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AKG make our list of best studio headphones again in the open-back category, this time for the K702 which are a hit among mixing and mastering engineers. These are the AKG K702. They combine an extremely accurate response with agility and spaciousness. com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20. A totally open design and a high-performance cable complete these outstanding re. AKG K702: http://amzn. This is achieved by using revolutionary flat-wire voice coils and a patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm. AKG K 701 Replacement Earpad. This is not only a great tool for listening to music; it is also good for  To celebrate its 65th anniversary, Viennese manufacturer AKG introduced two limited-edition versions of older products: the C451 condenser microphone and K702 headphones. Buy AKG K 702 Reference-Quality Open-Back Circumaural Headphones featuring Patented Varimotion Diaphragms, High-Performance Neodymium Magnets Heavy Duty 3D Earpads. Get details and the lowest price on the AKG K702 Headphones. http://www. See all 3 Refurbished  1 Dec 2015 Even though the SRH1540's dont quite reach the phenomenal wearing comfort of my AKG K702's, they are still among the most comfortable closed-back headphones I have ever used. Ever since its beginnings in 1947, the brand has grown considerably and is well known within the recording industry as being passionate about music and good sound. akg. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Free Shipping. I'd suggest getting at least a FiiO E10 if you're set on getting the AKG's. All the If you don't love AKG's wide soundstage but want a good flat headphone in a similar price range, the Sennheiser HD600 ($350) and the Beyerdynamic DT880 ($200) are AKG's most common  Amazon. When we reviewed them, we found the K702s comfortable, revealing and with a well-balanced sense of bass. be/WmhKCq0vfjE - Marques Brownlee - Google+. The AKG K702 is a headphone in AKG's flagship series of the K702 65th Anniversary edition, K702, K701, Q701, and K712. Bajaao is the aurthorized and official distributors of AKG. Does anyone know what the difference in these two headphone models is? Are the K702's an upgraded version of the K701?Thanks for any help! 19 Oct 2015 Most obvious would be the Q701's cousins: AKG's K612, K701, K702, K712, and K7XX from Massdrop. 19 Nov 2013 I got a pair of the famous AKG K702 (manufacturer refurbished for $210) fullsize headphones, and well, here's my review. Free postage. What about the K 702? Review: AKG K702 Headphones. org/t/752994/my-akg-comparison-k7xx-k712-65th-annies-and-the-rest-to-stop-this-confusion. 14 Dec 2009 AKG K702 headphones receive the Test Win accolade, five star verdict, plus a 'Best for All-rounders' award in Stuff Headphone Test. htm. They are brilliant. It is a very popular headphone right now, known particularly for its value, boasting a modest price of $199. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The newer DT880 comes in three impedance ratings: 32 Ohms, 250 Ohms,  Купить в Doctorhead AKG K702 и узнать больше о модели - обзор, тест и характеристики. Free Shipping & COD. The K 702 are the new reference for open-back dynamic AKG headphones. I can't really compare the K702's to other headphones - only earbuds and AKG K44'sreviews and comments on Gearslutz suggest that they rank amongst the  Wadia battery power socket [on review], Burson Audio HA-160 [on review] Headphones: audioTechnica ATH-W1000, AKG K-1000 with Stefan AudioArt wire harness to the voice coils, Sennheiser HD800 with ALO Audio custom cable, audio-technica W-5000, Grado PS1000 Headphone stands:: Sieveking Sound Omega 7 Sep 2016 Having owned and used my AKG K702 headphones for just over one year, I feel that I've had enough time to give them a full review. Online, Also get AKG K702 Wired Headphone Specs & Features. com touting these pair of cans to basically be a warmer, bassier AKG K702 Annie back around November. Building upon the solid foundation laid by AKG's  Since a lot of questions have come up about the k702 lately, this is going to be a review of the AKG K702. AKG K702 Review: Comfy Headphones! | taalk · Vlogs · Product Review · Social Media · Fascinating Stories · culture · Design · Coolers · kids · Habit · vlog debut · Interviews · Motivation · Conferences · Webinars · Presentation. Avatar image for Amnesiac23. I've found them for 265 $, (their regular price is 540$) and I think I can afford this money. AKG K702 Headphones Review. K702 Headphones. The K7XX's have a wee bit more more bass than the K702, not beats bass but noice bass. Description; Reviews. Original AKG Acoustics K702 stock-issue earpad  AKG does not include a carry case or pouch, which you'd expect at this price. 22 Jun 2016 Sound. The AKG K702s are designed for folks who need headphones for mixing and mastering. 800 Hz · Impedance: 62 Ohm · The K 702 are the new reference for open-back dynamic AKG headphones. head-fi. Best choice for precise affordable audiophile listening. The basics: these are $349, over-ear, open-back, high-impedance headphones; designed for a flat frequency response and natural soundstage. Read the full AKG K702 review. Excellent review! The K7XX really is an outstanding headphone, especially for the price. The flat-wire voice coils and patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm provides a reasonably accurate level of frequency  The AKG K 702 are the new reference for open-back dynamic AKG headphones. The K702's are reference, open, over-ear studio headphones for precision listening, mixing and mastering. An audiophile Q701 Quincy Jones Edition, based on the original K701, also is available from AKG for under $300. Get it by Thursday, 8 Feb. In case you have never  The K702's are reference, open, over-ear studio headphones for precision listening, mixing and mastering. It took no time for Brian to make the cable and ship it to me. The pure, natural sound of this fully open over-ear design gives a neutral frequency response and amazing stereo imaging, letting you make critical mix decisions as if you were listening on big studio monitors. 3 Apr 2015 The AKG K702 headphones are now nearly 5 years old. And as they're  Re: AKG K702 and Little Dot MK3. I promise I didn't pick them up just because  5 Oct 2017 Check Price. You are reading the older HTML site. Get it by Wednesday, 7 Feb. AKG K701 Earpad. be/WmhKCq0vfjE. 9 Feb 2010 If you're thinking of the AKG K702 headphones then see our review here. In this review I will focus on the new K702 65th Anniversary Edition headphones (K702-65). They combine an extremely accurate response with yet unseen agility and spaciousness. . babattaja. Our opinion about its little brother, the K 271, was pretty balanced: it has a very detailed high-end but a too weak low-frequency range. They have a slight high-frequency emphasis that helps to bring out detail in the source material, but without sounding fatiguing. Specially shaped 3D-foam ear pads. Hand-crafted in Austria, the build quality of the K712 Pro is excellent. Anyone out there with experience of these - are they as good as people say? I'm concerned my Focusrite Scarlett Solo may not be 'powerful' enough to drive these (many reviews say they need a good headphone  25. Despite the company's success, AKG continues to show  AKG Pro Audio K702 Channel Studio Headphones. ps/mkbhd-k7xx. If you enjoy listening to music or you are a professional in the music industry and you want to upgrade your music equipment to a sophisticated level, you are at the right place. Detachable cord. Amnesiac23  9 Aug 2017 Here at KitGuru we review a lot of gaming headsets. Diffuse Sound Field Equalization + The small room X-Curve Compensation. 22 Nov 2013 AKG says that it has improved low-end performance by 3dB over their predecessors, the K702, which now sit between the two new models in the range. It is designed especially for professional mixing and mastering. If this sounds like you, then the AKG Pro Audio manufacturers have something special just for you. Reviews, news & expert advice. This is achieved by using revolutionary flat-wire voice coils and a patented Varimotion™ two-layer diaphragm. The Beyerdynamic DT880 that I'm reviewing is the newer version, since the older DT880 (2003) have been discontinued a long time ago. AKG K702 Review. Before we  Home \ Inspirations & Startups \ AKG K702 Review: Comfy Headphones! Toggle navigation. Gleichzeitig ist er quasi die „höherwertige“ Ausführung des K701, preislich aber unterhalb des K712 Pro angesiedelt, welcher  I don't know much about those fancy soundcard, but I did read lot's and lot's of good reviews from people using this AKG k702 with the Heed Canamp too. As I have already tried various AKG cans in the past and disliked many of them  20 Jun 2017 Get Price & Reviews @ Sweetwater. Shop with confidence on eBay! models, as sonically this headphone has already been reviewed in our pages. Over the last year alone, I've seen offerings from Corsair, HyperX, Razer, Fnatic Gear and ASUS ROG to name just five manufacturers. These come in an all  Listen to a good classical recording and you can clearly hear the players breathing and their hands moving! A very exciting pair of headphones that will surely improve the more I listen to them. One of the most 20 Jul 2015 Hi friend and Welcome! Today I'm about to bring you a sweet post on 2 very well respected headphones. So for people that hate the bumps of the Q701, but want an AKG headphone with more bass than their K701 at a very reasonable price of $200, the  11 Jul 2015 As for the backstory behind these cans, I bought the AKG K7xx when I read the description for the drop for it on Massdrop. 96. Everything is exactly as it is on your recording. The K702's are reference, open over-ear studio headphones for precision listening, mixing and mastering. 22. Discount prices and promotional sale on all Over-The-Ear Headphones. 14 Oct 2013 In the AKG K701's case, the primary reason for the deep discounting is that they have been "on the market" for quite some time and other newer models, including the AKG K702 which has the same list price, similar design, AND a removable cable instead of the permanently-attached cable of the K701,  AKG K702 Studio Headphones Headphone (19 Ratings), Design: Open, circumaural · Driver: Dynamic · Frequency range: 10 - 39. Most of the headsets we review cost between £50-100, making them good options if you don't want to spend a fortune. 1 ноя 2017 AKG имеет богатую историю производства мониторных наушников, а серия K7 вообще славится легендарными моделями, среди которых можно отметить AKG K702, на базе которых были созданы Limited Edition K7XX. Nov. 7 Jan 2017 AKG is a brand known in the professional audio industry as one of the best. Comparing these two is unfair, because they are not really designed to compete with  5 Feb 2016 The K702's are reference, open, over-ear studio headphones for precision listening, mixing and mastering. Waar kun je het beste een AKG K702 kopen? Daarvoor kijk je op KIESKEURIG. Erfahre im AKG K 702 Testbericht, wie gut dieser offene Kopfhörer klanglich gegen die Mitbewerber abschneiden kann und ob sein Preis gerechtfertigt ist. Review AKG K 702. You can expect a comfy fit, thanks to the pillowy 3D-foam ear cushions, along with the leather headband, which distributes the weight evenly across your  I'm currently thinking AKG K701 / K702 - and that is about my price limit (£100-£150 ish). 6 Jun 2013 However, I've found that nothing is said about the AKG K702 model. 27 Sep 2013 Playback has reviewed quite a few headphones this year (click here to download our free 81 page Buyer's Guide), with a focus on well-known or highly touted models from major manufacturers. The flagship in AKG's Quincy Jones-endorsed product range, and closely based on the company's K701 model, these over-ears have been residents of the five-star club for some time now. AKG K702 comparison review! Below I have the older versions (pictured 1st), and the newer models (pictured second). The AKG K702 are a very good sounding pair of open-back over-ear headphones. to/20D0KaT. The bass is very articulate and detailed, but it does lack weight. Hi, running the K702s myself with a benchmark dac1. FR_AKG_K702. Модель K7XX это чуть доработанная AKG K702 в новом обличье,  These new Black velour AKG-Acoustics earpads will return your K702 headphone listening experience back to comfortably pristine status. They have a good bass, an excellent Mid Range and a good Treble. What does the AKG 702 sound like, and how does it compare to the AKG 701? Find out here. 27 Sep 2017 AKG has a rich history in terms of monitoring headphones, and its K7 series has been responsible for several industry legends. These headphones are in the mid price range category and yet resemble a super high range headphone. The AKG K702 are a tool for creating music; AKG has been a recording-studio standard for microphones and headphones  2 Apr 2009 The Good The AKG K 702 headphones offer a super comfy, over-the-ear design; they sound great at home and with iPods, and come with a detachable headphone cable. 10 Nov 2010 Nonetheless, I am using the silver-screen version of the Sennheiser HD650 for this review. Red:Right, Blue:Left. The stepped attenuator control is well designed and the volume increments are smooth all the  26 Jan 2017 In the Q701s, AKG has produced a truly excellent pair of Quincy Jones-endorsed headphones. The headsets that i am considering so far are AKG K702, DT880, DT990 or HD 650's. Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by  Buy AKG - K702 Over-Ear Headphones Online In India. Cash On Delivery! 16 Feb 2016 New Video is live - AKG K702 Review: Comfy Headphones! https://youtu. 28 Nov 2016 After the successful drop of the Q701 Massdrop approached AKG to configure their own edition of the K702 and the resulting product was the K7XX. While the sound may not be as "fun" as some other cans out there,  Buy AKG K702 Wired Headphone for Rs. Check out AKG K702 Headphones reviews, ratings, features, specifications and more at Amazon. aren't they made in china nowadays? Monsieur イーサン. Best headphones, earphones & audio accessories. com. AKG K702 £309$349. 7 Nov 2015 The AKG K7xx is a Massdrop exclusive limited edition headphone based on the AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition. AKG K 702 headphone review. Refurbished: lowest price. Doesn't directly compare the performance with the K701s (!) and the reviewer doesn't seem to have tried other cables with the K702s, although he mentions their swappability. In addition the headphones have a transient response professional plug-on cable  Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AKG K702 Reference Open-Back Over-Ear Studio Headphones at Amazon. This headphone does not emphasize anything; every sound that you hear from it is exactly how it sounds on your recording. The AKG K702 are completely neutral open-back reference headphones designed for professional mixing and mastering. This is achieved by using revolutionary flat-wire voice coils and a patented Varimotion? two-layer diaphragm. in: Buy AKG K702 Headphones online at low price in India on Amazon. At the time, they were the new reference for open-back, dynamic headphones featuring a flat-wire voice coil technology. £98. Overall I am very impressed at the 702's, especially given the price of them when compared with other mid to top end headphones. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. There may be extremely minor cosmetic imperfections to the headphones or damage to the outer packaging, but  Please keep in mind that the following data are from a test unit reviewed by Golden Ears - the test unit is not necessarily a representative sample of the model being reviewed. In another forum thread, Tyll said that these were not in the wall of fame because Sennheiser 650 were significantly superior but more expensive. The AKG K702 is a neutral headpiece with an open back reference. be/6RskGkGYtgg. 19 Feb 2013 Starting out as the K701 on the hi-fi side, the K701 morphed into the K702 series ($400 retail/$349 street) in 2009. The more recent 65th edition, and k712 feature a bass boost that some feel  THIS IS A B GRADE STOCK ITEM "These units have been supplied as B-Grade stock directly from AKG's Distributer. This reproduced an extremely accurate sound. as reviewed by John Acton. A totally open design and a high  Find great deals for AKG K 702 Headband Headphones - Black. Anniversary Edition, I explained that the Anniversary model wasn't just a fancy finish added to the standard K702; its improved earpads offered not only a more comfortable fit but also improved  1 of 1 - AKG K702 Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones. 19 ratings exist without a text or these reviews are written in another language. They are quite large to give great ear coverage and the design is simply superb which gives it a modern yet classy look. Frequency Response. NVIDIATI seems to know a lot's about that pair of headphone and wouldn't be afraid to buy whatever he recommend for them. Details. 13 Aug 2014 The AKG Q 701s may be ludicrously big and green, but design isn't their real talking point (honest). Get the lowest price on the AKG K702 Studio Headphone. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. AKG K702. Buy AKG K702 Headphones at the lowest discounted price in India with certified buyers reviews. Kind of unforgivable, really,  5 May 2010 General Information · Reviews (31). Trying a new pair every once in awhile and this is the most recent pair gave a shot. In fact, I defy any speaker at any price to better the mid/high presentation. 2013 Der AKG K702, die Standard-Variante der etwa doppelt so teuren K702 65th Anniversary Edition, macht auf den ersten Blick aber eine ganz gute Figur für eine Standard-Variante. 4 Jun 2016 The K702 was also rebranded by AKG at some point in its lifetime as the Quincy Jones Q701, at which point they added back the infamous headband bumps. png. Specifically, I will be smacking you in the melon with the AKG K701 vs. Free Shipping, 14 day Moneyback guarantee and 1 year warranty on all Headphones. 00. A totally open design and  We look at the AKG K702 Reference Studio Headphones, and go over the design and specs of this model to help you determine if these are the right headphones for. FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier (Black). They have been graded and evaluated by our team and judged to be excellent condition. These AKG's look beautiful, I can't wait to get them and test them out. I do not think this is due to  0% Financing and ✅ FREE Shipping for your AKG K702 Open-back Studio Reference Headphones! I owned a pair of the akg tiesto headphones for the same price and after about a year and a half the plastic adjustable headpiece broke on both sides and Sweetwater offered these as a replacement when akg couldn't  15 Apr 2011 These reference quality, open-backed headphones create a sound to rival hi-fi speakers ten times the price. 8 Apr 2012 Brian Goto of BTG-Audio was kind enough to approach me about reviewing one of his cables. org/products/akg-k702-65th-anniversary-edition. The AKG K702 open-back studio reference headphones were designed for critical listening, mixing and mastering. The features  28 Feb 2016 - 5 minVery simple and straight forward pair of open bag reference monitors. Previously, I was using the Nuforce NE600M (purchased new December 2012 for $30) earbuds. They don't emphasize anything. 01. in. A totally open design and a  The AKG K702 are reference, open, over-ear studio headphones for precision listening, mixing and mastering at a bargain price. to/ 20D0KaT I'll generally sum up the review for y'all who've been jonesing for AKG K702 reviews the review has shortcomings. These open-back, over-ear headphones are praised for their crystalline treble and spacious, revealing soundstage. Video Gear I use: http://amzn. Continuing in this vein, we wanted to get the AKG K702 into the lab because it has a strong reputation and  31 Dec 2011 The transition from my Focal CMS40 monitors to the K702's is smooth and there is a sense of continuity between the soundstage that both produce. The earcup pads made of Alcantara and memory foam softly cuddle up to your ears, like a teddy bear giving your head a . Timing, imaging, resolution and transients are also first rate. Antlion Audio ModMic Attachable Boom Microphone - Noise Cancelling with Mute Switch. It is an open-back, over-ear/circumaural dynamic transducer headphone. Find all your AKG needs at FrontEndAudio. +. Open Back Headphones Explained: https://youtu. Great review. akg 701 The AKG K 702 is a substantial headphone, being circumaural in nature with large earcups, but is not as heavy as expected due to its reliance on lightweight plastics in  Gearooz introduces the AKG K702 professional DJ studio headphones. He offered to recable any of my headphones so I chose my pair of AKG K702 to receive the upgrade as swapping out cables is dead simple. Only Genuine Products. be/ziMTkzedS_E. NL · laagste prijzen · betrouwbare reviews · uitgebreide specs. A totally open design and a  In this review of the AKG K702 Open-Back Dynamic Reference Headphones, we look at the design features and technical aspects of these headphones, and the quality. Where the K702s offer a black and silver finish, the K712 Pro favour a darker scheme  AKG K702 – Reference Studio Headphones. A true pair of studio  I just ordered these to be a side by side comp for my Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro's. The AKG K701s have been around forever (we last reviewed them in 2011) and they've stuck around for good reason: they sound beautiful, they're almost perfectly designed,  Shop for the AKG K702 Professional Studio Headphones and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price. The K702 Series and the limited 65th Anniversary, reviewed here, are the  20 Mar 2016 AKG K7XX: Studio monitors with a dab of red/black. org/t/655082/akg-q701-vs-akg-k702-65th-anniversary-comparison-review. 1 of 1 - AKG K702 Headphones Manufacturer Refurbished - Excellent Condition. 16 Feb 2016 - 5 min - Uploaded by Marques BrownleeAKG K7XX: Studio monitors with a dab of red/black. Its key strengths are awesome dynamics and head-shaking bass. Positive Feedback ISSUE 53 january/february 2011. Here is a review of the headphones I use daily and the reasons why http://youtu. A totally open design and a  27 Mar 2017 Burson HA-160 shootout review by 6 Moons – Featuring Head Room and AKG K702. The AKG K702 is a set of studio reference headphones that are equipped with a 3D-foam earpads to provide comfort for long wearing sessions. See all 7 Brand new. Everyone once in a while, you get to switch it up which is exactly what I'm doing with headphones again. Free shipping on many AKG items! 16 Feb 2016 - 5 minXem AKG K702 Review: Comfy Headphones! - AKG K7XX Studio monitors with a dab 26 Jul 2012 Let's end this week with another famous name: AKG and their reference-class K 702. Review: /sos/jan13/articles/akg-k702. Since that does raise the price significantly for the total solution, you might want to consider Sennheiser's HD 558 or something from Beyerdynamic. Buy AKG K702 Reference Studio Headphones online at Lazada Singapore. AKG K702 - Mit dem K702 hat AKG einen offenen Referenz-Studiokopfhörer im Programm, der in Mix- und Mastering-Situationen eine möglichst präzise Klangwiedergabe sicherstellen soll. org/products/akg-k7xx. That is the first striking feature of the AKG K702 Headphones. The AKG K702's are open, over-ear studio headphones for precision monitoring, mixing and mastering. Among them are the 65th-anniversary AKG K702 reference headphones, upon which the Limited Edition K7XX—being reviewed here today—are based. New Video is live - AKG K702 Review! https://youtu. Massdrop Edition: http://dro. Total price: $330. Price is per each. 18 Nov 2016 For people who just want the most comfortable pair of over-ear headphones possible, the AKG K701 is absolutely the way to go. Buy from true experts! Free no-hassle 30-day return policy. In our January 2013 review of AKG's K702 65th. However, the bass is another story. £124