Altercation between cop and possible reckless driver

If this shows you're over the limit, you face a possible driving ban, an unlimited fine and up to six months imprisonment. Dispute the Police Officer's Personal Opinion. I believe some people deserve tickets for reckless driving but not everyone deserves a ticket because they crossed a solid line when no one was around. Most states carry laws that prohibit drivers from operating a vehicle in a way that shows a reckless or willful disregard for the safety of other people, Driving 25 miles per hour (or more) over the posted speed limit; Racing another vehicle; Trying to elude a police officer; On a two-lane highway, passing another vehicle when  The first, and without a doubt, single biggest reason to always fight your careless driving ticket is because in almost every situation, the police officer didn't story 4-6 months later with enough detail to overcome a "proof beyond a reasonable doubt" standard; it should be very clear why careless driving tickets are among the  Traffic Defense Speeding Reckless Driving DWI. 17 Jan 2013 Careless driving is among the more common violations given out by police, but in many cases there is some confusion as to what careless driving actually is. 23 Aug 2016 What Is Considered Reckless Driving in North Carolina You probably already know from personal experiences or stories from friends that North Carolina is very strict when it comes to highway safety. The Legislature has also made note of the fact that reckless driving does include drivers who are trying to use their vehicle to out run a police officer in pursuit. signs and/or traffic lights; Driving too far left of the center line; Weaving between multiple lanes of traffic; Driving without headlights on at night; Reckless driving  While a reckless driving ticket does possibly carry serious consequences the vast majority of cases are resolved favorably. Fights, sexual assaults, etc. The target frequency is shifted by the speed between the client's vehicle and radar unit that is also moving as the officer's car travels down the highway. To give you a . Usually a case is put on for trial, and this is a discussion prior to that. The Ford Ranger rolled and the driver, Esteban Moreno Jr. The majority opinion, by Justice Clarence Thomas, held that police officers may stop a driver to check whether he is drunk based solely on an anonymous call to a  I know that reckless driving tickets cannot be given on speeding aloneespecially if the cop has no way of proving how fast i was going. Reckless driving is Moving among traffic lanes swiftly and carelessly. It is, however, not always possible to judge intent by external observation, so "road ragers" who are stopped by police may be charged with other offences such as careless or reckless driving, or may be fined. jat | April 15, 2013. Other examples include the following: Reckless driving; Driving with a suspended license  1 Dec 2013 Speeding tickets are always frustrating to deal with. Anything you say or do can If you are asked to identify yourself, you must show your driver's license and registration when stopped in a car. 13 Jul 2017 A Brownwood man is jailed on multiple charges after a reckless driving call led to an altercation between officers and the man Wednesday night, police said. If they insult you, or try to initiate a race or a fight, stay calm. A driver who has been drinking continuously tailgates the vehicles ahead of them on the highway, leaving only a couple feet between their bumpers. You have to pay a fine, and sometimes the ticket stays on your record, raising your insurance rates, and alerting police the next time you are pulled over. 21 Jul 2016 Speed kills. It is a charge or ticket that is given out by police when they deem a  Depending on jurisdiction, I'm talking to either the cop who wrote the ticket or the prosecuting attorney. This includes alcohol-related driving offenses such as a DUI, which is a misdemeanor for your first offense. When observing an aggressive driver that is putting other motorists at risk, the aggressive driver should be avoided by getting out of the way, not making eye contact or giving any indication of disapproval of their driving behavior. Aside from the general elements of location, highway, and driving, reckless driving by speed charges have some specific potential defenses. For example, police officers, prosecutors, and judges are more likely to go easy on you if your record is free of tickets. It's a very common charge. (Also seeFight Your Speeding Ticket: Determining Your Speed, where we discuss possible defenses to tickets based on pacing. They also can search for reasons to convince a judge or prosecutor to agree to negotiate your charge  15 Jan 2018 The man who filmed the now-viral video of a Mercedes-Benz striking a cop in Times Square blamed the officer for the whole thing on Monday — and actually defended the reckless driver. At 10:53 p. Be patient and courteous to other drivers, and correct any of your own unsafe driving habits that are likely to endanger, anger, or bother other motorists. Sometimes officers randomly run a  “The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public whoare paid togive full time attention to duties which are fired, gang fights, fights on the street, fights in bars, and fights in houses— between husbands and wives, or boyfriends and girlfriends, or any combination thereof. An reckless driving attorney can examine the specifics of your case and search for possible holes in the prosecution's case, such as an improperly maintained radar gun or a police officer failing to follow proper procedure. S. 6 Mar 2015 There are, however, Wisconsin drunk driving defenses that can be used to beat a Wisconsin OWI case and successfully fight potential charges. what he has to say further below about potential defenses. A Reckless driving charge can be very serious if you don't have the right lawyer to help fight it. Possible Penalties of Conviction. Sometimes an incident may take place near the border between two localities, and it could be questionable exactly where the offense occurred. , based on an anonymous tip, where he then witnessed a verbal altercation between two men as they. 10% standard as the level at  26 Jan 2018 The campaign from January 15-21 caught more than 500 people driving while talking on their mobiles and over 100 using the traffic lights improperly, according to a statement. We will fight to have your charges dismissed or reduced, and look at every possible legal option available to you in order to determine what the most beneficial outcome  3 Oct 2013 And police say they have trouble stopping the bikers, because their machines are so fast and maneuverable that it's unsafe to chase them through traffic. e. An initial Were you hurt by a reckless driver? Has you Did a police officer think probable cause meant that he should probably cause an injury to you?. and the judge. Road ragers may be  15 Aug 2017 The latest traffic safety news - How to Report A Dangerous Driver: Best Apps To Do It Anonymously from the Safety Resource Center, brought to you by You'll just quietly swallow your anger and accept that reckless driving happens. The penalty for careless driving is a fine of not less than $400 and not more than $2,000, a possible six-month jail term (or both a fine and jail term), up-to two years  12 Sep 2017 Perhaps the most important one, though, is that keeping your driving record clean for as long as possible can benefit you in a lot of ways. And it is my right to fight  You could face driver responsibility fees for years if convicted of reckless driving, so contact a lawyer to help you defend against police and prosecutors. Speeding is costly, too. If you're speeding, you run the high risk of getting caught, and those tickets are never a fee that you want to  In the state of Florida, it is unlawful to fail to obey a police officer's order. If the defendant has prior traffic convictions, an open container in the  This privilege is guaranteed through the agreement between drivers to heed state road laws, and the State to take certain considerations under advisement With each potential reckless driving case, Virginia police will likely interview the driver, check for inebriation, and issue a ticket that requires a local court hearing. The prosecutor upped the reckless-driving charges to assault  If you have been charged with reckless driving you should call a Stamford motor vehicle criminal lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the facts of your arrest to the testimony of the arresting officer's personal opinion on why the particular driver was driving recklessly as opposed to just speeding and swerving between  This article lays out five strategies that many have found useful in fighting traffic tickets they received. The officer stopped  Reckless driving is a serious criminal traffic offense that can result in a drivers license suspension, jail and more. But thanks for your kind comment. 14 Nov 2017 Reckless Driver: A caller at Ridge Road and Highway 90 advised that an SUV was traveling on the wrong side of Highway 90 headed toward town. railroad crossing, stop sign), Careless Driving, Improper Lane Usage; 4 Points: Reckless Driving, Following Too Closely, Changing Drivers in a Motor Vehicle, Out  The Fortas Law Group will appear on your behalf in court for a Georgia traffic ticket, speeding ticket or moving violation whenever possible. These tickets range from speeding tickets, to tickets for running red lights captured by a red light camera. Navarette deals with two very important issues—the fight against drunk driving on the one hand and the limits on police on the other. 18 Mar 2008 As citizens and members of the public it is our responsibility to know the law and our hope that cops will be officers of Do not get into an argument with the police. , reckless driving and hit-and-runs, enforcement action can be taken if a private person witnesses the incident and can identify the driver or the license number  This means that depending of which officer see you and what type of mood he or she is in could be the difference between a reckless driving ticket and not getting pulled over at all. The incident began around 6:30 p. 9 Jul 2017 Bryan Martin, 22, led Richland County, South Carolina, police on a wild chase, reaching speeds of 95mph before flipping his car and fighting with officers. The incident was captured on live TV as part of an A&E series on Saturday, and Martin is now facing charges of child endangerment, reckless driving  1 Jun 2015 While driving too slow in traffic can be a hazard, the general concept of “going with the flow” of traffic isn't going to get you out of a speeding ticket. If the reckless speeding up. “Police officers are trained on duty to be able to use a mobile device or computer  Reckless driving is a serious offense in Pennsylvania and carries penalties such as license suspension, hefty fines, and possible incarceration time. Scott Miller is a skilled defense attorney in Fulton County who has experience dealing with reckless driving tickets in Georgia. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CARELESS DRIVING & RECKLESS DRIVING? Reckless Driving. This will keep you safe as the police come to attend to your situation. The crime is detailed under Florida Statute 316. The offence of aggravated reckless driving committed in circumstances where the offender was driving the vehicle concerned to escape pursuit by a police officer is considered a crime, and  Excessive Speed; Frequent or Unsafe Lane Changes; Failure to Signal; Tailgating; Failure to Yield the Right of Way; Disregarding Traffic Controls; Impaired Driving; Cell phone / electronic device use. Do not let  Moreover, if you are arrested for Reckless Driving, police have the authority to conduct what is called a “search incident to arrest,” meaning a general search of your body/clothes and anything that may be in your reach that you may use as a weapon or which may be evidence. If you're actually speeding enough to be a danger, or otherwise behaving dangerously in an automobile there's already a catchall - reckless driving. Hiring a traffic attorney to fight a CDL violation in GA is advised due to the importance of having a clean driving record for potential employment opportunities if you have a commercial  However, it can constitute the offense of reckless driving if it is done without precautions (e. OTT Legal – Traffic Ticket  Did you know that it's possible to beat a driving on suspended offense if the officer did not have a legal reason to pull you over? In order to be convicted of driving One issue that we can fight sometimes for a traffic stop for driving on suspended is if the officer claims that he ran your tags. of motorcyclists driving up the Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan used a GoPro camera to capture an altercation between the bikers and the driver  7 Aug 2008 This would also increase the fine ($370) and the charge would be reckless driving. Rudeness  I can't think of an area of criminal defense that has more potential defenses than DUI. The answer: no. Of course one of the primary differences between those two scenarios is state of mind, which can be difficult to show. When you call OTT  8 Sep 2014 But at this point, there was one altercation, he was told to cut it out, and it makes sense to assume that he will until/unless you see that that's not the . Police Officers are supposed to be out there to protect, not to give out ridiculous tickets. As an attorney, I say, “I represent this person, and you got him for 80 in a 55,” and then I'll try to work out the lowest possible deal—a reduced speed or a  3 May 2017 Finally, let me note one potential element of hypocrisy with regard to this app. Kron, our defense attorneys bring decades of experience resolving traffic tickets such as speeding, reckless driving, and DUI in New Fight to keep your driving privileges and your insurance premiums as low as possible, call us at 212-691-0175, or contact us online to schedule a consultation  22 Jun 2017 The ACLU says Promvongsa was charged with multiple felonies in the incident and is awaiting trial. We want you  13 Jan 2017 All of us cringe at the moment when a traffic cop tells us to pull over and issues us with a speeding ticket in Indiana. When a police officer issues a ticket for careless driving they can either give the driver a ticket with a fine on it or a summons to appear in court. When measuring for a If you have been stopped and cited for reckless driving call an attorney as soon as possible. It is a judgment call on the part of the officer, so not really something you can fight either. I've never called the cops on a reckless driver, but in this case it was a company van honking, shouting out the window, and accelerating unpredictably to  Javier, I'm a safe driver. Let the other driver pass, or do whatever is appropriate, legal and safe in the circumstances to put distance between your vehicle and theirs. Correlating blood or urine levels of certain drugs with specific driving problems is not yet possible, and the correlation between impairment and serum levels of drugs may never be  10 Jan 2016 A person who is convicted of a second offense of reckless driving could face double those penalties, with the potential of as much as six months incarceration. jurisdictions, tickets for moving violations are sometimes accompanied by “points” against your driver's license. But you cannot know what is possible in terms of your defense unless you hire a capable, qualified criminal defense attorney who knows how to fight for your  Reckless Driving is a serious charge, but it is possible to fight it. Your Bad Response: "Officer, you know darn well that the radar beam width at that distance can't differentiate between vehicles in adjacent lanes. g. Yes, I believe the technical name is exhibition of acceleration. (NRS 484B. At Calinger Law, we are here to help. of motorcyclists driving up the Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan used a GoPro camera to capture an altercation between the bikers and the driver  21 Jul 2016 Speed kills. Vehicle was Domestic Disturbance: A caller from the 1200 block of North Silver Street reported a physical altercation between his mom and dad. e. , 39, died  Gary Farrell, a New York DWI defense attorney, says, "People need to know that a drunk driving conviction or guilty plea to Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) brings all alcohol and that the young man's speech was slurred and eyes were watery, the police officer arrested Max and charged him with DWI and reckless driving. He insisted I go to traffic court and at least fight for the right to go to traffic school. I got another 2 points but this cop was the nicest state trooper possible I'd guess. If stopped by a police officer it is quite possible that under these circumstances an individual would receive a reckless driving charge. m. Jason Brewer is accused of pointing a shotgun at an officer from a bedroom closet after he fled from an attempted traffic stop and the officer followed  15 May 2014 You can say something like “My wallet is in my back right pocket, is it okay if I pull it out to get you my driver's license?” 6) Most Something like, “yeah, it's possible I was going a little over the limit, I thought is was keeping with the flow of traffic” will suffice. In most U. Before you underestimate the danger of exceeding the speed limit, consider that in 2014, speeding was a factor in 28 percent of motor vehicle crash deaths. ). Also, if I go up to the police department and pay it (is that where I pay it at?), do I still have to appear at the court on the specified date? If I register for traffic school, will my ticket fine decrease as well as the points on my drivers license that I'm guessing I have on there now? If I choose to fight this (and to be clear, I am not  I was extremely cordial with the officer, upfront with my speeding, and then asked him very politely if he could be as quick as possible, since I was late for a . And reckless driving jury trials. A. , Saturday,  Our experienced Hanover reckless driving lawyers will fight to get charges reduced or dismissed! Hanover county police car Our law firm is focused on the defense of traffic violations and focuses in reckless driving, DUI, speeding ticket and other types of traffic cases in Hanover County, Virginia and surrounding areas. According to a news release by the ACLU: “This whole incident began when off-duty police officers accused Promvongsa of driving recklessly. The basic speed law in Indiana says, “A person may not drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions, having regard to the actual and potential  The ability of the police to locate and arrest criminals often depends on the thoroughness and accuracy of the report you submit. If not, the motorist must pass with at least three feet of space between the vehicle and the bicycle. Officials are investigating after a police officer was reportedly assaulted in Spring Hill. In their FAQ the makers address the question of whether citizens can submit reports of police officers who are texting while driving. Our firm has fought 100s of reckless driving tickets in New York and has a favorably resolved the vast majority of them. For Kentucky drivers, points on your driving record can mean the difference between hitting the road carefree, or working to earn back your driving privileges. The truth is that some people really are poor drivers at a particular blood alcohol level, but many others are not. 7) This This is felony reckless driving in VA. Take an example from studies of animal behavior in the wild: the dominant animal in a group will rarely get involved in petty fights and disagreements. Essentially, it's the cop's word versus your's unless you have witnesses that will testify at court. . Attorney Glenn Smith Valdez is the lawyer you need when you are facing careless driving or reckless driving charges in New Mexico. Schedule your case  Reckless Driving. 2 Jun 2016 Blair Jackson, a police officer in Ault, will be charged with second-degree homicide and reckless driving, investigators stated. I don't have any experience speeding like that, but in California, 100 and over is considered reckless driving and jail. ) "Over what distance did  25 Aug 1994 Special Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — Testing Reckless Drivers for Cocaine and Marijuana. Virginia If you've been charged with reckless driving in Virginia, this guide from Adam Calinger will outline everything you need to know to fight and win the case. 0 . Florida DUI Defenses are how your DUI Defense lawyer fights your DUI charges. 20:34 – Domestic – 420 W Doolin – altercation between an adult and juvenile sibling – spoke with – no intent to harm. 21 Sep 2017 Police said the fight between Roscoe and Benner started in their home but moved to outside the apartment. 3 Oct 2013 And police say they have trouble stopping the bikers, because their machines are so fast and maneuverable that it's unsafe to chase them through traffic. 270). Penalties  Scott Leist of Washington Traffic Defense in Seattle will provide zealous representation for your traffic violation. Investigators believe there was some kind of altercation between the drivers before the two vehicles crashed. BUT, many states have all-purpose reckless driving or driving to endanger statutes, and one could be ticketed or arrested if, in the judgment of the officer,  Still, for some the difference between a reckless driving charge can be as simple as the right police officer or the wrong one. 26 Sep 2017 New dash camera video that shows a dramatic fight between two Weatherford officers and a man coming down from a meth high highlights just how dangerous video shows Bryan Hernandez, 39, locked in a brutal struggle with two officers that pulled the man over after 911 calls about a reckless driver. Speaking on Instagram live, photographer Kiefer Dixon claimed the suspect, who is still on the run, wasn't trying to hit  Road rage is a relatively serious act: It may be seen as an endangerment of public safety. Motorists may be charged with reckless driving if they are at-fault in any collision with a bicyclist or a pedestrian. Nevertheless, the legislature in 1969, after intense lobbying by district attorneys, police officers' associations, insurance companies, and other special-interest groups, adopted the 0. If you've been charged Don't try to fight a reckless driving charge on your own – let the criminal defense attorneys at ARM Lawyers represent you today. Police officers may let you off with a warning when  27 Apr 2017 SPRING HILL, TN (WSMV) -. This is because there is a It is possible to successfully fight a careless driving charge, and there is assistance available. So what do you do if you get one? The first thing is to be polite to officer. If you have been charged with the offence of reckless driving it is vital that you receive legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity. 21 Aug 2012 Unlike a traffic infraction, a criminal traffic ticket alleges that you have committed a criminal traffic violation. But what about drivers with decent records and are alleged to have been going between 75 and 85 miles per hour? . A careless driving charge is open for interpretation by police, and there are many situations where careless driving qualifies as an offence. Prisoner  16 Mar 2017 If you fail this preliminary test, or fail to comply, you will then be arrested under suspicion of drink driving, and be taken to a police station to provide a more accurate evidential breath test. . , offenses that could lead to probation or jail time like DUI, reckless driving, etc. You can also get reckless driving if you are "racing" or doing something they deem reckless (spinning tires, etc). Thursday when an officer responded to a report about a reckless driver on Main Street near The Crossing shopping center. So, to fight the case, you would have to argue either that three traffic offenses didn't happen or  Contact the Kalish Law Group today at (973) 299-8660 for legal assistance with your reckless driving matter. I really don't think I was going that fast though, but obviously I was speeding, and no way to fight it. M. The summons to If you fight the ticket yourself and lose or if something goes wrong, a conviction for careless driving will increase your insurance dramatically. 14 May 2014 California. 072(3), and occurs when a person who is walking, riding a bicycle or driving an automobile on a  12 Dec 2017 HOPATCONG -- Crashing her car into a wall led to the arrest of a Hopatcong woman on charges including drunken driving, police said. 7 Aug 2012 The more egregious the traffic violation – reckless driving, DUI, speeding tickets – on your driving record, the more likely you'll be notified of a jump in your car insurance This means not only will you still face all penalties associated with the traffic citation (fines, points, possible car insurance rate increase. If you are facing careless or reckless driving charges in the state of Pennsylvania, you are undoubtedly concerned about what penalties a conviction may bring. 26. As I explained above, there are two ways to commit it: by committing three other traffic offenses in a row, or by driving in “willful or wanton disregard” for public safety. out of ordinary observed during driving. 28 Jan 2010 Dismissal of these tickets is also possible when there is a defect in the original ticket filed with the court. If you or someone you care about was ticketed for reckless driving, you should contact a San Diego reckless driving lawyer right away. Rookie cop Stephanie Roggina, 26, of Flemington, was arrested for drunk driving following a police chase where  14 Jan 2010 Christine Phinney, 41, was ticketed for reckless driving and disorderly conduct after the episode, but was allowed to go home rather than spend the night in jail. This statute generally applies to traffic-related offenses, however it can extend to other situations as well. We have all been told that since driver's education class, and yet America drivers routinely exceed the speed limit. Why fight a traffic ticket? 520 If the police lay a charge following an accident, it will likely be for careless driving, dangerous driving, or criminal negligence. If you do not fight the citation, you will likely be convicted of Reckless Driving. Driving and Reckless Driving are traffic misdemeanors – meaning that in addition to fines and court costs – those charged with Careless or Reckless Driving face possible jail time. At The Law Offices of Martin A. Everyone had now put down their books and were intently listening to the grand battle between me, the cop, the D. Cooper, 38 AD 3d 678 – NY:  As a result, Vermont Law Enforcement has made it clear that they will be increasing their presence on the highways in order to detect and deter unsafe driving behavior, with an Asking to see the radar: An officer is not obligated to show a motorist their radar gun at the roadside during a Vermont speeding ticket stop. Police officers may couple a reckless driving charge with one or more other charges to increase the defendant's potential penalties. 9 Jan 2017 Here's what you can do to avoid aggressive drivers and manage your own anger behind the wheel. Sheriff's officials have insisted the incident was handled by the book and that Tony Phinney's position in the department had no bearing on the  22 Nov 2017 14:51 – Reckless/Careless driver – Main & Doolin – red SUV possibly intoxicated drive r- unable to locate. Many people are charged with reckless driving every day across Virginia. 15:45 – Domestic – 915 W Bridge . As already noted in the Introduction, the NYS State Police have pointed out that there is a difference between aggressive  14 Nov 2017 Police in the Bordeaux municipality of France started using drones to catch reckless drivers to great effect. (See People v. This whole deal is a . Call 206-219-5557 for a free case review. rochec | April 15, 2013. Reckless driving is substantially more burdensome to deal with, as it involves potential penalties  Attorney Goldstein fights speeding tickets, cell phone tickets, reckless driving tickets and driving without a license/suspended license everywhere in New York State. swerving in an abrupt and careless manner, swerving without the use of Traffic Enforcers are instructed to accomplish the TVR (Traffic Violation Receipt) without any delay or argument on the road, so as to avoid traffic congestion. Police officers often cite drivers for making unsafe turns or driving  16 Aug 2017 For this reason, a reckless driving charge may be viewed as a subjective assessment of the police officer. As a driver accumulates points, he or she may be required to attend a defensive driving course, re-take the driving test, or su. Still, for some the difference between a reckless driving charge can be as simple as the right police officer or the wrong one. 20 Dec 2016 The Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office is fighting a judge's order to release dash cam video from a police chase involving an off-duty Scotch Plains cop in Readington Township on Aug. Also, sometimes the Speed cases. Although confident  6 Mar 2014 suspicion that the crime of reckless driving had been committed, thus giving the officer a sufficient basis to On August 17, 2013, Officer Cane was summoned to a possible brawl, at approximately 3. Motorists passing a bicycle must move into an adjacent lane to the left, if possible. 1. The one aerial capability missing, however, is detecting speeding. Samantha Gumaer, 24, was charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, careless driving, failure to keep right, and failure to inspect. Contact the CSP as soon as is safely possible and be prepared to provide the following  The officer does not usually have to actually give you this information during a traffic stop, but if you are going to fight the ticket in court you can often request this definitely need to consider an attorney, such as tickets for criminal offenses (i. A. Driving  If you have a reckless driving ticket, you can fight it with the help of our experienced Silver Spring traffic ticket attorney - we know what to do for you! While it is common for a police officer to write a ticket citing reckless driving when the driver was only speeding, you in fact cannot be charged with reckless driving for  25 Apr 2017 What Is Careless Driving? Careless driving can be somewhat confusing due to the nature of the law. For example, a common scenario is the DUI officer who aggressively stops a driver for going over the yellow line one time. -Fines ranging between $25 and $500 in total. During the Tamara Roscoe was arrested and charged with Reckless Endangerment with a Deadly Weapon, Driving Under the Influence, Driving While License is Suspended and Reckless Driving. It added that this sort of reckless driving is one of the key reasons for road accidents and makes up between 10 and 30 per cent of  5 Aug 2015 If you don't want to do that, you could hire an attorney to fight the ticket for you, but you may also be able to successfully fight the ticket without hiring You are not here to argue that you will go to court and kick the officer's lying ass, or that everyone was speeding that day