AGDQ 2018 drama so far

I'm not sure if this is the best course of action, but I figured it might be good t o let you all know what EXACTLY happened so that all of this speculation can sto p and the issue can As far as I know, he didn't know that anything went down the previous  16 Jan 2018 Out of the 110+ films showing at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, I've chosen 10 that I'm looking forward to seeing the most. So far there has only been one ban that wasn't earned and was immediately rescinded only to have the kid immediately start unplugging marathon computers. Sad. Someone submitted "Spoony" as the Avatar's name and it's now leading by far ($1200+ now). @WeWuzMetokur The new categories for #AGDQ2018. At least the drama queens aren't listed, so that's a plus. . :D  Lotus Prince January 23, 2018 Lotus Prince, Producers, Videos 2 Comments. YouTube. It's pretty simple, put on a @WeWuzMetokur Oh good, you can talk about GDQ drama with me, which is your favorite tranny? · Twitter Web Client · en. not to mention screen  copy-pasta activate :3. 1,656 points (95% upvoted) Streamers sharing too much information or creating drama for drama sake are not fails. Because we are unafraid . I still plan to keep the money for a future GDQ since the money was  13 Jan 2014 I am so grateful to her for that, and i couldn't ask anything more. Even though all we've been given so far is context. 5 2018-01-26T12:02:35Z http://www. Some of it is true, and some of it isn't. 16 Jan 2018Games Done Quick has started their biannual marathon by putting the chatroom in subscribers In short, #yogdrama is perpetuated by the Yogscast. 5  We've gathered all our players to talk about what we think so far—expect spoilers for the very beginning of the game, and some fiery takes because, so far, none of us fully agree with each other. NavigationPlease use the navigation page first when looking for posts about specific individuals. https://t. . Thanks =)”. · Twitter Web Client · en @WeWuzMetokur Every year I see people taking it so hard that they didn't get into AGDQ. Drawdler no I had just purged "is happstablook his real name" drama from my mind 13 Jan 2018 Interpersonal drama remains a fixture of teams in the industry, as some of the strongest rosters in some games withered away after what can best be So kNg was temporarily suspended, and Immortals launched an internal investigation to get to the bottom of the situation. Duke Nukem 3D would be a great game to run at AGDQ because this game utilizes the Build engine and the Build engine is known for being very broken in terms of all 4 Dungeons, and important quests such as obtaining the Master Sword are explored throughout the run, making it the most well balanced category by far. I haven't watched any SDGQ 2017 since I always wait for them to be put on youtube but I did just finish watching some runs from AGDQ 2017 and dang bl00d_thunder's Doom (2016) run was a blast to watch. People that were banned were banned for good reasons. Please support this awesome cause should you have the means to do so. 2A3D51E0-FAF9-4582-B3A1-7D75785E7388. 1:02:18. co/oeaIDKxhxy. tv/tristyreed cavemandcj, marriage proposal at AGDQ, stiv banjo kazooie  Awesome Games Done Quick 2018: Super Metroid is out, ALttP Randomizer is in. Over all of the I would not be surprised if the same happened again for Awesome Games Done Quick, so please come check it out if you've got the time. A word used in replacement for the male friend's name whom you drool over so dearly. The weeklong speedrunning raised a total of $2,263,508 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. “There is no Super Metroid on the games list for [AGDQ 2018], and if it's not on the list or a backup it won't be run,” the Games Done Quick organization confirmed on  The latest Tweets from Games Done Quick (@GamesDoneQuick). Pokemon Black/White Version 2 by TrevPerson in 3:27:03 AGDQ 2018. Speaking of themes, by far the most significant, user-visible change on 5. Speedrunners of the world, unite The curtain has dropped on Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 (AGDQ). 5 2018-01-26T18:32:30Z http://www. One person even retracted their submission because of this agreement, so nobody was submitting BotW to this SGDQ in order to ensure that BotW would be allowed at AGDQ (repeat runs are not always  12 Oct 2017 Unfortunately, AGDQ submissions are closed so it is unlikely that we will see Cuphead as a part of the next marathon. AGDQ 2018 benefiting the Prevent Cancer Foundation - The Legend of the Mystical Ninja. 2 million for charity. tf took off, and also i49 and all the drama since september, even if not necessarily good it has been the most exciting year for tf2 so far for me. com/r/SamandTolki/comments/7pcl53/awesome_games_pozzed_quick/ Comments from that thread: Spoiler:  23 Jan 2018 January 24, 2018: Detective work by Apollo Legend shows other side of the fence in this matter. Post the best webm of this agdq, oh wait there isn't any because of NO FUN ALLOWED That was legit the only game I caught this AGDQ so far (I only turned on AGDQ because I'm tired due to playing vidya for like 12 hours straight). [Insert nostalgia dripped story about Lego here + open ending allowing reader to apply own memories] so you'll be as happy as I am to hear about avatar Julian Benson They wanted to wait and submit it for AGDQ in six months, and everyone was on board with that. High quality clip facebook I had to give it time and wait. To keep things well This could either be groundbreaking or a disaster, but no matter what I have to see it for myself and I've got a good feeling so far. Enjoy. AGDQ should really stop focusing on banning people and ruining the event with SJW cancer, and focus on essential things like GAME SOUNDS. Latest video clip the most singing video clip. Her story-arc has the potential to be brilliant and she is  17 Sep 2013 The CW, known for shows like 90210, America's Next Top Model, and fan favorite Supernatural, is currently in the process of creating an hour-long drama with the title of ZE. Subbing is now a  3 days ago None of what you've offered so far are arguments, by the way. World of Final Fantasy: All Champion Summons (1080p 60fps) 10:20World of Final Fantasy: All Champion Summons (1080p 60fps). Pretty strong start to the marathon so far. Jake & Oz talk about new World of Warcraft stuff, Overwatch League & AGDQ . Mimicking humanity goes so far with technological limitations. (Not perfect, but I did the best I could). It's normal for the audience to cheer and have fun and usually it's great to see, but I'd say they went too far. dont worry, even though they arent listed im certain protomagicalguy will be there. 19 Jan 2018 So glad they came through and did what it was best for the people and have fun instead of making more drama for themselves. reddit. 834 views . 1 is a new default theme known as Lambda, which features a brighter appearance and a cleaner Please note that StepMania 5. Best Setting: Assassin&rsquo;s Creed OriginsAssassin&rsquo;s Creed has always looked to history to inspire its game worlds, but the developers have never cast the net so far back as they did with Origins. Out of the runs I was able to see so far, Arabian Nights was definitely the best. com/) have worked closely with AGDQ for years now and will be donating a portion of their sales ($3 per shirt) made throughout the entirety of the  22 Jun 2014 AGDQ 2016 (Awesome Games Done Quick) is a week long 24/7 speed run of approximately 160+ games, all meant to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The Ball Brothers will be back in action on Wednesday against The Ball Experience in Lithuania has been a roller coaster so far. 2017-01-10  Going to skim through their videos for some other ones to recommend. Entertaining run so far. Angel Diaz. 1/16/2018, Free ExplicitKBMOD Podcast – Episode 302, The crew unites again this week to recount glorious Thanksgiving meals and discuss some juicy games industry drama. They banned me for writing T H I C C Lucifer17 days agothis isn't highlights, it's just drama. Mods please lock this thread. The younger Ball brother is listed as 6-foot-5, according to the . Take it from an inside source. Seeing the direction they're taken, its not enjoyable for me anymore, I think I only watched a total of 2 mins this event so far. From what I've gathered so far, it's about a young transgender teenager growing up in one of the more stereotypically closed-minded  6 days ago However, only Christopher can detect those who are suitable offerings and so his mods tend to fail him in getting a good Dampe. Don't see as many names I recognize this year. >> Anonymous 5 Jan 2018 Family Guy put out a new program that allows you to "Family Guy Yourself" so I thought it would be fun to "Family Guy" our favorite Dunder Mifflin employees. This episode we discuss: Granblue, FF7, Near and Far, Arkham Horror card game, Bright, Dark Souls LP, One Piece Burning Blood, Thumper, Furi, Yakuza Kiwami, Eternal Ring, Steam World: Tower Defence, Grant Morrison Batman, I, Tonya,  1 Jan 2014 For those of you who watched Summer Games Done Quick, think of that as a warm-up compared to AGDQ. Video game marathons featuring high-level play by speedrunners raising money for charity. I get that in the crowd it's so easy to just do what everyone else is  Once BigJon told me to contact Maquina directly to refund the funds to him I did act disrespectfully and I am sorry about this, I've had shitty start of the year so far and I was annoyed with this situation but I shouldn't have reacted this way. Tyler Wilde: We're only allowed to talk about the first couple missions in Andromeda right now, and I think we all agree that's a  11 top Overwatchleague podcasts for 2018. png. 19 Oct 2013 Added a few Videos from Various SGDQ's and AGDQ's, as well as uploaded a few images. com/sea-of-thieves-closed-beta-extended-by-two-days/ daily 0. Right on. Splatoon 2 is going great so far and there's a lot of good commentary. Will continue to but i didn't know what type of game it was so i just kept watching till it was too late to play it blind hope you have fun . I waited too long and missed out on a chance to get a hotel room on site so I was forced to book an Air BnB a bit off-site just to sleep. Oooooh boy this show. 0, so you may have to migrate content to the new  9 Jan 2017 Understandably so as they do have to be family friendly to maintain the charity deal with PCF/ Doctors without borders (they will refuse to take the money if GDQ gets a bad rep). Completely agree. 10 Jan 2017 As I made my way to my second Awesome Games Done Quick speedrun marathon, I couldn't help but smile. com/far-cry-5-hands-on-two-highs-and-two-lows-from-our-time-in-montana/ daily 0. Ancient  18 Jan 2018This speedrun was recorded live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018, a weeklong charity Video Category: dramanews, all videos clip of dramanews. I'm looking for the least love-related dramas possible. Follow me on Twitch: https://www. OPEN IN APP. 7 Jan 2018 - 7 minDownload SOUL CALIBUR 6: ALL Characters Possibly LEAKED & New Reveal @ EVO Japan een me, Tolki, and others at SGDQ. 8 hours  21 Jan 2018 The Resident (FOX) Extended Trailer HD - Emily VanCamp, Matt Czuchry Medical drama series Resident Evil 7 Biohazard by Carcinogen in 1:49:28 AGDQ 2018 . co/i3phZ4ey1R. maybe living as the wrong gender pre-transition leads to a bit of self hatred and obsessively playing video games is an easy way to sublimate. It's, unfortunately, that lack of consideration that haunts this particular record and makes it far more complicated than what would otherwise be an open-and-shut dispute validated by physical and visual proof. Amazing games so far. As for the drama, I actually slept through the big finale because my body just kind of gave out, but I heard about what happened during Super Metroid. every year i see people up in arms about some alleged drama, and i have no idea who or what because i don't pay attention to it. Get more funny pics  The overwhelming impression left on me so far by the hours spent in the Planetside 2 beta is simply the game's immense scale. Wish me well in getting better. A plus sized woman named with the user name "SnowDrops" was a legitimate fan of Clint and could take the jokes at her expense but one day Clint went to far with toying with  19 Aug 2017 Speedruns - AGDQ 2018: Jan 7-14. AGDQ 2018 draws to a close, raises over $2. Any% is fun and all but it's far too short. Inspired by The Speed … 11 Jan 2017 If you've been on Twitch or Twitter lately, you've probably seen updates about it, but if this is the first you're hearing of the charity event, consider this your primer on what this week is all about. I am truly sorry about this mess. 9 Jul 2017 This show has been the best one so far, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite moments. Geographically . I wish no more drama on the community, and hate to be the cause of it. 10 Jan 2018 TheFuncannon @ agdq @TheFuncannon · @amyrlinnn @GamesDoneQuick The extra drama from telemundo Crane is SO WORTH IT 12:35 PM - 8 Jan 2018 · Taylor D @ AGDQ @amyrlinnn. There's always a chance . These donations come from over 32,000 people, and more than 130 of  5 Jan 2018 Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by ThugSpot, Jan 5, 2018 at 6:15 PM. and I could make a ton of theories for why there are so many transgender speedrunners on agdq. Awesome Games Done . ) Side note: SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick) a charity speedrunning marathon is going to happen from June 22-28th! What's more, the initiative should launch within the 2018 race season. pcgamer. 5:01How to beat Dragon Warrior in less than 5 minutes. Once again speedrunners from all over the world descended upon Herndon, Virginia to play hundreds of great (and not so great) video games, in order  Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 (AGDQ) has come to a close. #SGDQ2018: June 24 - July 1, 2018! 1 Nov 2017 Quote Originally Posted by Guitarman View Post. com/get-doom-for-10-in-fanaticals-weekend-special/ daily 0. 19 Jan 2017 Six years ago, Awesome Games Done Quick started as a small outfit of speedrunners who played games to raise money for cancer prevention. - There were a couple Bad Games Done Quick with good commentary and couch interaction: The Rapid Angel, Crystal's Pony Tale, Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, and arguably Trine 3 - Catherine was really impressive whenever  14 Jan 2018 Finish week 3 in 日本語総まとめN4; Read a page a day in ガフールの勇者たち; Finish アシガール drama (6 episodes left) While I did enough reps to drill in most of the Genki vocab I've studied so far, I didn't use it everyday, which I think will be vital moving forward, especially since I'll be learning kanji more  22 Feb 2017 I've got a fair few shows I've seen that made their impact – Bon Jovi opened by Kid Rock years back was a massive, awesome show that blew me away, and the Zelda Symphony was truly a nostalgic trip that made my favorite series ever so much more real and beautiful – but this. Some highlights so far of the most awkward moments at AGDQ 2015. So far there just trans drama which is unfortunate, hopefully some of the fun drama comes soon. The chat was absolutely in love with the game. And who can blame them? The high-speed train-racing thrills, the drama between the  4 Jan 2016 The Most Awkward Moments at AGDQ 2015. >>470650 >I'm going to deliver justice in 2018 so in December Sky is our only yt ally and I want to trust him but eh, I'm afraid by the time he does the vid the drama will be dead again. When the plan does go  14 Jan 2018 Download Video The Blues Brothers by WhiteHat94 in 6:02 AGDQ 2018. Bloodborne Infinite XP Glitch post patch! Level 0-120 in 1 hour [ORIGINAL 43:43Bloodborne Infinite XP Glitch post patch! Level 0-120 in 1 hour [ORIGINAL DISK ONLY] · Bloodborne - HeyZeusHeresToast - AGDQ 2018 - In 1:37:49 [HD] 1:39:34Bloodborne - HeyZeusHeresToast - AGDQ 2018 - In 1:37:49 [HD]. Also hopefully this Wonder if there's gonna be Humble AGDQ Bundle 3 weeks ago. jpeg. 11 Jan 2018 Ultima VI is being run tomorrow morning at AGDQ 2018. Also, there are a metric ton of videos, so I tried being frugal and picking a bunch people  14 Jan 2018 It's getting extra traffic because the sub is geared towards internet/speedrunning drama and AGDQ is ending. There are going to be far less subs as this continues because there is little incentive to do so out of your own will. 13 Dec 2017 - 64 minរឿងភាគ- WOLFENSTEIN 2 The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 No 16 Mar 2012 "That idea of taking psychological dramas and making them literal sounded like something you could use in a game - you could go and actually fight the demons in someone's mind, literally, or sweep all the bats out of their belfry in Playing two Punch-Outs! on one pad: AGDQ 2018 raises $2. And even if you don't have said means, please spread the word  14 Jan 2018 AGDQ 2018 raised just over the total of last year, which was $2. or maybe they really do favor  5 Jan 2018 This runner is pretty good, he's energetic without being obnoxious. whats the new 2018 cringe mates. The Cool Club at AGDQ 2018. 5 minutes ago. I use them mostly to train my Korean listening skills, but I can't handle too much cheesy love relationships. His run at last year's SGDQ was funny but suggesting people spam a corporation's Twitter account was taking it a bit too far. [?] New Blue Moon Bay Speedway Track Layouts Found in GT Sport: Since GT Sport's release, various configurations of existing tracks have been added to the  16 Sep 2014 (And personally, I plan to have my body cremated without a service and the ashes left out for the dustmen in order to minimise potential family drama, but that's just me. It just seems like you really . That's the real reason why you guys like to drum up so much drama about Sam, Narcissa, Stiv or myself. In the news, the  21 Feb 2017 I just hope we can at least find another caster so you don't have to put up with my mediocre solo casting the entire season. Do better. 15 Jan 2018 Top Highlights from AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) 2018 speedrunning marathon event from #SubredditName# Reddit - #UserName# Reddit. The third one is probably about the maximum amount of love stuff I can cope  Below are some of our favorite runs from AGDQ 2018 (specifically of games that are on PC, naturally), and we'll have more about the event and its future soon. It also helps that the exploits are i feel like i'm the only person who watches GDQ for the actual game runs, and ignores any and everything else. Jan 8, 2017 Original thread was locked due to age, so I've reposted it because of some drama that happened literally within the first hour of Awesome Games Done Jan 5, 2018 Featuring over 150 events, AGDQ 2018 will continue through every hour of every day over this coming week in an effort to raise the most money  14 Oct 2017 AGDQ 2018 is set to take place from Jan. one mistake can set you back but you never know when someone else will get some bad luck letting you get right back in there. 22 million. So I have a question to those who've been following this even for a longer time. yo @GamesDoneQuick, help us out - spanish is by FAR the best language for our Dying Light run :D Retweeted  In our news this week, AGDQ 2018 breaks its previous donation record, Cyberpunk 2077 breaks five years of silence on Twitter with just one word, classic horror In a podcast first, we asked our listeners which games they're looking forward to most in 2018, so we finish up by reading and discussing our favorite answers! So far he appears to be doing the pacifist route, even against that annoying Papyrus. … Read More » NASCAR Teams Hopping on the Esport Train with iRacing is by GTPlanet. This is a collective of some of the most passionate participants in gaming, engrossed in a week-long 24/7 celebration of the hobby. It's an event that provides the triple-whammy of heart warming camaraderie, entertaining speedruns and a whopping $2,269,209. Hey all I am the Captain of the AGDQ chat thread and even tho I'm not really going to post here I want to sincerely wish you all a happy and safe . #55 AGDQ 2014 in Off Topic comp. In this episode: "The Mouth of the South" Brilund from the Down In Front Podcast drops by to talk with us about the Overwatch League so far, Nintendo Labo and it's implications i . 29 Jan 2015 One would need to be one giant, noncaring jerk who does none of the optional sidequests in all three games, to have gathered so few allies and war assets that the game's ending results in You require fuel to travel anywhere far away, although there is no penalty for running out of fuel this time around. Assassination Nation 7 Jan 2018 - 67 minរឿងភាគ- ESCAPING THE MENTAL HOSPITAL! (Tales of Escape) - Chinese Videos - Khmer Drama. I look forward to getting zero work done that week. Super Mario Sunshine by AverageTrey in 3:06:29 - AGDQ 2018 - Part 83  In our news this week, AGDQ 2018 breaks its previous donation record, Cyberpunk 2077 breaks five years of silence on Twitter. Reddit449. — U-Die (@TYudai) January 12, 2018. 16 Jan 2018 McCutchen was a free agent after 2018, so trading him now and getting *something* back made the most sense. Ive had chat off the entire run due to the fact its full of retards anyway. I keep hearing people say “GDQ's were better before 2013” or something to the  9 Jan 2017 Hello, please don't believe all the dumb drama you hear. Noclips always updates the new and best video clips, the best video clips and the best song on the net. Just a reminder that The Yetee (http://www. ) . 19 Mar 2016 If capcom intended them to be as true siblings in the first place then they would have put some kind of physicall relation traits so that we would see . Donations are still coming in, but so far it's topped last year's donations by around $40,000. AGDQ 2018 HIGHLIGHTS - DAY 1 Awkward, Funny, Cringe, Best, Fails (UNOFFICIAL). These are my thoughts, feelings, and wishes. While other notable sports teams have begun investing in e-sports, but have not yet found rosters that can compete in the 2018 season. when i watch a speedrun, i click the link from the top comment to  13 Jan 2018 90000人が世界中から生中継を見て、「ファッキンクレイジージャパニーズゲーム!!!」と絶賛されてるwwww https://t. tv/gamesdonequick. So far these have paid well for little risk as the soldiers of the towns keep the roads pretty clear. 96 so far for the Prevent Cancer  2 Mar 2016 He is my favourite character so far! Yukiko is proper Waifu material! She seems very introverted and shy, she doesn't seem too comfortable when people mention her beautiful although she, seemingly, appreciates the friendship she has with the others. Und kam ein Mädel, so rief er: »Lütt Dirn, . theyetee. 25 Dec 2014 Tetris is insane! Such a cool run and Terror-Instinct is one of the best names ever! actually, watching the whole tetris segment http://youtu. << Comment #112 @ 01:25 CST, 10 January 2015 >>. The response to a proposed apartment complex in Lindenhurst village has been 2 to 1 in favor so far, according to the village's mayor. Missed out on the Grow Home and Valkyria  I started clinical rotations at a hospital for this semester and so far my first rotation (at a blood bank) was brilliant! I hope all of the During the last event (which was AGDQ 2014 about 6 months ago. Or if you're a veteran of this livestream, here's a reminder of why it's worth tuning into the final days of AGDQ 2017. 38. Needs a cleanup, but Summer Games Done Quick 2015 is tomorrow and hopefully this place can be spic and span by then. Having said that, all the reddit muppets saying its illegal need to get certain was an interesting incident, have been enjoying the stream for most of the week, has been some great runs so far. Please enjoy your So let's start you off with the most recent bout of drama, as there is an emote from another streamer that chat was taking to spamming whenever Jaret is on screen. png upload_2018-1-10_11-58-6. 9 Jan 2018 I'm back again to ask you guys to keep me updated on any drama that happens as the event continues. (As voted on by the users) And . One particular contract is quite the marathon though, heading all the way up into  37:38Dragon Warrior by NEScardinality in 27:19 - AGDQ 2018 - Part 77 · How to beat Dragon Warrior in less than 5 minutes. What about non-run highlights, AKA the drama that happens every year in AGDQ? I think part of the backlash is a result of the fact that people have been banned from GDQ's for far less than half the shit she's done, and so the  8 Jan 2014 agdq for the weekend! Lol high drama. Following the run, members of Games Done Quick’s event staff spoke with PvtCinnamonBun and banned him from attending future marathons for 13 Oct 2017 This makes it the first time in AGDQ's seven-year history that the Super Nintendo classic won't be featured during the weeklong livestream. twitch. Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 will be live starting January 7 and will be streaming non-stop until January 14. 7 amazing PC speedruns from AGDQ 2018Jan 17, 2018 - PC GamerWhile the speedruns performed live on stream at Games Done Quick events aren't It's an event that provides the triple-whammy of heart warming camaraderie, entertaining speedruns and a whopping $2,269,209. 8 hours ago. of all the races i feel like the Mega Man games are the most volatile. Everyone was so welcoming and interesting, and awesome that I started to wonder why I felt this way to begin with. this post was submitted on 08 Jan 2018. fussing over Dark Souls 3 not having the second DLC last time, I'm surprised to see it not there at all then again, I know the community did not behave well in that whole situation whatsoever, so that might be for the best. 1 uses a separate folder for user files and profile data than StepMania 5. I cannot believe it's 2018 and we have ZERO new croni pics. Spoony. final-fx replied to Timmo's topic in Discussion So am I safe to pick up Half Minute Hero 2 and Geometry Wars 3 now? I've bought Shovel Knight and Rayman Origins so far (and got the Cat Humble Bundle for Pix the Cat). 2 Nov 2017 After the celebrations where Kamots manages to get lucky with a local girl, the Spears head back on the road for caravan defense. # ? Watch it here starting Jan 7th at 11:30am EST (8:30am PST, 4:30pm GMT) schedule here VoDs here https://www. Here's my annual highlight list of AGDQ 2018. Awesome Games Done Quick/Summer Games Done Quick is a twice-yearly charity marathon, hosted by Speed Demos Archive and Speedruns Live. 6m for charity. After severally rebuked by her parents to turn a new leaf, an attractive young lady takes a selfish and drastic decision that had an adverse effect on the re http://www. ThesisQ: Why does this blog exist? A: Clearly it's hardly a dead cert they'll get it right, especially given that Civ Beyond Earth eroded some faith that the studio is willing to go outside its comfort zone, but there's no game in vidyaland that I'm more excited about right now. 96 so far for the Prevent Cancer  8 Jan 2018 AGDQ drama - beyondthesummit2's clip from Twitch. Loading. Twitter . That's just changed: here's footage there's  24 Oct 2011 Review: Ubisoft's latest Kinect offering is stuffed with potential, but lacking in content. there's so much that can go wrong, so many sections and tricks that require near super human precision. AGDQ 2018 drama so far : gamesdonequick - Reddit. So far i've seen (and liked): Ghost, City hunter and I hear your voice. This event (AGDQ, hosted in the DC area) is a relatively small  6 Jul 2017 [IMG] To the new viewers from AGDQ, welcome to the most comprehensive thread that exists on our 'favorite' announcer. The Sam and Tolki thread: https://www. AGDQ 2018 kicks off today. Thank you. be/ViwDUiCzPVU - this has been the highlight of AGDQ so far! Edited by skint at 16:46 CST, 8 January 2015. tv! 10 Jan 2018 Transgendered person wants AGDQ to be run mostly by trans women by 2020: upload_2018-1-10_11-56-23. 2017-01-11