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1 OSI Protocol Stack on the Abis-Interface. Signaling links of the Abis interface are N-AMPS - This air interface is an expansion of the AMPS air interface protocol, and is defined in EIA/TIA standard IS-88. The Base Transceiver Station houses the radio tranceivers that define a cell and handles the radio-link protocols with the Mobile Station. Since APK files are just zip  3GPP UMTS architecture looks similar to existing GSM/GPRS network and it has well defined interfaces and interworking capabilities with GSM/GPRS network. A-Interface. This paper deals with establishing a GSM link over Satellite. The control channels are  copyrights defined by the IP/MPLS Forum must be followed), or as required to translate it into languages other than English. The A interface between BSC and MSC consists of 64 kbit/s. . TRAU Toolbox™. Uu (the radio interface). >I am just curious to know where exactly this term comes from, esp. 25 Nov 2013 Abis (Ab) Interface. Ater interface. While a call is locally switched, the foreseen solution is that the  4 Jun 2002 adaption unit (TRAU). Abis. Ls. The LSB is primarily a binary interface definition. . MSc is connected from the HLR,VLR,EIR,Auc,GMSC,PSTN. BSC usually 3) To maintain the KPIs under pre-defined threshold. • TRAU streams may be captured on the selected . Configure the Radio Network and define Cell Data knowing the main parameters and procedures to execute them. • Different data rates sender and receiver. ANM. To. ABEND is Abnormal End of Task (software crashes) or Absent By Enforced Net Deprivation (a loss of Internet connection). This interface is usually configured using a 16Kbps slot structure. Network Planning,Access Network Planning and Core. Abis interface, which is defined between Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and Base Station Controller (BSC), in a GSM network is considered here to be routed over the Satellite. Without a well defined  These communicate across the standardized Abis interface, allowing (as in the rest of the system) operation between components made by different suppliers. A UMTS network consist of interfaces respectively. Ater interface :- as shown above Ater interface consist of 32 channel. Definition of the Procedures . RLC/MAC. Le. Abis interface This is a BSS internal interface linking the BSC and a BTS, and it has not been totally standardised. 2 Mar 2001 is connected via the Ls interface to the MSC. Abis Interface CapacityCapacity on Abis is the number of 64 kbps circuits requiredFor Local TranscodingCapacity = No of TCH at BTS + No LAPD  For an E1 interface that recurs every 125 |J. 4) To sustain the  sponds to the WCDMA RBS, and the A-interface of. They want - Selection from Linux application binary interface (ABI). GSM. Um. 0. Abis lub lub lur . BSC usually handles radio resource management and handovers . Ater. Radio interface. S1 interface  These two elements communicate across the Abis interface. – The mate's . ABIS, Auroral Boundary & Ionization Sensor. News and Articles · Press Releases. Channel. ♢ A (b/w BSC and MSC). Figure 1b. The BTS and the BSC communicate across the specified Abis interface, enabling operations between components that are made by different suppliers. 58; Layer3: OML (Organization and Maintenance Link) as per GSM TS 12. Alarm View: HNBSC028 BCSU-7 TRANSM 2009-08-25 05:04:03. „Radio Resource Management for Wireless. Abis Interface. 1 5. 14/  6. After this, the BSC allocates a signalling channel through so-called A-bis interface located between the BTS and the BSC. 5 Detailed Analysis of Errors on Abis Interface and. 20 Sep 2010 07 Abis Interface - gsm高级技术,爱立信经典资料. ETME is N+M redundant, which means there is N amount of ETME units in working state and M amount of spare units to replace any of them if needed. 6 Dec 2012 This type of trunking is called BlockedCalls Delayed,and the GOS in this case is defined as theprobability that a call is blocked after waiting a specific length . Layered interface structure in Abis interface The interface between the Flexi BSC and the BTS is defined in accordance with the OSI protocol model. 6. The ABI defines, with . ETMA is SN+ re- dundant meaning group of units forms  GSM interfaces supported over IP by PacketScan™ are -. 6 Oct 2015 With this technology we implemented all the functions of both a conventional base station and a base station controller, eliminating the costly Abis interface for traffic and signaling, as well as partial functions of an Mobile Switching Center (MSC), in terms of mobility, power and frequency management and  4 Aug 2014 BTS is a part of BSS (Base Station Subsystem) which connects with BSC (Base Station Controller) via Abis interface and connects with UE (User Equipment) or end user or handset via Um wireless interface with regards to GSM. Formal definition of the problem: • Input: A Graph G,  GSM interfaces supported over IP by PacketScan™ are -. Interface . 13. This is where the speech encoding and decoding functionality are situated. 920 and Q. Access Network. s, this results in a total of 320 bits or 16 Kbps. BSC. Service: A framework and definition. 1 Most Important Error Messages. A lu lu. g. e. The area coverage from a GSM cell can vary from 100m and 35km depending  17 Nov 2009 A very important point in the study of a GSM system is the the network planning which is divided into Radio. Abis is the interface between the BSC and the BTS. 3 5. Channel coding and decoding;. 1 Verify the A, A-ter and Abis interfaces. • Interfaces. 291 x. MS. Diagram of GSM cell  4 Mar 2008 Today the meaning of a GSM network, the most commonly used wireless platform worldwide, has been enriched and even overturned. 1 Explain the purpose of basic  About Interfaces. 2 5. The 3GPP specifications define different network entities, protocols and their signalling from the MS on the Um interface to its controller on the Abis interface. 6 Apr 2016 February 2016. 287. ♢ A-bis (b/w BSC and BTS) Analyze TRAU frames at the Abis interface (b/w BSC and BTS). defined frames (ASCII HEX string/file). However, this is probably an abuse of the term "ABI" - these improvised "interfaces" by definition are not at the interface of a module at all. VSWR=Vmax/  In summary, there are two important advantages of using objects in a computer program: (1) an object contains a bunch of (structured) data as a single variable, i. The speech is here coded with a-law or µ-law PCM depending on if a. BSC and the MSC. >The interface between BSC & MSC is called as 'Abis interface'. Lh. Adjacent Node ID, ID of the adjacent node where Run the command LST IPPATH to check whether the IP path corresponding to Adjacent Node ID has been configured over the Abis interface. These Abis, A, Gb and Iu interfaces have historically defined backhaul transport requirements,. Posted February 25th 2012. In a large urban area, there will  In the RR and MM connection sublayers, functions related to the transport of messages are defined. The compilation system may replace (e. 6 5. 16 Feb 2012 Abis interface, RSL. 3 Configure the RBS 2000 equipment in the BSC using MML commands. LAPDm is a protocol LAPD is used on the GSM Abis interface between the BSC and the BTS. by macro definition) certain APIs with calls to one or more of the underlying binary interfaces, and may insert calls to binary interfaces as needed. carry mobile traffic: - between BS and controller for centralized mobile networks (e. 3. Photo Gallery · Video Gallery · PUBLICATION · Home · ABA · ABIS · ASEAN BAC · MEMBERS · CALENDAR; Partners. 32 ** ALARM . ISA (Instruction Set For example in some 32-bit ABIs, GMP may support a limb as either a 32-bit long or a 64-bit long long . 07 Abis Interface_信息与通信_工程科技_专业资料。gsm高级技术,爱立信经典资料 . Wireshark. RBS field  5. YES=>The IP path has  This part of signalling is performed for every MS accessing a service, independently on the kind of service required, meaning that it is valid also for all the other services This phenomenon leads to a big value of a counter related to SDCCH failures in Abis interface that are not perceived by the subscriber. 5. the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) via air interface. - between BS and Access Gateways (aGW) (e. • BSC (Base Station Controller): controlling several transceivers. In our case we will use OpenBTS software to configure our software defined radio (SDR) platform which are basic radio set with  15 Jun 2017 Decoding signalling on the Abis interface with Wireshark. Two terms that are frequently used to describe delivery of data applications are push and pull, as defined below. By default GMP chooses the best  Name, Meaning Interface Type, Interface where this alarm is generated (Abis interface or A interface). A1 interface: A1 interface carries call control signaling between MSC and BSC. The task of RR and MM For RACH, LAPDm serves as an interface between Layer 3 entities and the physical layer (Layer 1). This architecture would give allow us to define the following protocol models. It is an internal interface of the BSS. the function name with the parenthesised list of parameter types. 21  Looking for online definition of ABIS or what ABIS stands for? ABIS is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. Figure 2. 5. From GCC version 3 onwards the GNU C++ compiler uses an industry-standard C++ ABI, the Itanium C++ ABI. Including 30% soft handover overhead, various protocol overheads, and so on, this adds up to a total of typically 1. □ object file format & semantics. ABIs can be (partially) ISA-agnostic. Handset. Between BSC and TCU, PCM 2 subscriber ISDN (MSISDN) which is defined by the Numbering Plan. 1 Atermux = 1 E1 the traffic on ater mux is compressed and uses 4 times less capacity than the same traffic carried on A interface. Network planning. Abis interface has been replaced by Iub interface where as Iur interafce has been added in between RNCs. Platinum Partners · Bronze Partners. Also see figure 1 below. regards pix  Additionally each interface between the different elements of the GSM network is also defined. Interface. 5G and 3G networks; Optimization for any codec: HR, FR, EFR, AMR; Optimizes all GSM protocols: A-bis, A-ter and lub; Wide range of interface choices: E1, serial or IP for; use over digital leased lines, satellite or shared IP. Base Station controller. BTS consists of  data representation. The Base Transceiver Station houses the radio tranceivers that define a cell and handles the radiolink protocols with the Mobile Station. GSM was the basis of Radio Access Network. The detailed description of the meaning of those timers is given in the GPRS BSSGP specification 3GPP TS 08. Um, the Abis interface and the A (BCF) interface. At the beginning, ETSI hope to realize the complete standardization of Abis interface, so that the BTS can connect to the BSC of different supplier. Abis interface for GSM, Iub interface for UMTS). GSM Networks: Protocols, Terminology, and Implementation The meaning of the acronym GSM was changed that same year to  14 Dec 2004 LLC/FR. 10 Aug 2017 - 47 sec - Uploaded by Meissa MeissaIt consists of read this tutorial the gsm network architecture system including base station 23 Feb 2002 portable and should at least make it possible to get something running if all else fails. Possible values for the redundancy state of GSM Abis or UMTS Iub interfaces are: Active—Active  11 May 2015 It is the decision-making device and it decides switching among different BTS. This maps closely to full-rate speech requiring 13 Kbps. For this reason, we study to apply some efficient algorithms on the Mobile Station Roaming. The chapters following is written with the intention that the. In addition to other hardware, BTS contains the equipment called Transceiver (TRX), which is responsible for the transmission (BSC) via abis interface. Overview of Radio Access Network in 2G, 3G and 4G. Lp. Figure 3-14 illustrates the protocol stack on the Abis interface. 052. Once the framework is developed new test case will be created IndexTerms—Abis,Code Coverage ,Splitcap. A2 interface. The SWR is usually defined as a voltage ratio called the VSWR, for voltage standing wave ratio. BTS. An interface is just a convention by which two entities interact. The ESG-D are connected by a link called the Abis interface. □ system call mechanism 3. Lc. □ process start-up and shutdown. Other PLMN. The radio components of a BSS The BTS houses the radio transceivers that define a cell and handles the radio link protocols with the MS. hi, no, 4 A interfaces = 4 E1, and those 4 E1 handles the traffic that is provided by 1 Ater mux. 1 C Library. The interface within the GSM architecture, between the BTS (Base Transceiver Station) and BSC (Base Station Controller). Basic of GSM Um,Abis and A Interface, Time Division Multiple Access, A interface function, Abis Interface Function, Air Interface basic, GSM Call Flow Basic, INgterface, Connection, LAPD, GSM BTS, BSC and MSC Connectiona interface, abis interface in gsm, active, definition of abis path, downlink, gsm, gsm basic. I. A interface  This page of GSM tutorial covers GSM network interfaces which includes Um,A,Asub,Abis,B,C,D,E,F,G interfaces. Its small physical dimensions and light weight make it easier to deploy, install and swap; its IP-based Abis interface and optional function design make it adaptable in . Uplink State Flag definition only local to a physical channel (i. The parties cooperating to define the specification are  These details are defined as the compiler Application Binary Interface, or ABI. RNC: Radio Network Controller. Que. here in fig it is mapped  ties are easy to configure to meet user-defined test requirements. Downlink. Abis interface consists of 16 or 64 kbit/s connections. RF transmit and receive circuits (power control,  The BTS houses the radio tranceivers that define a cell and handles the radio (Um) interface protocols with the mobile station. (Node B), radio network controllers (RNC) and voice and data switches, as shown in Figure 2. Radio link between MS and BTS- Air interface. GPRS data. SMLC. Call Trace on Abis interface; Meaning of System Information Broadcast; Filtering call drops and other important events; Root cause of Connection Failure and Error Indication; 480msec SACCH Signaling; Layer 1 information on Um and Abis; RXQUAL and RXLEV in combination with DTX; Handover signaling and failure  An ABI (Application Binary Interface) is an interface between two software components, considered at the level of register allocation and memory layout. Traffic. BCH. `ABI'. 3 GMSK. ABIS, Adaptive Business Information Systems. Broadcast. The Abis interface is defined in [6]. Interface between the BTS and the BSC: Layer2: LAPD Link Access Procedure, Channel D; Layer3: RSL (Radio Signalling Link) as per GSM TS 08. The system is prepared to support up to 32 transcoder pools but the system limit is currently 3 since there are only 3 types of speech coders defined. AGCH Access Grant Channel. CBC . ACM. mk file. • Test network elements at A-bis and  30 Apr 2013 Several sources of information for optimization: QoS indicators, Coverage predictions, Customer complaints, Drive tests, Abis/A traces, Other teams information (NSS High rate of Clear Request message, cause radio interface failure Investigation: Adjacent HO statistics (if they are defined as neighbors). A interface . By default GMP chooses the best ABI available, but a particular ABI can be selected. Parameter types are split by a single  RACH and PCH are concerned, is that problems are encountered in the Abis interface (air interface resources are usually adequate to handle most situations) [26], A further significant point of this analysis is that most of the events are scaling events, meaning that the increase will pass through all the congestion levels,  Many translated example sentences containing "abis interface" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. Layer 1 represents the  6 Oct 2015 With this technology we implemented all the functions of both a conventional base station and a base station controller, eliminating the costly Abis interface for traffic and signaling, as well as partial functions of an MSC, in terms of mobility, power and frequency management and handover. Fix A-bis OML/RSL port number swap in . ABIS, Advanced Battlespace Information System. API . :- What is the function of Duplexer? Ans :- Duplexer . It is a 16-bit cyclical redundancy checksum (CRC) defined by ITU-T. The BTS contains the radio transceivers, responsible for the radio transmissions with the MS. MS – BTS. The interface between BSC and BTS is called GSM A-bis interface. ABIS, Asociación Boliviana de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ambiental. Basic interfaces defined between each of these sub systems include: “Abis” interface between BSC and BTS (Within the RAN). Please have another look at picture 5 where you can see 3 main interfaces: the Air interface. 1 radio timeslot in the TDMA frame). 次下载|举报文档. A. ABIS, Audit Base  A interface is defined as the communication interface between Network Sub-System (NSS) and Base Station Sub-system (BSS). In order to create more frequencies after starting GSM an Extended Band was defined. Also it doses switching of calls. 7 Interfaces relating to the Flexi BSC . In a large urban area, a large  These communicate across the specified Abis interface, allowing (as in the rest of the system) operation between components made by different suppliers. 56 . Um (the radio interface). – p. A well defined ABI is very important for people writing compilers. Due to the potentially large number of The Base Station Controller (BSC) manages the radio resources for one or more BTSs, across the Abis interface. Some aspects (such as calling conventions) depend on the ISA, while other aspects (such as C++ class layout) do not. We will focus on: Interfaces. 12 Jun 2014 interface and the interface between MSC and Trau is called. This includes the following functions: Modulation and demodulation;. Figure 2: Wireless Interface Requirements. Addressing Complete Message. Not all of the source  b) Location area update: What is the meaning for location update and how the location area is defined? The mobile A Location Update can also be performed frequently after a defined time interval. HLR. ABIS, Application Binary Interface Standard (ABI + Group for Intel Architecture). ABI (Application Binary Interface) refers to the calling conventions between functions, meaning what registers are used and what sizes the various C data types are. e it is transparent. TCH. The next hierarchy is the A-interface that is defined between the. 921 specifications. The Um interface comprises of all the mechanisms necessary for wireless transmission (TDMA, FDMA). Abis interface & Um interface:- 2 channel from Abis interface are mapped to 8 timeslot of TDMA Frame. Abis interface between meaning, definition, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'abs',abolish',Arabist',AB', Reverso dictionary, English simple definition, English vocabulary. ABIs, linkers. Possible values for the administrative status of the interface are: • Unknown—Unknown A signaling gateway-mated pair has been defined for this signaling point, but no application server exists on the mate. Encryption process;. Between BTS and BSC, PCM 2 Mb ps. BSC M-plane and C-plane IP addresses for Abis interface in the BTS IP address template. However there is another important point which is to know about how the network works. Uplink. In an overlay Wireless Location System, an Abis interface is monitored to obtain information used to locate GSM phones (S116). 30 Jul 2011 HUAWEI BSC6000 Base Station SubsystemSignaling Analysis Guide 1 BSS Signaling Fundamental Figure 1-4 Abis interface structure BSS Abis TRX BTS1 BCF TRX TRX BTS2 A Abis MSC TRX BSC BCF Abis TRX TRX BTS3 TRX TRX BCF l Transceiver (TRX) is a functional entity defined in the Public  This specification does not address contracts whose interface is dynamic or otherwise known only at run-time. There are various standard conventions for various platforms. 5 Program Loading and Dynamic Linking. As a result ETSI only strictly define the service part of  Abis interface. In this lecture The Abis interface between BTS and BSC is typical ISDN. Should these cases become The signature is defined as the canonical expression of the basic prototype, i. 6 Libraries. This chapter will give an introduction to where the BSS integration process comes in, in the whole cell planning process, and the general steps how it is performed. Abis interface may be either E1/T1 or IP in the physical layer. Lg. 2 Unwind Library Interface. A GSM network is composed of several functional entities, whose functions and interfaces are defined. The data available at one of these interfaces are restricted to all BTS assigned to this one BSC; but it is more detailed than on the higher level interfaces. 25 Aug 2009 Meaning: Calls have been cleared three successive times on the same Abis interface channel due to BTS and transcoder unsynchronisation. 2 Differentiate the different RBSs from the 2000 family. 18. Sometimes these are strictly mandated by the platform itself - for example the ABIs used for the Java and . Thus, in a 16 Kbps TRAU frame, there is 13 Kbps of data obtained after channel The bulk of the structure comprises the 260 data bits (D bits) that carry the speech over the Abis. Protocol Stacks for BSS+ Solution. • Test network elements at A-bis and  ABSTRACT: In telecommunication networks, routing is an important issue. Numbers routing. Protocol type. It manages the radio interface channels  31 Dec 2002 The BTS communicates to the BSC over the Abis interface using the ISDN LAP-D signaling protocol. Even if a call is (temporarily) locally switched, the two corresponding circuits always remain active, meaning that bandwidth savings on the A interface for locally switched calls are not possible, while of course savings are realized on the Abis/Ater interfaces. Data transfer. Main usage elements. If an exported function is conditional on CONFIG_ FOO , or it uses a type whose definition depends on CONFIG_ FOO , then turning CONFIG_ FOO on or off changes the  APIs and ABIs Programmers are naturally interested in ensuring their programs run on all of the systems that they have promised to support, now and in the future. 21 Jul 2010 Abstract. Interfaces Description. – Um : radio interface. >what 'bis' in 'Abis' means. Here, <abi> is one of the ABI names listed under Supported ABIs, and <name> is the name of the library as you defined it for the LOCAL_MODULE variable in the Android. In prior days, the meaning of media transmission is telephone and  22 Apr 2016 The developed model and the defined parameter interrelations reduce the number of manual entries in the . SC7_BX (1552) 2993 BTS AND TC UNSYNCHRONIZATION CLEAR CALLS  Carrier-class solution; Supports 2G, 2. RBS: Radio Base Station. RAN controls the radio interface to the mobile station. TS 48. WHAT IS GSM Global System for Mobile Communication Developed by “Group Spe'ciale Mobile – An Initiative of CEPT ( Conference of European Post & Telecomm ) AIM : To replace the incompatible Analog System and provide International Roaming GSM was commercially launched in 1991 GSM is the most widely  A conforming implementation provides all of the ABIs listed here. PCM links on a E1 or T1 interconnection. The BSS integration process is but a small part of the whole network realization. Wireshark can decode the packets on GSM Abis links (and, probably also UMTS Iub). The GNU C++ compiler, g++, has a compiler command line option to switch between various different C++ ABIs. , the object carries state, and (2) public interface (the methods) and private implementation (based on the data) of an object are cleanly separated: modifying the  Each combination of CPU and instruction sets has its own Application Binary Interface, or ABI. but remember CH0 & CH16 is not converted into 16 kbps i. A Interface- is an open interface defined between the BSS network and the MSC. Basic components in RAN are: Base Transceiver Station. 5Mbps per TRX, meaning a typical WCDMA 1 þ 1 Note that GPRS does not contribute extra traffic, since it is handled via the GSM air interface, which has a direct mapping to the Abis interface (non-blocking). As for the function the ABIS (all caps by the way) assignments are  Abis Interface. The mixed 2G/4G  15 Nov 2007 Between the BTS and the BSC the so-called Abis-interface is defined. Answer Message. 2 Layer 2. Specification 3GPP The present document addresses the network management messages and procedures across the A-bis interface, which is defined as Qx  The present invention discloses a method and a system for adjusting resource ABIS interface bandwidth, said method comprising the steps of: establishing a communication link between a plurality of base transceiver station BTS and the BSC controller, and count of allocated and unallocated bandwidth; when said plurality  In Integrated Services Digital Network (Integrated Services Digital Network) Basic Rate Interface (Basic Rate Interface in ISDN) service, a U interface is the electrical interface for the single twisted pair wire connection from a local phone company (th. gsmSCF. 23 Nov 2007 Name of the Thesis: User Interface of a GSM Capacity Optimisation Tool. 4 Process Initialization 4 Object Files. This is a Nokia term and comes from Finland. telecommunications functions and management procedures between BSC and BTS are defined in specification 3GPP. – Abis : standardized, open interface with 16 kbit/s user . The BSC communicates to the GMSC via the . In addition to other hardware, BTS contains the equipment called controller (BSC) via abis interface. Both define and describe the interfaces between different pieces of computer software. GALLERY. BTS – BSC. On some systems GMP supports multiple ABIs (application binary interfaces), meaning data type sizes and calling conventions. ABIS, Amputee Body Image Scale. [3] Jens Zander. To do it, you need to first capture the data using a GTH, which is basically the same process as described in this entry about capturing  The Ater interface verification is mandatory in BM/TC separated mode; the Pb interface verification is mandatory when the external PCU is used on the BSC6900; the Lb interface verification is mandatory when the Conventions Symbol Conventions The symbols that may be found in this document are defined as follows. □ register meanings. Date: bottlenecks in the BSS domain, including Radio, Abis/EDAP, PCU and Gb-interface, can cause degradation to the Although a large amount of specifications for GPRS and EDGE exists to define certain interfaces from the  The BTS is connected to the MS by the Um interface, and the BSC by the Abis interface. 1 Architecture of the GSM network. The following sections describe each layer in The LAPD protocol is defined in ITU-T Q. Standard GSM if. Now the paging strategy - you can define paging by TMSI or paging by IMSI - paging by TMSI is most efficient, since 1 paging block may contain 4 In order to support high load on paging channel you have to validate that A-bis interface has 64kbps signalling link for BCCH TRX otherwise you may lost  Home · ABA · ABIS · ASEAN BAC · MEMBERS · EVENT CALENDAR; Partners. ABIS, Advanced Battlefield Information System. In terms of system Abis interface: Abis interface carries signaling & services between BTS and BSC. so total of 120 sub channel (30*4) each of 16Kbps. 55. MSC/VLR. I don't know the exact meaning. News. However, the complete standardization of Abis interface has not been turned into reality. Gb. Specification of services up to the terminal interface (OSI layers 1-3). Lb. AN. This explicit version  4 Mar 2015 10 and ETMA functionalities, where ETME handles Abis-interface and ETMA handles A- interface. Platinum Partners · Bronze  13 Mar 2012 A conforming implementation shall provide all of the ABIs listed here. The OsmoBTS A-bis interface consists of traffic management messages (RSL, Radio Signalling Link) and network management . The Abis interface is Q. 5 5. Interoperability with equipment from all major; GSM switch  30 Aug 2013 The Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) is an industry cooperation aimed at defining a publicly available specification for the key internal interface of radio base stations between the Radio Equipment Control (REC) and the Radio Equipment (RE). An example of IPsec tunnels defined between the eNB internal security GW and the security GW at the . □ calling sequence. INTRODUCTION. Similarly, 3G networks have their own set of defined interfaces between their base stations,. The Abis interface allows control of the radio equipment and radio frequency allocation in the BTS. There are vendors in which the BTS is a plain transceiver which receives information from the MS (mobile station) through the Um air interface and then converts it to a TDM (PCM) based interface, the Abis interface, and sends it towards the BSC. Push describes the transmission of data at a  22 Oct 2009 connected to the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) via air interface. In a large urban area, there  This paper discuss about how to develop a framework for testing the complete functionalities of the. 21 22 22 23 24 25 27 27 27 28 28 29 30 5 5. BSC – SGSN. technology, meaning that there is no particular bias to any technology. 4 5