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. 27 Aug 2007 aggressive 66 percent of the Margarita Portfolio. 15 Nov 2017 I began investing in 2015 using the Canadian couch potato model ETF portfolio. One used TD e-funds and the other  Love the steady returns of the classic Couch Potato strategy? This spicier version beat it by 6. 1 Couch Potato Portfolios for New Zealanders” Ticker Expense Fund Name Symbol Ratio Exchange Conservative Cautious Balanced Assertive Aggressive Smartshares New Zealand FNZ 0. 22% and for an aggressive portfolio the return is 6. My investment adviser is a friend. com Scott Burns developed the Couch Potato Investing Strategy in 1991 as an alternative for his readers, who  5 Aug 2002 Small-cap, aggressive-growth and technology funds all had inflows as well," says Bob Adler, president of AMG Data Services. 16 Mar 2000 I know you like the couch potato approach, but I would prefer to be more aggressive. Begin with a  15 Jun 2010 Then, each month, take the interest you're earning and dollar-cost-average into an aggressive, growth-oriented mutual fund. Simplicity is important. SEENCO's model Aggressive Growth Portfolio Our Model Portfolios offer a cost effective investment alternative for investors desiring small or large portfolio holdings. It turns out that some of my favorite financial writers are also huge fans of passive investing. 17 Mar 2016 The mix is your asset/allocation. Be a couch potato! This passive, but diversified, investing strategy could be for you. This consists of VAB, VCN, and VXC ETFs. I am using the aggressive model, which is 10% VAB, 30% VCN, and 60% VXC. Well if we take IARCX, my REIT, for example (which is close to where we are at from my last Re-Balancing) is up  20 Mar 2006 Ah, mutual fund companies love your money, and fully realize many people are lazy, busy, or just don't want to deal with money. […]  15 Jun 2015 There are many RESP tips that will make your journey through the world of the Registered Education Savings Plan simpler, or less annoying. His ideal portfolio is the Couch Potato portfolio, spread between the Vanguard 500 index and the Vanguard Total Bond Mark Index. Interactivity They tend to forget that TV is just a couch potato activity for over 90 percent of consumers (exluding VOD). . In this document, the use of the words “fund” or “funds” refers to mutual funds in reasonably practical alternative for the Portfolio; or. SEENSCO has created a series of model portfolios to help retail and institutional clients obtain superior investment results while saving time and money. Hitta (och spara!) dina egna pins på Pinterest. Why Index Mutual Funds Still Have a Place | Canadian Couch Potato. moneysense. The twin terrors of bond investing today are low yields and the  Items 701 - 791 of 791 Retail Notes: A Simpler Alternative To Bond Funds Why It Pays To Be A Lazy Investor. , couch potato style portfolios – are a low cost, high returning, no-brainer alternative to paying a failing fund manager  23 Mar 2012 There are a few things Couch Potato investors need to know. Screen-Shot-2016-04-13-at-9. It's amazing how complicated things can get as you try to manage several types of accounts in a  In this tutorial we will cover the practice of investing from the ground up. e. Ellen Roseman: On your side [ Canadian advocate. learn some skills here ] · Peaceful ParentingPersonal Finance  13 Jan 2017 After two years with no changes to my Couch Potato model portfolios, the 2017 edition comes with an update to the ETF version. I have taken a shot at trying to analyze and understand why a passive benchmark, loosely modelled after the Couch Potato ETFs, is beating our household portfolio so far this year. First, interest rates on secure (taxable) government securities have declined to such low levels that alternatives such as municipals pay a good deal more. FPX indexes, Growth, 70, 20  How can one small company acquire a much larger company and achieve integration success against very challenging odds---ambitious objectives, aggressive timeframe, technology challenges, small staff, and high expectations---without missing a beat? This paper documents many of the enormous challenges and  18 Jul 2016 Does passive investment management merit its “couch-potato” nickname or is it not getting the respect it deserves? Active investment strategies have had the spotlight so long, some investors may be surprised to find there is an alternative to stock picking, market timing and other faster-paced, more  22 Mar 2016 Annual portfolio rebalancing, and thoughts on asset allocation and fees. Using these same four funds, a different investor can easily turn this portfolio into a fiendishly aggressive or sleepily conservative one, simply by changing the weighting. For anyone interested in learning  29 Oct 2017 It's not just stocks, you should be diversified with bonds, real estate, and alternative investments. to aggressive. So I think you As the portfolio grows, it would be a good idea to add further asset classes, like the expansion of the Couch Potato Building Block portfolios on my website (scottburns. The toughest bond market conditions in decades have prompted ETF companies to get creative in developing new products for investors. They show how to . As the portfolio grows, it would be a good idea to add further asset classes, such as the expansion of the Couch Potato Building Block portfolios on  28 Apr 2013 considering how they can take advantage of the situation for their investment portfolio, and it is these people who are pushing the boundaries to the New Alternatives. This couch potato like group of index funds should be placed in TAX  My portfolio is currently allocated 48% in stocks, 38% in bonds, 6% in gold, and 8% in cash. Table 15. 14 May 2017 You'll remember that it's a momentum-based take on the Couch Potato portfolio that we introduced last year. Therefore, they have to think about alternative technologies like satellite that are already well deployed across the region, to complement the ADSL footprint i. There the Margarita portfolio uses a Treasury inflation-indexed bond fund for the fixed-income asset. 06 percent, Dan's model portfolios had a banner year in 2017. Vanguard Canada, Moderate growth, 80, 20, 0. 27 Sep 2013 I am reading Millionaire Teacher right now and he suggests a simple “couch potato” approach. It's ironic because the couch potato portfolios stress using the most simple, low-cost, broad ETFs and well, keep reading… . That's why this term, that refers to a style They include funds that invest in intermediate bonds, balanced allocation funds, large cap value stocks, world bonds, and alternative strategies. 4 Jan 2017 Source, Investor type, Stocks (%), Bonds (%), Cash (%). of balanced ETF. Canadian Couch Potato godfather Dan Bortolotti recently posted the returns for his three model portfolios. I am currently managing four accounts, my TFSA and RRSP as well as my wife TFSA and RRSP. A cultural wheel seemed to . The ETF model portfolios focus on low-cost Vanguard funds and provide options for conservative to aggressive allocations, while the recommended funds section focuses on  Our ultimate Couch Potato Portfolio guide offers three easy, low-fee ways to get rich. Here's the link. a moderate, and an aggressive allocation for a second grader portfolio (3 Funds), an advanced Second Grader Portfolio (4-5 funds), and an alternative advanced Second  Once you become more familiar with the Couch Potato strategy and the products available, you can modify them to suit your needs. In other words, you should tweak the allocation so that it makes  And it is tempting to discern in today's couch potato the true heir to those Romans lulled into contentment by bread and circuses. It has rolled What are the alternatives? All this He's been an analyst for Motley Fool Rule Breakers and a portfolio lead analyst for Motley Fool Supernova since each newsletter service's inception. Use the Schwab ETF The tool is designed to help you to diversify your portfolio using Schwab's asset allocation models, which range from conservative to aggressive. ca). Like my two-ETF portfolio, which returned 14. One for . From my correspondence with the kind of readers who gravitate to a “Couch Potato” portfolio so often seen in the pages of MoneySense, a typical all-equity TFSA would have grown from the original $25,500 contribution  17 Sep 2016 Please see Peter's Ottawa Share Club member's page for his October 18, 2016 presentation on construction a portfolio. This is a very aggressive portfolio and best suited to a grade schooler with Managed vs Lazy Portfolio Year 1 comparison Lazy Portfolio 20% VBTLX the best way to . 24 Mar 2017 The big Canadian banks have come under fire recently for their aggressive tactics and, in some cases, claims of unlawful behaviour by stressed employees chasing Of course, if you want to cut advice out of the equation entirely you can also try your hand at managing your own couch potato portfolio. This type of alternative investment mutual fund gives investors the benefits of a hedge fund, without the need for high net . ”¹ ¹ The Couch Potato Portfolio is an investment approach popularized by financial columnist Scott Burns. Portfolio summary: 4 stock funds, 2 bond funds, 1 money market fund, 1 other fund. It's complicated, frustrating, and full of things  5 Jan 2016 If so, a passive investing strategy is an alternative to paying a manager whose performance is beaten by the In Figure 1, the Canadian couch potato portfolio strategy created by Moneysense. You'll get the tax write-off for Canadian Couch Potato has a good series on Debunking Dividend Myths that is a fun/educational read. I see that [Canadian Couch Potato describes an *aggressive* model ETF TD's e-Series funds have lower fees than the Tangerine funds, and you can customize your portfolio with any asset allocation. An interesting technique called “lazy clause exchange” was introduced in a recent paper [2]. ---A. offer nationwide via hybrid offers. Following the little Don't expect a couch potato kitty to bolt across the room wildly after the little red dot. iShares do offer a number of options, including the XGR Growth Core Portfolio ETF that is well diversified, including alternative investment classes. 21 Mar 1999 The problem with pepper spray is timing: You might stimulate an already aggressive dog further. A 'couch potato with heart disease' needs to be actively engaged with his or her physician. You also A--Investing in a laser light toy is like investing in an aerobics class for your cat. Bond portion increase as you age  7 Jan 2018 I sold 24 Canadian dividend stocks worth about $100000 and switched to indexing, a two-ETF solution. Some of the The stock  Why Index Mutual Funds Still Have a Place | Canadian Couch Potato. My adviser asked a fair question: Have I looked the long term returns of  10 Nov 2016 Investors may want to check out Canadian Couch Potato's recommended funds and model portfolios for specific investment ideas. This spicier To the more daring, I offer a fiery take on MoneySense's conservative Couch Potato portfolio. 3 Nov 2010 It is because that particular fund has grown larger in comparison to the others within the portfolio; alternatively, that fund may have decreased in value as compared to the rest of the portfolio. If you're a regular reader of this there is nothing “average” or “mediocre” about index funds when compared with the alternatives. Comparison – 2016. 23 Jul 2013 Nine classic passive investing portfolios, conveniently populated with low price trackers for UK investors. The one I like the best for our purposes is the Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 Fund (VTIVX). While ZAG is a good alternative to add bonds through etfs. ROB CARRICK. Here's the caveat I used in the original article and it is still very true today: “The Hot Potato approach isn't for everyone and should only be attempted by aggressive, seasoned investors. 7 percentage points annually. Find the right one for you—then sit back and watch your wealth grow. Think of it as an  1 Jun 2013 I think that if you observe the next 3 years, our Portfolios 4 and 5 (the more aggressive portfolios), will significantly outperform the Canadian Couch Potato portfolios. 45 percent. Conservative and aggressive mutual-fund picks for your RRSP - The Globe and Mail Here are 10 different ways to start investing with just $1,000, including investing in stock, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and real estate. Bortolotti, who also writes a popular index-investing blog called Canadian Couch Potato. need to meet your • The L Funds' returns will be approximately equal to the weighted average Jan 12, 2018 · 57 Responses to Couch Potato Portfolio Returns for 2017. Conservative and aggressive mutual-fund picks for your RRSP - The Globe and Mail Both Vanguard ETFs purchased through a discount brokerage and TD's E-Series of index mutual funds offer investors great low-cost investing options. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. When ETFs were first introduced, most only tracked the largest  6 Oct 2014 Mr. While I liked the idea of starting a Canadian Couch Potato portfolio, I was concerned about re-balancing and whether I'd be able to get over the psychological  28 Jul 2017 Be an Active Participant in Your Portfolio's Financial Investment Health It makes good sense that the well-funded physician would not have as aggressive a portfolio as the physician who is playing catch up. If so, a passive investing strategy is an alternative to paying a manager whose performance is beaten by the In Figure 1, the Canadian couch potato portfolio  Couch Potato Portfolio Investing: How In other words, there is nothing "average" or "mediocre" about index funds when compared with the alternatives. See more. Time was that breaking off a 2% piece of an institutional investment portfolio to buy a mix of hedge funds, private equity, and/or real estate  1 Apr 2010 We've seen leveraged ETFs, niche sector ETFs, and alternative strategy ETFs pop up and uninformed investors flock to them still. Couch Potato, since I'm only investing in Tangerine index funds. Another alternative if you make donations to charity is to donate the appreciated stock. PH&N Investment Serv, Growth, 75, 21, 5. rcarrick@globeandmail. The first effort, during the 1997á98 Asian financial crisis, proposed a yen-based and purely Asian alternative to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In 2006, Burns The desire to advocate on behalf of everyday people and provide an alternative (and better) way to invest further distinguishes us from many others. 14 Aug 2017 Drawbacks of an ETF Portfolio; Index Funds: The ETF Alternative; Conclusion: So what are you waiting for? Diversification and Asset Allocation with ETFs; Aggressive Asset Allocation; Balanced Asset Allocation; Conservative Asset Allocation. The word “few” is important because the basic goal of Couch Potato investing is to make it quick, simple, cheap and effective. Here's why: Scott Burns' Couch Potato Investing Strategy Personal finance writer and co-founder of AssetBuilder. Accordingly, when you invest in a Portfolio you are buying units of a mutual fund trust. Reply. Unfortunately, the e-Series funds are only available through an online account with TD  In addition, consider that there are several close alternatives to these funds, especially when purchasing through vanguard. CIBC Asset Manag, Growth, 70, 25, 5. Saturday, July 04, 2015. Total return is a term that  Este Pin foi descoberto por Eric Shoesmith . Investing in index funds (US, CDN and Intl) and short term government bond index. com/2015/01/15/couch-potato-model-portfolios-for-2015/ Alberta; Posts: 742. 23 Aug 2006 As I use the Sleepy Portfolio to benchmark the returns of my personal portfolio, its asset allocation makes sense for my personal situation (young, aggressive, growth-oriented investor) and will not be suitable for someone nearing retirement. The Clinton  27 Aug 2004 Yet the company is ready to take some near-term pain to achieve its lofty goals of couch potato domination. I like the changes. At the same time,  The CCP ETF returns are listed here http://canadiancouchpotato. 50% — Vanguard 500 Index  ETF portfolios are an all-in-one solution that allow investors to target a specific risk level based on their investment goals. 1500, 1500 Days to Freedom: For most of my investing life, my style was best defined by three words: quantitative, aggressive and growth. Unless  Excerpt: The study projects from the year 2006 to 2025 and includes two sets of models that calculate impacts from aggressive and moderate renewable portfolio standards. 63% over the same 20 years. They are an ideal alternative to ETFs for investors who want more convenience at only slightly higher cost. Build a diversified ETF portfolio based on your investing risk profile. Canadian Couch Potato, Assertive, 75, 25, 0. Holdings: ARBFX ,VTWSX ,HABDX ,HSGFX ,RYMFX ,FCVSX ,MERKX ,PRPFX. Here are some of the more prominent examples: The Couch Potato Portfolio from Scott Burns. In a nutshell, he advises aggressive investors to reduce their equity exposure from 75% to 50% and to use the Total Stock Market Index instead of The S&P 500 Index fund for equity exposure. 15 Jan 2015 I'm an asset-allocating, mean-variance-optimizing couch potato. This Pin was discovered by Michelle Morissette. Call it the Hot . 7 Nov 1999 The younger Mr. When you began investing, your portfolio looked like this: 10% Vanguard Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF (VAB); 30% Vanguard FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETF (VCN)  Tactical bond ETFs not for couch-potato purists. Very simple and very aggressive with a 90% equity allocation. The Couch Potato portfolios range from a 50/50 mix of equities and fixed income to an 80/20 mix — basically from conservative to aggressive balanced portfolios. 16 Apr 2008 of the whole rent-it-out couch potato ethos that began to flourish in the 1980's, hasn't been willing or able to renew its core business, even as its advantages were eroding under pressure from competitors with different business models (such as Netflix), buying DVD's and greater availability of alternatives, . equally-weighted average return of all Zacks Rank stocks is . R. 23 Feb 2015 At this point, I think Dan Bortolotti would call me a novice investor, but I'm going to call myself a Jr. portfolio into a fiendishly aggressive or sleepily conservative one  28 Jul 2013 As an alternative, I was eyeing the Canadian Couch Potato model portfolio "The Complete Couch Potato" (http://canadiancouchpotato. You can also adjust the proportions in any of these portfolios to suit your risk tolerance: conservative investors can allocate more to bonds and less to equities, while aggressive investors can  MoneySense calls Couch Potato portfolios. 50% NZD 15% 20% 30% 40% 40% Top 50 Fund ETF Smartshares Total World TWF 0. 17 Nov 2015 As part of his writing, Burns devised the Couch Potato Portfolio— a super-easy-to-manage portfolio of equal amounts of low cost index funds. It's nice that he's now included a range of different allocations for each portfolio depending on how aggressive you want to be. Best wishes, 21 Apr 2014 “Interesting “wake-up” point about fees. So they created the All-in-One fund. Here are the results for the most aggressive versions of each portfolio: Tangerine's Balanced Growth Portfolio  30 Jan 2015 Canadian Couch Potato has made some extensive changes to his model portfolios. For example Vanguard Canada's Target Retirement Funds offer an allocation of 70 per cent  Scott Burn's latest column advises adjustments to his two-fund, passive portfolio in a bear market. The recipe is INCREDIBLY simple: 50% in total stock market fund (like S&P 500); 50% in total  1 Jan 2017 After doing some research, if I were to put together a diversified couch potato'ish passive index ETF portfolio, I would choose ETF's with broad index As a rule of thumb, beginner investors who are a little more aggressive may want to start at a bond allocation at 25% of their portfolio and those a little more  6 Jan 2017 Bonds just inched along, but anyone with a diversified index portfolio-whether conservative or aggressive-saw a nice gain last year. Any ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS should not be considered part of your investable assets but their generated income could be used as justification for an altered asset/allocation much like social security. com/wp-conte s-2016. Depending on your age, the ratio could be 35, 35 and 30 if you're in your late 30s and 40s. http://www. I know ING have an investing account that works like the couch potato but it's not (as far as I'm aware) focused solely on ethical funds … but if there is anything out there like that I  26 Oct 2017 My thinking aligns with Canadian Couch Potato so I'm going to be recommending his model portfolios for the simplest fire and (mostly) forget investment strategy. For some alternative choices take a look at the UK's cheapest trackers and Monevator's very own Slow and Steady portfolio. 1 Vanguard funds; 1. The Fidelity Inflation-Protected Securities fund is actively managed, but its expense ratio is only 0. One Freund bristles when you accuse him of being a couch potato, but he is a definite fan of leisure stocks. 56% NZD 15% 25% 30% 35% 50%  Personal finance writer and co-founder of AssetBuilder. Here's how my portfolio performed in the last 3 years: 23 Jun 2017 Well, fortunately the wealth gods have chosen to smile down on us by giving us one Dan Bortolotti (MoneySense Consulting Editor, investment advisor with PWL Capital, and all around Canadian indexing Rockstar), the creator of the Canadian Couch Potato (CCP) approach to index fund and ETF investing  11 May 2014 Therefore, rather than investing in the Irish index as the “home index”, would it be a sensible alternative option for Irish expats (and there are quite a few of I followed your Global Nomad Couch Potato model on a rather aggressive 90/10 asset allocation between Vanguard FTSE ALL World equities and  24 Jul 2017 Let's not complicate things and assume that you decide to emulate Canadian Couch Potato's aggressive portfolio in your account. At 67 percent equities, your portfolio would be a bit more aggressive than most retirement funds, mostly to offset the de facto bond fund  26 Oct 2017 TD FundSmart Managed Aggressive Growth Portfolio. pdf As an example, the 20 year return for a conservative portfolio is 6. 1 Feb 2014 And this year, we're going to tie it all together by helping you build a portfolio that can withstand volatility, minimize risk and meet your investment objectives. com). In fact, many of these writers have designed portfolios of their own. 500 per year in fees, that's $625 per month! . The calendar is an astonishing document that can't help but inspire even the most dedicated couch potato to dust off that Huffy and get to pedaling. He's sticking to the major asset classes instead of including REITs and other assets. Dan Bortolotti, a columnist and editor-at-large at MoneySense and the author of the popular index investing blog Canadian Couch Potato, says the  26 Jun 2017 Unless you're rolling in cash, opening your bank or credit card statements can feel like an exercise in humiliation. TD Managed . Canadian Couch Potato Model Portfolios Tangerine Investment Funds I can see utility in the Tangerine one fund deal if you're supremely  As someone with higher than average about both trading and investing, I asked him whether his funds would be able to add more value to my Couch Potato portfolio If you are looking for an advisor to just build a portfolio and then manage it, a robo-advisor can be beneficial (especially if the alternative is doing it your self,  3 Sep 2004 This week we continue to meditate on the risks of lazy investing and single derivative thinking, ranging far and wide in an effort to understand the world in which we find . com/model-portfolios) or pay for access to moneygeek's model portfolio(s) (http://moneygeek. Portfolio 39-48: The Couch Potato Portfolio . Portfolio manager Matthew Freund. It's hot stuff. The asset allocation between the funds is clearly intended for a younger, more aggressive investor. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. 27 Aug 2009 You can read more about Couch Potato investing on my Web site. 30 Jul 2006 The basic concept is to produce additional income from the sale of options, thus enhancing a portfolio's return on investment regardless of the current Obviously, there is far greater upside potential in the more aggressive alternatives however readers should note that the maximum profit in Position C  20 Sep 2017 Growth / Aggressive Growth / Capital Appreciation – Everyone wants growth in their portfolio. When I'm ready to dive into the world of ETFs, I'll likely look at Vanguard… but that's for another day. ca/save/investing/stocks/a-spicy-alternative-to-the-couch-potato-portfolio/. In the example of investing the principal of $500K in a monthly income fund, and paying $7. Columbia Thermostat Fund is perhaps the worst-named fund since the Gabelli Global Interactive Couch Potato Fund (which was renamed Gabelli Global Growth in early 2000). Here's an overview of how the major asset classes performed in 2016: The year started very well for bonds, but interest rates rose late in the year and the broad bond market  20 Jan 2014 For 15 basis points, you can substitute in Total World Index for Total Stock Market Index. For example, consider that the "Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities Fund" also has a short term alternative, "Vanguard Scott Burns' Couch Potato portfolio / Andrew Tobias' Three Fund portfolio  29 Mar 2017 He also said that anyone with a slightly higher risk tolerance, looking for more aggressive growth for example, could modify their 50/50 asset allocation to Passive investing strategies – i. com. Two of the portfolios were based on Couch Potato aggressive portfolios posted on the Web. I agree when I was younger we where 100% in equity but now in my RSP I am conservative and follow the couch potato portfolio with some bonds, but my TFSA is all dividend ETFs for yield with no fixed  2 May 2013 For example, VTSAX is a Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund and that exact same portfolio can be found in five other funds, or what Vanguard calls “classes. couch potato portfolio utilizing this 50/50 strategy. This is very different. First, manage the bulk of You could do this by adding a $100,000 technology portfolio of ten stocks to your more conservative portfolio of index funds. Capital gains are  Cette épingle a été découverte par Eric Shoesmith. , Dallas So let me suggest an alternative. Every line item is a reminder of what you owe or how little you have. The Hot Potato approach isn't for everyone and should only be attempted by aggressive, seasoned investors. Descobre (e guarda!) os teus próprios Pins no Pinterest. 28 Feb 2017 The folks at Canadian Couch Potato have model balanced index portfolios for conservative to aggressive investors. ” Below I list them This is why some of us Canadian folks tend to adopt more of a relatively complicated couch potato approach…as per here: Do you want out-of-box choices? Check out this pick from Kiplinger's with 45% in alternatives. ETF portfolios combine several individual ETFs to build a well-diversified portfolio in a single mutual fund, where professional money managers strategically allocate money across various investment  28 Mar 2017 "You do need to look at the asset mix in the retirement version of these funds because they can vary quite a bit," says Mr. 52-. and Treasury bonds offering low risk but equally low yields, investors are searching for alternative investments. 23. For most people, dealing with their finances is like uncluttering their garage. 12 May 2014 I wouldn't even recommend that most people emulate those aggressive strategies. The world of finance can be extremely intimidating, but we firmly believe that the stock market and greater financial world won't seem so complicated once you learn some of the lingo and major concepts. Our portfolio 5 has a mix of 90% stocks and 10% short term bonds, which are far less sensitive to interest rate movements. This can  Denna pin hittades av Eric Shoesmith. Peroni, who describes his investing style as moderately aggressive, looks for mid- or large-capitalization growth stocks that have been trading for ''I'm not talking about the CNBC couch potato or the day traders,'' he said, but rather ''astute individuals who may have spent their careers at a  15 Jul 2001 WITH stocks going nowhere but south. Mistakes Made in My First 10 Years of  15 Jan 2015 Our good friend CCP just posted his updated models portfolios: http://canadiancouchpotato. State, local, and the Federal Alternative Minimum Tax may apply. Introducing Passive Aggressive Solutions™. 2 Jun 2009 Five lazy portfolios. The Fund will gradually shift its emphasis from more aggressive investments to more conservative ones based on its target date. com Scott Burns developed the Couch Potato Investing Strategy in 1991 as an alternative for his readers, who were paying money managers to handle their investments. We should emphasize, however, that investing  29 Sep 2007 More importantly, you don't appear to have alternatives to institutional care, such as a child who lives nearby. 13 Apr 2016 Readers love the steady returns of the classic Couch Potato portfolio. I don't really care about the dates on the funds  As a result, your portfolio would look like this: However, the couch potato portfolio is actually simpler. I know it's silly but I feel bad about firing her. Edmond Financial Gp, Aggressive, 75, 25, 0