lay down decent damage over In a fight that allows you to stand next to your enemies and deal damage for a short period of time, it's no wonder that this shotgun makes its way onto the list. Used often before and after PvP matches as a show of good sportsmanship. I've been playing weaver and I have always loved staff elementalist and I love all the dual attack that were added for weaver. I've been reading a lot of discussions of max damage builds, and I can't find any Sniper Rifle hits doing much more than 1200ish per shot. different combinations to find out what works best for you, but don't be afraid to take a step backward: after leveling up, there are times when six light machine guns do a little better  [b] PvP update[/b]: I've run this build in several PvP matches now (with scout rifle/fusion rifle/machine gun loadout) and it is definitely not underpowered but it lacks its PvE Have armor that come with perks that increase any of melee, grenade, or super dropdowns or weapons perks that fit your loadout. Or if you're in good shape for healing because you have lots of off-healers or a great main healer, then sub in any other useful passive. For those who are interested here we go, I got the Ego Cac link, and preferred weps  12 Apr 2016 Four Gunzerker/Salvador builds for Borderlands 2, including focus on Weapon DPS and a revolver build. the herald of  Forsaken Thicket Spirit Vale Vale Guardian Elementalist Auramancer Healer: http://tinyurl. Overview: The equalizer! This gun yields a ton of damage up close. That blast radius is just pathetic though. boost scavenging talent; Backpack - Inventive Jan 11, 2018 Unforgiving and Deadly fall in 10 Apr 2013 any advice on good pvp build atm am sick of having to use shotgun to compete with people in pvp. No shotgun means lower DPS and reliance on burst damage. And a massive amount of resist reduction: elemental storm, wind devil, night's chill, rumor +20% amp from viper. It procs often and it procs your bracers really good. One shot one kill works . Because the bonuses provided on items are generated randomly, it's impossible to list specific items that are "the best" for any given character style. Shotgun users may also want to consider Sustained DPS since they  26 Apr 2016 The 4th Horseman is an Exotic Shotgun wielded in the Special Weapon slot. Long range mondragon and Selbstlader 1906. The dps from an UZI is insane. 0. g. If you use  9 Mar 2016 The Tank. Letting your range teammates aggro  No, it's not, especially not for a Thunderbolt where your first shot matters 2x as much. For PvE the saber is the better choiche : it deals 10 hearts of damage versus the most damaging melee weapon of balkon's weapons mod , the halberd dagger, knife, sword, katana, pole-arm, staft, mace, sharp weapon, lance, hammer, axe, shield, bow | See more  Strikeshee PvE DPS. Also to the person who said that the boar prime has no damage at range needs to mabye change up your weapon loadout slightly. The UMP is definitely good no doubt but when I want to melt people in close range I always go for the UZI or vector. It's like the LMG of rocket launchers to be honest. 5. Strun, simply put, is the red-headed step child (no offense to red heads) of Warframe shotguns. Boolean is good for chasing dps numbers, the latest ntte records are made with that gun. Because if the server doesn't  Great. Status card are "meh" damage increase cards would be better. On 3/28/2016, 6:22:04, Gudtimes said: WoW followed by shotgun for dps. "Tank build" because you will be rushing in to deal damage. 6 damage per fire at point blank without trait investment, can be fired multiple times before  25 Oct 2017 This made it hands-down the highest-DPS weapon in the game and mandatory for its challenging raids. stats 96/87/76/64, will never fire at medium (30) or long (50) range. Based upon this information it seems like the Valcour would be much better suited to an ability damage based build while the Fulgora is better for gun damage builds. pve group dps ninjabike striker banshee · Solo Striker. Using Shockwave against difficult multiple targets is also a good way to get out of a sticky situation. Build descriptions, skill descriptions, and pictures. Author: MarcoStyle Last updated: 08/01/2018. Blood Echoes xxxx, A heavier build, focusing on Vitality and Strength. It doesn't suffer the same damage falloff that others in this tier do, but beware of it's stability issues, it can  15 Jan 2018 It's meant to be anti armor so it's less effective against infantry at close range than ap shell which has so good splash damage LoL Statistics, Builds, Runes, Heavy Brass Beast because of Damage Bonus Better have the Shotgun if you run out of Ammo and no Dispenser or Box can be see 8 Jul 2016 to  Two dozen officers then scrambled into position and fired into the Mustang for a minute and a half, shotguns, rifles, whatever they had. PVE, PVP, Underground missions, Heroic Incursions, Legendary Missions, literally everything. Graves has been my favorite champion since I saw the patch preview; Finally a male ranged DPS with an awesome shotgun, who don't want to play that Get focused a lot; Harshly any CC; Item dependent; Rather slow; Slow Attack speed  29 Jun 2017 I think this build is good enough in PvP, but I hope you arrange this as you want. everything has its use. First: DPS/Heal Hybrid. Venomous Hail: 15/15 16 Jan 2018 A weapon will never fire past its range stat, even if it has an accuracy value listed for longer ranges. It also does more dps . Are there any shotgun builds out there for gaige? I love using the conference call on her, wondering if the deputy badge is worth it to go along with it or a bone would be better? Boar prime is not that hard to farm at all. 13 Feb 2017 What's the best DPS powers? I pray for any community thats worse than dcuo's. Runefrost, Runic Chills Icon Runic Chills, Thronebreaker Icon Thronebreaker, and Concordance of the Legionfall Icon Concordance of the Legionfall) and all traits with 3 ranks get an additional 4th rank that you can invest in. There are a lot people on this forum who haven't really played much of/any PvP in Destiny so I wanted to give a few recommendations and talk a little bit about A great PvE gun. +5 00 tali to use the level 10 silverwind lbg instead of the normal Narga LBG because better dps and everyone will know how cool you are to have it cantaThree. Decent damage. 2 Dealing damage; 1. 12 Mar 2014 I was asked how to keep DPS alive in Gravitar, and after looking around for a bit, it looks like there's a tactics guide but no building/gearing guide, so I'll be covering that here. Like people said there is no best rifle each has there strongest situation. Let alone any for *gasp* Blur *gasp* esp, pve. All classes have better ability scaling, constructors having more efficient building perks and that's about it. I actually spec my build on close, medium and long depending on the map. For the rest of the shotguns the cooldown gives much better sustained DPS (this has been tested). We've been keeping an eye out for any weapons in the sequel that rise so high, and these are the closest candidates - the guns at the top of the PvE meta, the ones every raid team want you to bring. It's upclose DPS is insane, and with the way the netcode is right now, you're far better off (IMO) using the uzi over a shotgun. This Guide will help you build the best and the highest weapon DPS to take on and rule in the Division. 06 update. 25. Yes it eats ammo but thats what shotgun ammo mutation is for. There's also "heal tanking", using heals to build hate on  23 Aug 2017 Scout: Speed, Quick Fire, Frozen Bullet. It deals Arc Damage and is the fastest firing shotgun in the game. I dont think any weapons got . 8 Mar 2017 A guide to the best guns and gear in The Division's 1. I use bombs though  The statements and opinions expressed on these websites are solely those of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the views, nor are they endorsed by Bioware, LucasArts, and its licensors do not guarantee the accuracy of, and are in no way responsible for any content on these websites. The maximum Critical Chance capped to 80%, it won't go any higher. Fulgora: - Low turn rate - guns can aim full 360 with great elevation/depression - Main guns do much higher DPS. You also have massive crit dmg and lvl 14/8 execution - with good rng bosses disappear faster than they spawn. By Sean Benedick This is what makes all HE/Exotics the build of 1. pvp tank group d3-fnc classified darkzone shield. You can still unlock and use any weapon combo you like although passives are now weapon-specific - that's the biggest change. - HIKS 3100 [BLACK] is really popular for some reason. I have also unlocked Pistols and Assault Rifle, but I think I should be more 22 May 2016 Don't worry about DPS too much as long as you have good mods that increase crit chance, range and reload speed. Oh, and the waterpipe shotgun doesn't cost any pipes! In these builds, Melee and Rifles are used for looting; Chainsaws for grinding; and Shotguns for defense