13DPO AF is now officially late and I still got a BFN this

Today I am 13dpo and still getting a BFN with a FRER and FMU. Anonymous's picture. Hopefully she  Long story short, I've been ttc for awhile now. . But over the last couple  I got a bfn at 5 dayd late then a postive 2 weeks later when I desided to retest I've been getting bfns supposed to start tomorrow i ovulated on the 2nd of this month I still hope I get a bfp I'm just tired of waiting no signs of af either Im going to buy First Response at the store now for tomorrow morning. I've taken 3 hpts between yesterday and todayand while we aren't completely sure, we got very faint lines. at least i know now and can get on with ttc in july :) good luck to those who still havent got af :thumbsup:  13 DPO, BFN: Just curious if anyone else has had a bfn at 13 dpo and still get their bfp? My BBT has jumped from 98. My hubby does not understand what is happening he probably just thinks that its an abnormal period and I  AF was due Sunday, but with me Oing so late, I guess she decided not to come. By: MisusT On: 11/29/2006. if it was impantation, i was 12 DPO (days past ovulation) yesterday, isn't that a bit late to implant? wouldn't a test show *something* by now at 13 DPO? AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) is officially due tomoro/tuesday. . 10DPO: Vitex, went and looked back at chart since period still hadn't come (it only took 3 days of Vitex to start it last time). Anyways, anyone tested at 13 DPO to get a BFN only to end up  4 Oct 2017 My AF is due today which is also 13 DPO and I got a BFN. Also have a cold, runny nose, sneezing etc What do you think my chances are? Am I still in with a chance? BFN. I had a feeling that I was pregnant but only because all the usual signs of AFcoming weren't there strangely it was still quite a shock when that second line came up, and I had a very strange cycle that month which I now believe amounted to a chemical pregnancy as I got a faint bfp at 10 days late for AF. M. MisusT (not verified). When AF didn't show over the weekend I tested again at 15DPO and got a strong BFP. Mum of two small people. Very weird because still no AF and no feeling like it is coming soon. In the morning I felt cramps that are exactly the same as what I get when af is on her way. 15 Jan 2012 susienewmum · Original Poster. Reply. 13 DPO: AF is due today. I'm feeling the fatigue and  aww fee hopefully still too early for ur bfp ! well girls af finally arrived . Then noticed the slightest line. That being said, I never got a positive test before being at least a week late on my previous pregnancies. My official test day is tomorrow but I should have started spotting on Saturday and so far no sign. Nipples are I feel totally stupid thinking that that could be my only pregnancy symptom, but by now even for me af is staying away for a long time. I know I  Hmmm took a test and got a BFN. In a way its a huge relief. Its now 5 days late. My doc considers 3 and under to be negative so I will still retest on Monday. Tested yesterday and it was a BFN so the likelihood is very low that I am right? (37 replies). Although nurse said this is "not encouraging" there is still a bit of hope. 14 Nov 2011 The same cramps and heavy feeling I'd get before my period and no other symptoms at all other than a bit of constipation biggrin. I am barely 5 weeks and I got the rash and they look like tons of mosquito bites but they are not in my belly. Posted on Wed, 2013-08-21 07:09. on to a new cycle now original. Can't say that I'm surprised. I've been tricked by my AF more often then I like to admit, and so I'm losing hope fast, but I gotta cling to something. also I was one day late and got my bfp! Gl and I've been having it for the past couple of days and am a day late when it comes to my af, and she is still a no show. Posted 18 September 2008 - 12:52 PM. I think I'm 11 dpo which I know is still early and there's no sign of af and I'm not crampy at all either which I would be the day before I get it. 13DPO – Now AF is officially late and I still feel pulling in my the middle of pelvis, especially when I stand up. 5DPO: BFN (I originally thought I ovulated the week before. I last got AF July 18 (with a 26-29 day cycle) and decided I . This morning, at It's now 14 dpo and temp is still up and I have no cramping or other AF symptoms but the spotting increased a bit this morning and was pinker. We didn't tell anyone we were TTC or when we were pg, until after the scan,  4 Nov 2009 68% at 13dpo * 74% at 14dpo * 80% at 15dpo * 88% at 16dpo * 92% at 17dpo. From what I understand (and  gaaaahhhh Had a delayed miscarriage at 6 weeks (thought it was 9) back in March Since then we bought a house and got married and awaiting our turn I took Norethisterone to delay my period for the wedding - but surely my reliable 24 day cycle will stay the same? I'm officially late took a test bfn. lol - I did a FRER on Sunday which would have been 10dpo and got a BFN, same for Monday. What the heck! [My temp is still high](http://www. I guess all of the other symptoms could just be different things. AF is due sometime between today and Friday. I just wish AF would show up already if she's coming so I can move on with the next cycle!!! . Tested on the day AF was due and got BFN :( 3 days past AF now. Posted 15/01/2012. Now 16 weeks along. It's officially CD29 and AF is due. 3 to 98. BFN Today wth? Temp is still up maybe That dip was ovulation? Who knows Sorry JD1. Have you seem successful pregnancies  6 Jul 2011 Hi ladies. I'm 11DPO, I tested with a FRER yesterday at 10DPO and got a BFN . I am still cramping a lot, now that it has hit me that I am pregnant, the fear has taken over a bit and now I am super scared that something is going to happen. I am 30 and DH is 28. AF just showed up. then when you don't get your period, even just a few days late, and it never happened before, and this time, you were actually trying to get pregnant,  treatments and acupuncture, and I'm 13 dpo with AF due tomorrow or Weds. Intuition I suppose. also been having strange cramps for about 5 days like period pains but milder and I've been off the pill for 3 months now, and I'm now officially late on my period, I've checked my cervix and its low but soft and kinda of spongy wet,  Cate, yes, tested this morn. My AF normally comes at 12 or 13dpo so would have come on by now if a natural cycle. I can tell that this is what is happening because this bleeding started three days before my next expected period (a 30 day cycle). We have been TTC since May 2013. gif. Right now am still hemorrhaging and I don't know how to get over the sadness I feel. Still no AF tho, no cramps. I knew it was going to be -. now that i'm officially "late" and took another test with a much darker line, we're sure it's for real! so we're just hoping to get through the next 8 weeks. I was convinced AF was gonna start last night cause I had major cramps in bed! But no sign still. 9% sure af will be here tomorrow but I was looking for a ray of hope from someone who is a poas-holic and got a late bfp. Usually my temp drops a few days before or a day before, so when I woke up this morning and saw that it didn't, I was really hopeful, only to be smacked in the face with a BFN at 13 DPO. Decide to  BFP After AF. 21 Sep 2016 AF 1 day late and BFN She is officially late so I decided to test and another BFN I'm never late, typically a day early and I haven't been stressed so I don'… Have any of you ladies had similar problems like this but got you BFP later? It now was I am only 11dpo rather than what I thought I was at 13dpo. I'm now officially 1 day late. and tested with a Dollar store test and still bfn. gif I hope AF tryin4ther3rd: Sorry you got a bfn but it is still early so you are still in with a chance! #208 whoareyou. I went to  29 Mar 2013 But I'm getting super frustrated especially this month because I'm 14 days DPO, just got a BFN using EPT, and my bbt respiked above coverline after just . gif I am in CD31 today and should get af tomorrow. It's not over until Af sings. I took HPT Thursday morning and it was BFN. Here are my symptoms: 1-7 dpo nothing but a breakout of spots 8-11 dpo: light spotting and more spots and an itchy back and shoulders 12-13 dpo (today): af now officially late but 2 x bfns. Two a day has been my peek was tempted to do another tonight but will wait till either af shows or I'm officially late. First looks like BFN. 19 Nov 2016 Hi guys I have a 4year old daughter with my dude and we have been trying I can say lately and may 27th I got my period it ended on the 29th officially and my period 5 days late I have taken a test yesterday it was bfn so I don't know if I should take another as I had brown cm this afternoon when I went for  I was not going to test until the day my period was due (2 days from now) but I decided to just POAS this morning anyways just to see. Possible late implant, lab error etc could be possible. but in  27 Sep 2017 I had my first test 11dp3dt yesterday and my hcg level was only 6. I used frer early on at like 6dpo or something crazy because I got some unusual feelings and a lot of wishful thinking, then went onto cheapy sticks, but for a treat haha I bought a clearblue twin  I seem to have all the symptoms of being pregnant but at 12 DPO I still get BFN's (and yes I know that it's probably just too early to be testing). I have light cramps I test yesterday morning with FRER 13dpo & got a bfn too. If you suspect you have a true false positive (meaning you did not conceive and still got a positive), please share with us so we can let other women know about that brand! Hi everyone! I'm still here, still waiting to start my IVF drugs. com/home/4adc63), no spotting or anything yesterday, no cramps, and still BFN! I am 13DPO today, I have tested the last two days and both were BFN's, I don't even have a slight line on my FRER. So you are defo still in with a chance! I did a test on Sat and got BFN (DPO12) and then on DPO13 I started my AF - but AF was dark brown and really light and only lasted 1 day and 1/2 with no cramps so now I am wondering  17 Oct 2017 I've had literally the same symptoms as you! Snotty nose and cramping during what we assume is implantation. I'm approximately 14dpo and got a bfn morning of 13dpo. But I am probably just a few days later than usual. Im out officially now. 8 today. But the cramps are really  (I tend to ovulate later myself, so by the time the "gold standard" of testing at 14 DPO is applicable, my period is already 3 days late! . I really don't feel When is your official test day ? If you had a I FULLY accept that many ladies have no symptoms, get a BFN at 14dpo and still be pg but I don't think no symptoms is a good sign in my case. Now if only AF would show up because I'm already a day late and I want to get . I never get cramps in advance, only right as AF shows up if I get them at all. 3 Apr 2017 In that 3 months I read other stories and decided if I got BFP I would post mine and maybe it would help someone else! Also I wasn't even Zero CM 10 DPO - BFN, BD, normal feeling. I have one more test and will take it if I have no AF by tomorrow. Dec 4, 2012 at  I am 99. The suspense is killing me!!! Have you managed to test yet? Do you have any af symptoms I'm 2 days late today felt cramping  BFN. Lol I told my dh the I'm also 13 dpo, AF is now officially late, and nothing but bfns here too. I had what I think was implantation bleeding just as I was going to bed at 11dpo. --. your store just answered it, I would be 13 dpo today had all the prego symptoms but bfn I started what I think was af a day early, medium like not my norm,  31 Jan 2018 my stomach got super knotted-up and nauseated tonight during a discussion about vaccinations with my husband. I've had enough symptoms to make me somewhat hopeful this time, and while my temps normally have started to drop by now, so far they're still up, and  10-13 dpo spotting but BFN?? Hi everyone! I thought for sure I was going to get my period the next day and that my temp would drop a lot like it normally does. AF is do I am on CD 31 now, so I will officially be late on Wednesday. But I know there's a chance that I'm just not pregnant, so I'd be curious to hear if there are many women out there who got late BFP's and if so, how many DPO? I have a regular 28 day cycle and AF is due tomorrow. I've been posting my woes in the 2WW thread, but wanted to post here to get some more input. lol. don't have another test, but am heading out tomorrow so will pick one up if no AF,  I'm hoping I have the same thing happen again we r trying for num 2. thought saw hint of a shadow, but think bfn. I had 3 BFP's at 11 DPO (days past ovulation) and today at 13 DPO (days past ovulation) a BFN. About the rash, it seems to be  18 Sep 2008 tryin4the3rd Sorry to hear about BFN sad. 5 days late gggrrrrr ah well. Starting to doubt myself, but still feel this is the thing 11 dpo: first test: bfn. But AF is now 5 days late, got a BFN on Monday. fertilityfriend. No sign of AF so I'm 14 DPO and officially a day late. am now 13dpo…AF is always at 12dpo, apart from last mth, where had spotting morning of 13dpo then full AF by lunchtime. 31 Jan 2010 Peeps, I am now officially late 1 week for my AF (was due 1/24). Ah well  hi i am 3 days late and today felt my cervix which felt quite low and soft. I got a BFN at 12DPO and thought I was out for the month. It's frustrating, just want something to happen  22 Oct 2017 Hey, looking for others experiences (positive or negative, a mini survey). My clinic told me FA was all I nedded right now so that's all I take. I want to wait till AF is officially late, I guess one more day, (waiting is so annoying, right?) before I test, because it could just be a bit late and don't  Anyone been 14 dpo and 1 day late and got a bfn but were still pregnant? I took a test with fmu I felt the ovulation cramps late late at night on Monday the 8th, so I am going with 13dpo, but I have the pressure/heavy feeling in my uterus. I'm going to wait to test again maybe on Wednesday. Have you done a test selement? When I was pg I got my AF as normal, was just a bit lighter than usual, but I knew I was pg cause I felt awful so I tested and it was BFP. Start jumping up and down softly as hubby and ds is still asleep in the next room. Thanks. HPT BFN but still no AF? Mar 24, 2007 Ok I was supposed to start AF yesterday and today is Saturday and I still haven't started. I am now officially latedidn't test this morning but yesterday was a bfn. I caved and tested on Saturday morning (3 days before test day, 4 days before 'missed' period) and got a BFN. Nov 27, 2007 its me again, having seen the GP, he told me it was somd food allergy but I still didn't believe it as my period didn't come, its the day 30th. I've read lots of stories on  Sorry to hear it Amy, it's always shit getting a bfn, maybe there's still hope for this month. I keep going to the bathroom thinking maybe my period is going to start really earlybut I still have about 9 dayshmm When it started turning I grabbed my FRER figuring it would be obvious pretty quick but it was BFN